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Explore our stylish and trending designs of real gold chains for men. Choose from a variety of new designs of pure gold chains for men in 24k, 22k, 18k, and 14k like rudraksh gold chain, big gold chain or modern simple lightweight gold chain for men online at the best price. Each latest fancy gold chain piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite attractive men's gold chain delivered within 3-5 days.

Men's Gold Chains

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Why Choose Gold Chains for Men?

The origin of gold chain for men is from the hip-hop era of the 80s when a team of American rappers performed wearing their large elongated gold chains for men. By the time people reached the 90s, gold chains already got the attention of the men.

Soon, real gold chains for men became a symbol of class and status for men to carry along them. Many historians traced Indian men who wore gold chains since 2500 B.C. as crests of wealth, success, power, and authority.

With that, men felt to share their fashion taste with the world through the bling of their gold chains. It gave them the freedom to express themselves better in style.

Gold chains for men, as a fashion statement enhance their character, personality, and outfit. Latest gold chain design for men encourage men to be more stylish and upgraded. Adds shine and elegance to men’s everyday wear.

They compliment your extraordinary take on fashion. Mostly men love to style real gold chains for men to showcase their wealth and fame to society. Celebrities and famous politicians from every part of the world style their expensive gold chain design for men in unique ways to come into the limelight.

They are a staple in their daily life to rise and shine in their professional sphere. As per our cultural beliefs, wearing gold chains brings luck, making it a fair financial investment.

Men's Gold Chain Designs and Models

A gold chain is a significant piece of jewellery for everyday or occasional use. Its relation with men is forever. Whether it is received as a token of gift in his marriage or he got it for himself can speak volumes about his love for the chain. Interestingly, gold chains are favourites among Indian men and families. Chains connect families as gifts during marriages to symbolize wealth and prosperity. 

Gold chains come in lightweight and heavy designs and combinations like double loop, single loop, pinched loop, two-way double, etc. Most heavy chains are bound by the highest gold content, like 24K, 22K, and 18K. 24K weighs 8-10 grams, and 22K weighs 10 grams are essential facts to determine the price of gold chains. The saying goes that men's chains are comparatively thicker than women's. 

Let's take a look at a few famous gold chain designs.

Rope chain: It is the first-ever gold chain that emerged during the 80s - 90s. There is nothing more classic and stylish than a rope chain. They feature multiple smaller gold links integrated as a union to form an intricate rope-like twisted design. Each rope chain differs in its weight and dimension.

Cable chain: Quite a trendy one, connects numerous oval-shaped links at a fastener. They hang either a pendant, coin, cross, or other emblems from them.

Cuban or curb chain: They lay flat with their interlocking and twisted links. They are great for making a fashion statement in a street or urban style.

Wheat chain: A wheat or spiga chain is made up of oval-shaped links twisted into a plait forming a wheat stalk. It is a simple-looking chain along with a pendant.

Box chain: They are typically named after their square or cube-shaped links, made using round wires. Gold box chains have a quirky appeal for hanging a pendant.

Styling Men's Gold Chains: Tips for a Fashionable Look

Gold chains are available in many styles, from chunky to classic thin gold chain designs. If you already have a collection of gold chains or are considering buying at least one and seeking stylish tips, here we are to impart some knowledge. The easiest way to style is to put a single gold chain for a simple yet stylish style.

Wearing it with a plain black or multicoloured t-shirt and jeans will level up the fashion game. It doesn't matter whether the chain is a thick 7mm rope or a 5mm thin box chain. Chains below 3mm are not ideal for layering and go unnoticeable, so keep your chain's thickness between 3-6mm or more for heavy looks.

To fit the environment of your workplace, switch to comfortable chains like cuban link chains in a slim form of 3mm. It is a great chain to display your unique style without looking overpowering. Let your personality shine through the gold chains when you are out on a date. Pair your favourite pair of shoes, jeans, or black pants with a polo tee or Hawaiian shirt with a classic box or tennis chain to turn her eyes on you.

Choosing the Perfect Size: Men's Gold Chain Length

Gold chains for men are available in a wide array of shapes, lengths, sizes, and densities. Among these, length and size mostly matter in making a huge difference to your personality, body, and style.

Gold chains are mainly classified into short, medium, and long. The short gold chain for men falls on the neck of your outfit and has a length of 41 cm/16 inches or shorter. They can become a stylish choice for matching v-necks, scoops, or turtlenecks with a tight fit.

Medium gold chain for men is the most common pick for gold chains with an exact fit. They hang under the collar of your garment giving enough comfort. With a length of 56-46 cm/ 18 inches, they can be worn with almost any outfit.

For hanging very loose, long gold chains are one of a kind. Falling under your upper garment makes them look very dashing. They are 61 cm/24 inches long suitable for multilayering purposes.

Therefore, the best chain length considered for a man is a medium chain with 18 inches for being not too short or too long. They easily look appropriate for different neck lengths and styles.

Men's Gold Chain Price Range

Popular Gold Chains

Weight Range(grams)

Price Range(Rs)

Traditional Gold Chain 

15 to 50 gm

35,000 to 2,00,000

Lotus Style Gold Chain

15 to 50 gm

45,000 to 3,00,000

Nawabi Short Gold Chain

15 to 50 gm

40,000 to 3,00,000

Indo Italian Link Gold Chain

15 to 50 gm

50,000 to 4,00,000

Casting Diamond Cut Gold Chain

15 to 50 gm

60,000 to 4,00,000

Handmade Leaf Gold Chain

15 to 50 gm

45,000 to 2,00,000

Explore the Latest Trends in Men's Gold Chains

Men’s gold chains are creating various style trends very often. When plenty of chain designs are available everywhere, men feel the fashion kick to experiment with them in their own ways.

Men’s most popular chain styles, like rope, figaro, box, cuban link etc., have transformed the western styling culture against traditional counterparts. We can’t ignore chunky gold chains when discussing a particular trend.

This type tops the list of trendy men’s jewellery from the fall to winter season. They make men look not just good but bold. Such a bold look is achievable with a solo chunky gold chain or layered with other pieces of chains.

This fashion has been up in trend for many years now. It is a severe love affair of men with thicker chains. Male celebrities from all over the world have been accessorising much in this way.

There is a whole lot of craze for thin to thick gold chains. Brooklyn Pelz and Shawn Mendes are famous fashion icons who love to snap pictures in gold chains.

They demonstrate their style through a simple gold chain with a pendant worn over a white tee and plain knit jumper on social media. Luxaore strictly follows the latest trends in men’s gold chains, as we like to keep you updated with our latest designs of gold chains.

How to Buy the Perfect Men's Gold Chain

Buying the perfect gold chain for men is a debatable topic that we must discuss. There is a lot to think from an appropriate design or style to the size or length of the chain. A too-thick chain is worth considering for a fancy and bold look.

Some chains like figaro, cuban link, marine, and herringbone are our picks to make the hottest style statements. While you seek something simple, you should go for thin to average-width gold chains, such as box, serpentine, and ball, to make them look appropriate for everyday and business deals.

However, you should be conscious of the length of it rather than just stopping at the breadth of the chain. The size of your gold chain is important as it can give the best look or completely turn into a disaster.

If you plan to shop for a gold chain for daily wear, stick to an average of 14-22 inches. Nothing is as good as a longer or shorter chain for looking somewhat extraordinary at cocktail parties and fashion events.

Shop Men's Gold Chains at Luxaore

Men also deserve the shine of gold chains as much as women do. So Luxaore has brought over hundreds of gold chains exclusively for men of all ages. You can also select from many designs, from conventional to current; we have kept everything in our store.

We have good quality gold chains to make you afford them easily. We give men the power to customise their gold chains with their design ideas and favourite engravings. All our gold chains have a BIS Hallmark and are delivered with an authenticity certificate.

You can shop them by choosing EMI for monthly payments and Pay Later to pay when comfortable. We even have the most secure delivery, free shipping, and easy 7-day return and exchange policy with a full 100% refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Men's Gold Chain?

Clean your gold chain by soaking it in half a bowl of warm water and two spoons of dish soap. Let the chain sit in the solution for almost 5-8 minutes before you start polishing it gently with a soft toothbrush. Dry it with a soft cloth. It would be best to clean it like this frequently to keep its shine intact and dirt out of its surface. Maintain it well by storing it in our jewellery box.

Can I Customize a Gold Chain Design?

Yes, you customize your favourite gold chain in a choice of design. Before checkout, just select the jewellery customization option on our website for us to deliver your desired kind of gold chain.

Is a Men's Gold Chain a Suitable Gift for Special Occasions?

Absolutely, make this festival memorable by gifting a men’s gold chain to your spouse or father to express your love in a better way. A rope chain is ideal for those men who are party lovers and want to express their incredible talent in rap music, while a curb chain is perfect for setting occasions like office meetings and friend meetups.

What are some of the latest gold chain designs?

Some popular latest gold chain designs are rope, ball, and curb chains. These chains are famous for their interconnected series of unique ball-shaped links or uniform links in 18K, 14K, and 22K gold for a solid durable touch.

What should you look for when buying a gold chain?

When buying a gold chain, you should in the first place check the karat weight and reliability of the gold present in the chain. If the gold is purer, it will be of higher quality and higher karat weight. A gold chain having 99.9% pure gold will be of 24 karat weight and will have a higher price than other karats of gold. When checking for the reliability of gold, you can ask the jeweller for a BIS hallmark certificate of the gold. So buying gold chain is easy in Luxaore as you don't have to stress much on these things. We sell the best quality and design of gold chains for men in different karats with BIS certificates.

Is a 22k gold chain the best for daily use?

Since a 22k gold chain has a lower quantity of pure gold in it it is best for everyday use compared to the pure 24k gold chain. This chain having a part of alloys like copper or zinc makes them durable enough to wear daily or often. It can easily tackle scratches and daily overuse.

Which is better, a thick gold chain or a skinny gold chain?

A thick gold chain is better any day than a skinny gold chain. It is best suited for everyday wear that can resist any sudden pulling. For instance, a skinny gold chain with a simple kind of interaction with a dog or child can lead the chain to break easily.