Men's Gold Pendants

Explore our stylish and trending collection of unique gold pendants for men. Choose from a variety of gold pendants and gold lockets for men in 24k, 22k, 18k, and 14k like om gold pendants, gold heart pendants or antique fancy gold pendants for men online at the best price. Each gold pendant piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite gold pendant for men delivered within 3-5 days.

Men's Gold Pendants

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Why Choose Gold Pendant for Men?

Men's gold pendant is part of culture and fashion like other jewelry. As time changed, the gold pendants crossed many centuries to finally land as style statements for men to represent their individuality.

Choosing pendants for men has many reasons. Gold pendants, as a tiny accessory, mark love, fashion, style, and religious sentiments. This piece is enough to draw attention to a man's face. Today, there are overflowing designs of gold pendants, each setting different fashion trends.

Whether to accessorize a subtle design for regular wear or a statement piece for a special occasion, gold pendants narrate your fashion synonymously. However, we cannot deny how gold pendants serve as cherished gifts, too.

If you are looking for a heart-shaped pendant for Valentine's Day or a birthstone pendant for birthdays, they can easily resonate with the personality of the man you are gifting.

Men's Gold Pendant Designs and Style

The category of gold pendants for men has religious and classic pendants. These pendants are chic to fit any outfit and occasion. We have tried our best to keep trendy designs and quality craftsmanship in all pendants.

We have rightly made them simple and subtle but not too elaborate. Most working men love to wear gold pendants that are simple in pattern and design. It should work to define their persona as what men want from our gold pendants.

Further, we have planned the designs of our religious gold pendants by considering every faith of each man. Check out our Gold Swastik Pendant for that. You will love discovering and shopping our cool name and bail pendants.

You can inscribe your or your partner’s name in the pendant to celebrate a milestone. Our dynamic swings of bail on a pendant through which the chain can pass adds style to the pendant’s design.

Our best-rated designs are the Gold Cross Pendant, the Gold Lord Hanuman Pendant, the Gold Lord Sri Krishna Pendant, and many more. A vast collection of pendants awaits you to start curating your gold pendant collection.

Styling Tips for Men's Gold Pendant

The gold pendant is an excellent addition to any dress to create different styles. There are various designs to choose from that match your style and taste. When you select your ideal gold pendants, you can go on with the styling.

One of the men’s all-time favourite styles is to layer pendants. Start with a multi-layered gold chain hanging two to three gold pendants of varying designs and sizes for special events like bachelor parties, engagements, and grand feasts.

Another way we can think of styling men’s gold pendants is to coordinate them with gold bracelets or rings. This will create a harmonious, fashionable, and sophisticated look. Try wearing a gemstone on a gold pendant to add a luxurious touch to your casual outfit.

Gemstone gold pendants are making a significant impact in a fashion that does wonders in fixing a dull dress code to transform into an elegant one. The most important is to have fun experimenting with different designs of gold pendants to create unique looks.

Men's Gold Pendant Price Range

The price range for the gold pendant category in Luxaore starts from Rs 1,000 up to 70,000, with gold weight ranging from 1.3 grams to 20 grams. These pendants come in three forms of purity levels that determine the pendant's design, such as 22K, 18K, and 14K.

Select the one that is desirable for your style and compatible with your budget. Furthermore, our prices for each man's gold pendant are thoroughly justified with the current gold rate in India and BIS hallmark.

Explore the Latest Trends in Men's Gold Pendant

Gold pendants are staying caught up in proving their worth in fashion. They are ruling accessories because they are important to men to make fantastic trendy styles. From new to traditional looks, gold pendants have occupied the star positions in all of them.

Men love small pendants in a solid yellow gold chain to complete their traditional looks. This trend is not recent, but it is a popular version of how Indian men love to dress up traditionally with pendants.

Dog tag gold pendants are a recent addition to the pendant trend. They have mostly taken the seat of forming casual styles that can be engraved with names to show a man’s sense of style.

There are religious pendants for men who enjoy great fashion moments to speak about their loyal style with the unique and edgy design of the pendant. Make your own trend with a gold pendant to leave your fashion mark.

Where to Buy the Perfect Men's Gold Pendant

Buy a men’s gold pendant from Luxaore. We are a popular and trusted online website for shopping modern and traditional designs of pendants in gold. Shop now to enjoy all the perks of being our customers.

At Luxaore, there is no end to the variety of gold pendants, as we have hundreds of designs to make the perfect selection. Scroll down to see our wise catalog of designs in gold pendants.

We give you a good experience by shopping from our online website. With many designs, we are recognized for our free shipping, BIS-certified collection, pendant customization, easy return exchange, and EMI-Pay Later features.

Once you order from us, we take care of the processes until your purchased gold pendant reaches you, and we try to keep you happy with our after-sale service support. Order fast for us to deliver your new piece of gold pendant.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How Do I Clean and Maintain My Men's Gold Pendant?

Cleaning and maintaining gold pendants are easy now with just a few steps. Clean your pendant with some lukewarm water and any liquid dish soap. Let the pendant remain in the mixture for 25 minutes before cleaning it with a cloth to take off the residues from its surface. To maintain it, store the pendant in the jewellery box to keep it shiny and long-lasting.

Can I Customize a Gold Pendant Design?

Yes, customize your gold pendant design at Luxaore. We have a special customizing team to look after your request to customize the pendant. To start with the process, fill out the form on the page of our custom jewellery to let our team discuss everything with you over a call. Soon after, we will enact your design on the pendant in the way you want. Just sit back and relax as you wait for the pendant to get delivered in three days.

Is a Men's Gold Pendant a Suitable Gift for Special Occasions?

Yes, gold pendants are great gifts for special occasions. Gift a tiny cute heart pendant to your would-be husband on his birthday to let him know how much you care and love him. A bird pendant is best for your little brother who always wanted something from you after passing in graduation.

Can men's gold pendants be worn on different chain styles?

Yes, you can wear a snake or curb chain with gold pendants for a clean look with any shirt of your choice. In fact, pendants look great with average-width chains, which are not too thick or thin for hanging the pendant.

How do I choose the right size pendant?

If your necklace is of choker length, the pendant should hang two inches below the choker. For a longer necklace, your pendant should lay four inches below it for an ideal look. So choose a necklace of 18 to 24 inches to hang a pendant better.

What karat of gold is commonly used for men's pendants?

22K, 18K, and 14K are used mostly in pendants. Out of which, 14K is commonly used to ensure affordability and durability.

Is a 1.4gm gold chain strong enough to hold a pendant?

No, a 1.4 g gold chain is lightweight and can’t hold a very heavy pendant. But it may hold a small and feather-light pendant easily such as a charm.

Where would you wear a pendant?

You can wear a pendant with shorter and longer chains for casual functions and to the office. Wear a lightheart pendant for a casual party and a religious pendant for an office event.