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Explore our stylish design and trending collection of pure silver rings for men. Choose from a variety of the latest designs of pure 925 silver rings for men like simple silver rings, unique silver rings, cool fancy silver rings or modern lightweight silver rings online at the best price. Each pure silver ring piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite 925 silver ring for men delivered within 3-5 days.

Men's Silver Rings

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Enhance Your Style with Men's Silver Ring

The love for pure silver ring for men began in the Renaissance period and the silver ring designs appeared quite rugged and bold. Soon later they became a fashion trend in the late 60s and early 70s among musicians who did roll and rock music.

But in contemporary times, original silver ring for men emerged as a versatile accessory whose neutral tones allow men to go for any outfit. Also in India, pure 925 silver rings for were worn by Indian men for many centuries to show their style.

Men's 925 silver rings are affordable in comparison to their counterparts. Even men's silver rings are believed to bring good fortune and positivity to the wearer. Therefore, silver does a commendable job of styling and benefits for men.

Types of Men's Silver ring:

There are different types of silver rings for boys in every market to suit a boy’s personality, style, and desire. It is important to pick a best silver ring for men according to your preference for it to become your all-time favourite accessory. Let’s explore a few of those real silver ring for men that can satisfy your wish and fashion taste.

Classic Silver Bands for Men

This mens' plain silver ring looks classy with a simple and plain silver band with no or minimal ornamentation over it. This can complement a range of outfits and is good for wearing daily. Bring out a simple yet stylish version of you with this simple men's silver band ring.

Signet Rings

A signet ring is an official ring to make an incredible fashion statement. This gents silver ring ranks first among all other sorts of rings. It was used to show off power and money; signet rings have now adapted to various attires, styles, and fashion tastes. The design of the signet ring is engraved with images, letters, or words.

You no longer have to be a part of a royal family to wear this ring. Slip a signet onto your finger with a metal bracelet, a wristwatch, and one or two more rings in a two-piece suit for a millennial look.

Spinner Rings

The rotational design of spinner rings is a cool way to flaunt your style. This men's sterling silver ring makes a statement when you wear it on your thumb or middle finger for easy touch and spins. A silver spinner ring is charming and attractive when you drop a classy style in a black or checkered shirt with a chunky silver bracelet and two long necklaces.

Celtic Knot Rings

Celtic knot or trinity rings are rooted in eternal love and interconnectedness. Apart from a popular choice as wedding rings, this men's silver ring design also made their way to single men. Such a versatile piece can make you a showstopper when you proudly style a celtic ring with polished chinos, a lapel suit, brogues, and a plain gold chain.

Skull Rings

Those men who admire the gothic style should opt for a skull ring. These rings are full of medieval horrors and romance, so men can dare look impressive with them. Skull gothic rings are often matched with dark-coloured clothes, which include black or deep purple t-shirts and denim jackets for a punk fashion.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

Cover up your fingers in vintage style with vintage rings. These rings are carved out in famous designs from the last 20 years. There is a rising demand for men’s vintage rings to create their exclusive looks.

Since they carry old designs, they are never meant to look old on you. Instead, men look more modern and much more appealing in vintage rings. Choose trendy pieces to put on each finger, along with black and white pearl bracelets in casual to semi-formal garments.

Modern Geometric Rings

Men are crazy after geometric rings. Of course, why not when geometric shapes and lines are aesthetically pleasing to the eye? They are available in stunning shapes for men and boys. Some fabulous ones are square, circle, and triangle rings- stylish designs for stacking them together or as a single ring on each finger in stretchable jeans and tee.

Animal-Inspired Rings

Animal rings are to feel the power of any animal within yourself. By wearing them, you can easily correspond to their qualities. Being a ring type in gothic culture, animal rings made in silver look astounding in complete black menswear, from top to bottom.

Biker and Motorcycle Rings

These rings are specially crafted for bike and motorcycle lovers. It’s time to be rebellious with these oversized silver finger rings for men for bold style. Step into the fashion world with black and silver biker and motorcycle rings on the index, middle, and ring fingers.

Pairing them with other types of jewellery like silver necklaces and leather bracelets will vibe well. There is no limit to clothes, but dark jeans, a flannel shirt, or a casual T-shirt pull off the style amazingly.

Religious or Spiritual Rings

Celebrate your religion and devotion to God through religion rings. Men can express their inner faith and religious beliefs by wearing one ring at a time to have a clean look. These simple silver rings for men suit informal and formal, from classic dresses to formal wear. You may add some religious bracelets and a religious pendant necklace.

Choosing the Perfect Silver Ring For Men

You can’t go on to choose a random silver ring for yourself. When shopping for silver rings online, how will you know exactly which piece to choose or how well it matches you? We are here to navigate the world of silver ring designs and find the perfect match for you according to outfits, size, and custom designs.

Matching with Outfits: From Casual to Formal

As silver rings are becoming popular as a growing trend, many men lack the idea of matching them with outfits. Wearing silver rings is not enough; a mindful pairing must be done parallelly. There has been a lot of noise around the role of the punk fashion in silver jewellery. This fashion type is all about going bold with dark colours.

They are flourishing more by incorporating sterling silver rings to rock official and unofficial styles. Silver rings are elegant for a formal look, yet they hit differently when you match them with other silver and metal alloyed jewellery. This style calls for a silver ring and a yellow gold or rose gold ring on each hand to claim your taste as a unique one in a business proposal meeting.

Make a guaranteed impression with a leather jacket, black clothes, and other accessories besides a few silver rings to create a fresh new style. These rings can be of various designs, such as animal motifs, skulls, biker, geometric, spiritual, etc., to make your fingers edgy for slaying daily in mundane shirts and pants.

Always choose a larger size of the bold silver ring to point toward your finger for a bright and elaborate style when you head to parties in a fancy dress, like a cummerbund. Keeping your style balanced is one way to look fashionable in punk fashion.

Sizing and Fit: Ensuring Comfort and Style

Fashion looks good when you have a silver ring in the perfect size. However, it can be a real challenge for someone who has never worn a silver ring before. Knowing the ring size can make you comfortable to style without being afraid of loose or close-fitting. It is easy to find the perfect ring size for you at Luxaore.

You can measure your size with a ring that you already have, other than taking a credit or debit card to do the measurement. Kindly check our ring size guide page to know what the process to follow for determining the right size for silver rings.

Personalization Options: Engravings and Custom Designs

Silver rings feel unique to you when you customize them in your manner. Luxaore is an online store to trust with your customized silver ring. Here we are to give your touch to your piece. As for silver rings, you can start with the process by filling in your details on the contact form on the custom jewellery page.

Our jewellery consultant will understand your design idea, choice of engravings, and budget over a call. According to your ideal design, our designer will sketch that to put it as 3D art on the ring. This way, you get to enjoy a wonderful artistic accessory. Explore our custom jewellery page to know what exact steps we follow to give you the best-customized silver ring.

Where to Find the Best Men's Silver Ring

Luxaore is the ultimate online platform to find your best silver ring design for men.. Our large variety of silver rings has as many as hundreds of designs. These designs are further categorized into antique, traditional, and contemporary styles for men to look great with them on various occasions and outfits.

Each of our pieces is crafted with extraordinary precision and modern equipment used by our finest artists. If you are a party animal, you will fall in love with our men's cocktail signet rings for their significant fashion use. Many of our rings, such as geometric, celtic knot, and spinner rings, are highly approved by men for their stylishness.

When you shop here, you should not worry about two things — one is quality, and the other is price. We have our silver rings shaped in sterling silver that carry the BIS hallmark and come with an authenticity certificate to prove our claim. And the price we have kept for silver rings is genuinely spellbinding.

Our prices are the lowest in the market. Not we stop here; we have our excellent EMI and Pay Later offers to make the payments in your own time. We gladly give our assurance of free shipping, credit card discounts, and a 7-day easy return and exchange policy with every purchase you make from us. Shop today to style a dreamy silver ring from Luxaore soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are men's silver rings durable for everyday wear?

Yes, silver rings are durable for everyday wear. This is because sterling silver rings can maintain the lustre and shine on their own without rusting.

What is sterling silver and its quality?

Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver content. The other name for this is 925, which marks their authenticity and supreme quality in making finesse silver jewellery.

Do men's silver rings tarnish over time?

Silver rings begin to tarnish somewhere between 2 months to 3 years. But nothing to worry about as there are many ways to clean and prevent it.

How do I clean and maintain my men's silver ring?

Maintain your silver ring by cleaning the ring in the solution of warm water and a little baking soda. Let the ring soak in the solution for around 20 minutes and then you can slowly brush the ring with a toothbrush to clean all the gunk from its surface. Again, wash off the ring in clean water to dry off with a soft cloth.

Can I wear a silver ring with other metal jewellery?

Yes, you can pair a silver ring with a yellow or rose gold necklace with a gold or silver pendant and silver earrings for a contrasting look. Mixing metals like this would complement you and your outfits without being too matchy.

Can men's silver rings be resized if needed?

Yes, we can resize your silver ring but it can take two weeks to resize it completely and sometimes even it can take more weeks to reach your expected size. Before buying your ring from Luxaore, always follow our Ring Size Guide page to know the right ring size to never resize your ring again.

Can men's silver rings be worn casually and formally?

Yes, men’s silver rings are great for both casual and formal occasions and outfits. A simple minimalist silver band can add some casual elegance to your casual t-shirt and jeans for a casual friend meetup, while a silver solitaire ring with a crystal is perfect for a formal suit and formal office meeting.

Do men's silver rings tarnish over time?

Yes, every silver jewellery gets tarnished over time, including silver rings. For example, sterling silver rings made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal alloys, such as copper when exposed to the outside’s moisture, slowly start getting tarnished with time.

How much is a 925 silver ring worth?

Currently, a 925 silver ring is worth Rs 1350 in India. You can get it at a lower rate from Luxaore too in great design.

How do I care for sterling silver rings?

You can care for your sterling silver rings by cleaning them often with lukewarm water and mild liquid soap. Always sink the ring for an hour before scrubbing it with a brush to clean the dirt. Wash the ring in normal water after that and dry it with a new cloth. Store the ring in the jewellery box that we give with the purchase to keep it safe from scratches from other jewellery.

How often should I polish my silver ring?

You should polish your silver ring once or twice a year to keep it in amazing condition. However, you should avoid over-polishing it because every time a little bit of metal gets lost with each polish.

Is it bad to wear gold and silver rings together?

No, it isn’t bad to wear gold and silver rings together. You can pair a rose or yellow gold solitaire with simple silver bands to contribute towards the popular trend of metal mixing for attractive and stylish looks.