Men's Gemstone Pendants

Explore our stylish and trending collection of men's gemstone pendants. Each unique gemstone pendant piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite mens stone pendant delivered within 3-5 days.

Men's Gemstone Pendants

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Why Choose Gemstone Pendants for Men?

The best way to add colours to your outfit is by pairing some gemstone pendants. Even the smallest gemstone pendant can add glam to the look in seconds. There are several types of precious gemstones.

These gemstones are mined from mines; while some are organic sea substances like pearls and red corals. All of them are happened to make quality gemstone pendants.

They are over everything as they are not mere stones due to the significance of astrology. Therefore, you can choose a single gemstone for a pendant or a Navratna pendant to combine nine magical stones in just one pendant.

Emerald, blue sapphire, cat's eye, pearl, ruby, red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, and hessonite form the combination of our Navratna pendant. Customize your pendant by choosing from our range of 20+ gemstones that suit your budget and design.

Types of Gemstone Pendants for Men: Designs and Styles

It is natural to see Indian men wearing gemstone pendants for their beliefs in astrology. They have a strong faith in astrology, which leads them to include gemstone pendants daily. Each pendant designed with gemstones is a treatment for your difficulty.

It is also noteworthy to see how, apart from this, men wear gemstone pendants for style statements after they love a stone and its colour. On Luxaore, you will find gemstone pendants that fit your fashion and horoscope.

From dainty, chic gemstone pendants to religious larger gemstone pendants, we put a smile on your face with our variety. Pendants with religious designs like Rudraksha, Swastika, Om can never fail to impress you with the studded stones.

You can wear them daily or occasionally with ethnic or formal suits to emphasize the look. You can mix more than one gemstone to customize your pendant. These pendants are great for gifting options.

If you know the birth month of the man to whom you want to gift a gemstone pendant, you can gift them a birthstone pendant. Explore our section of gemstone pendant designs to look for your lookalike vibe.

Benefits from Men's Gemstone Pendants

Men are ready to experiment with gemstone pendants to lead a happy and healthy life. They are believed to be natural healers of our body when you allow them to touch your skin directly.

The healing properties of gemstones restore men’s chakras by balancing their energy fields. Lacking confidence is normal for any man who is lost in stress and depression.

Gemstones are natural stones that boost your self-confidence and physical vitality to encourage you to be more successful in life. To help with this, amethyst, fire opal, carnelian, and tiger’s eye stone pendants are for the rescue of seeking confidence.

Improve your financial situation with gemstone pendants that can get you to the top of fame and wealth. Save your money and stop making bad investing decisions with a citrine stone pendant. It also attracts more wealth into your life prosperously.

Other pendants of stones address different parts of life and body. Altogether, gemstones in pendants are a choice you won’t feel bad about after choosing from Luxaore.


Pendants that Cater to Your Faith: Gorgeous Religious 

Along with chanting mantras and offerings to God, religious pendants save you from negative energies and keep you blessed. Men have used them for around 5,000 years; today, they go beyond religions.

Keeping this in concern, Luxaore has crafted religious pendants in designs that men will love to wear. These pendants have designs of gods and symbols of faith that you belong to. Wearing them would protect you from evil eyes, granting you more style than any other jewellery piece.

One of their best things is that they match festive to casual clothes. Luxaore has Ganesh Chaturthi special Ganesh Ji Religious Pendants and Janmashtami special Bhagwan Sri Krishna Pendants in bright gemstones.

However, our Swastika, Cross, Islamic, and Om Namah Shiva Pendants are no less to them as they, too, contribute to the styles and cultural beliefs of all Indian men. These pendants look more tempting in 22K gold and sterling silver metal.

No worry if you still don’t find your symbolic pendants from us, as you can customize a pendant piece from Luxaore in solid gold and silver with attractive gemstones.

Where to Find the Perfect Men's Gemstone Pendant

Get all kinds of gemstone pendants from Luxaore in one go. We cater to different faiths with our various designs of pendants. Our pendants carry exotic gemstones that are natural and mined from mines legally.

Rest assured, you are getting gemstone authenticity and BIS hallmark certificates with the order. You may worry about the price of these luxurious pendant pieces online. But the cost of each pendant is low to the point that everyone can afford them easily.

We urge you to enjoy shopping with us as we work with the most trusted delivery partner to deliver your order swiftly with free shipping. Also, our easy and varied payment methods like UPI, net banking, wallets, and debit/credit cards will help you to shop without being tedious.

Save more on our gemstone pendants with extra discounts from credit cards and additional sale discounts. This is to help you to shop more pendants and other items when you are tight on budget.

You can even order now and pay us the order amount later with our Pay Later options and EMI for monthly installments with 0% interest. Our 7-day return and exchange policy is the best to return or exchange your pendant easily. Grab this opportunity to shop as many gemstone pendants as you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do men wear gemstone pendants?

Men wear gemstone pendants to style them in many unique ways. Apart from that, gemstones in pendants come with a lot of astrological and metaphysical benefits helping men to cope with difficult life situations.

Do you use real gemstones in your pendants?

Yes, Luxaore uses real natural gemstones in your pendants. Our gemstones are certified by government labs so you can trust us with your purchase of gemstone pendants. Also, get the certificate for the gemstone with your order of a gemstone pendant.

Can I wear gemstone pendants with any outfits?

Yes, you can wear gemstone pendants with any outfit. For example, a bold blue sapphire pendant with a pure white suit for a big bold look and a lapis lazuli pendant to create a classic look with a bootcut pants and a black or white shirt.

Is a gemstone pendant a good gift?

Yes, a gemstone pendant is the best gift. A ruby pendant is sure to bring an abundance of love to your relationship if you gift this to your partner on an anniversary or a tiger‘s eye pendant to keep the bond between you and your brother safe from harmful eyes.

Which stone is best for a pendant?

There are many stones which are best for pendants. Garnets, pearls, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are some of those stones that can give you healing benefits and brightness to your daily shirts and outstanding suits.

What is the best type of stone to use for a pendant necklace?

Diamond is the best type of stone to use for a pendant necklace like a curb chain. Diamonds are durable and add sparkling excellence to your outfit to catch everyone’s attention.

Do gemstones work in pendants as per astrology?

Gemstones in pendants work 90% of the time. The rest 10% won’t work because of the lack of rules and rituals followed by you before wearing it. Moreover, any gemstone works using its colour and the inherent qualities of energy. For example, a ruby pendant should touch your skin for it to work. The pendant requires first to be worn only on Sundays after dipping the stone in Ganga jal or cow milk three times.