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Explore our stylish and unique designs gold ring for men. Choose from a variety of the latest unique men's ring designs in 24k, 22k, 18k, and 14k like rose gold rings, white gold rings, or modern simple lightweight pure gold rings online at the best price. Each unique gold ring piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your attractive pure gold ring delivered within 3-5 days.

Men's Gold Rings

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Gold Ring for Men - Touch of Luxury and Style

Luxaore collection of gold rings has come straight from your dream. Our collection of unique men's rings is what men want and require as fashion statements. Our gold rings are made of BIS-certified gold and serve you with beautiful designs and patterns. Each piece speaks highly of comfort, sophistication, and luxury. You can explore our engagement gold rings to give your man the most special gift.

Surprise your fiance with our customizable engraved gold ring, as you can engrave his initials or both of your upcoming marriage date. We have also kept gold wedding bands to strengthen the couple's bond. Our range also presents gold rings with gemstones for men with faith in astrology. Professional jewellery designers make our gold rings for men; we take pride in their skills. Get to choose from yellow gold to white and rose gold rings, whichever your heart asks for! Browse now to get started with the shopping.

Types of Men's Gold Rings:

Here’s introducing a few types of gold rings for men, each having unique designs. So below are the designs that are popular picks among men and are going around trends.

Classic Gold Bands

Classic gold bands are preferred for weddings or engagements as they are relatively minimal-looking rings for men. The simplicity and elegance they provide are great for couples to wear as a piece of commitment in marriage.

So, if you are a soon-to-be husband, get a pair of classic gold bands as a wedding gift for your would-be wife and yourself. This versatile piece is easy to style with casual jeans, formal suits, and pajamas.

Signet Rings

Signet rings are totally to make you feel like a real king. Once used to seal monograms with hot wax, they have evolved as elaborate statements for today's men. They make men go bold in style. But these rings are unisex and equally appeal to everyone. Their designs can be customized accordingly.

Most of them have either flat, rectangular, or oval surfaces that are ornated. They are great for layering metallic jewellery like gold bracelets and silver chains. Wear a safari suit or achkan with a signet and other accessories for a royal look.

Wedding and Engagement Rings

Wedding and engagement rings are classy men’s rings. They are for making men look charming. This category is full of rings, of which wedding rings are engraved wedding bands, plain metal bands, and eternity bands.

Engagement rings are solitaire rings, three-stone rings, halo rings, vintage rings, antique rings, and custom-made rings. Each of these is crafted uniquely to meet the style and purpose of men. These rings can be matched with different types of clothing like a dress shirt, suit, denim cargo shirt, etc, whatever you feel like wearing.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

The famous Art Deco, Victorian, and Edwardian rings are here. Men appreciate vintage rings for their timeless beauty and design. They hold distinctive designs, which is rare in other kinds of rings. Since they are vintage, you must style them boldly with a metal like white gold or silver that lends a more masculine feel. Twist your style by stacking them with classic bands in a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Statement Rings

Statement rings are for strong and eye-catching bold style. They are made larger and more intricate to draw attention. The ring speaks of you, whether it is through a particular larger gemstone or with the design pattern.

You can make your fashion statement by adorning it on your working hand's index or ring finger and stack with other multiple bold rings. Nail it even more with a designer suit for a western occasion.

Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings set gemstones associated with a man’s birth month. These rings are to celebrate your birth month in stylish ways. For if you are born in January, a garnet is the stone for you to bring love, passion, and protection into your life.

Since it is a personal ring, you should be focussed on styling it in layers with mixed thin metal bands, and casual to formal outfits.

Three-Stone Rings

Three-stone rings are often chosen as wedding and engagement rings to depict couples' future, present, and past lives. A variety of gemstones can be used to make these rings. Coordinate this ring with matching jewellery pieces like necklaces and earrings to give an extra layer to the look.

Diamond-Accented Rings

These gold ring designs for men feature smaller diamonds alongside a larger diamond for a sparkling effect. Accentuates the larger diamond to make it more prominent. Such graceful accented pieces can make you dazzle at parties and festivals.

Stackable Rings

Stackable gold rings for men are quite trendy these days. They are a set of gold rings for men attached to appear in layers. Stacking and layering these simple gold ring for men can create stylish looks.

Religious Rings

Religious rings are pieces for men to express their faith and devotion. These hold symbols and scripts of a man’s religion through design and inscriptions. They can also be customized, and some popular styles of rings are cross, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.

These rings are typically worn on the right finger of the dominant hand, but this can differ according to the tradition you follow. They are a great addition to your daily outfit or for festivals in religious outfits like a thobe, kurta, or white getup.

Modern Minimalist Rings

Modern men’s favourite is minimalist rings. Simple designs and sleek bodies define these rings. They are the best to accompany your everyday outfit and other occasions. Such rings may or may not have a single or multiple small gemstones.

Modern minimalist rings work with minimalist jewellery to make a subtle statement when wearing them with simple and pastel-coloured clothes.

Choosing the Perfect Men's Gold Rings:

Choosing the perfect real gold rings for men includes a few crucial steps before making the decision. Things to consider are the right ring size, your style, and the lookout for unique men's gold ring design customization.

Matching with Outfits: From Casual to Formal

When you are about to wear gold rings, you must remember that every occasion calls for a distinct style. There are many ring styles to choose from while opting for casual to semi-formal looks. Styling casually for casual days is a great way to upgrade your style. To keep up with that, our classic gold ring is what we recommend.

The simplicity of this ring goes well with casual t-shirts or shirts and pants. It adds instant shine to the look without putting much effort. If you are a hardcore religious person, why not elevate your style with our religious gold rings to make your outfit less boring?

Our modern signet and cross gold rings suit men who wish to own signature looks in festive or religious traditional outfits. We need to talk about professionals in jobs and business, too. You might need to find out which rings look perfect with a sharp suit and gold watch.

It is our cushion ring and, alternatively, a wedding or engagement ring to give an edge to your formal dress. Nothing can stop you from being in the limelight when you start decking these gold rings.

Sizing and Fit: Ensuring Comfort and Style

One basic thing not to neglect is ordering the right ring size. Measuring your finger is important because the gold ring should fit you well and feel comfortable. If you have an existing ring with you, prefer that size.

Or else, if it is your first time buying a ring, check our ring size guide page and follow the guidelines by using a credit/debit card to avoid making size mistakes.

Personalization Options: Engravings and Custom Designs

It is easy to customise your favourite gold rings for men with the desirable designs and engravings. Make a unique men's ring designs in gold special for you and your loved ones by engraving names, initials, symbols, or dates along with the choice of embellishments. This way you get to keep your memories and emotions alive for a lifetime.

Modern Style Gold Ring Trends for Men

There is no doubt about how much gold rings are in recent men’s fashion jewellery trends. They are a must-have ornament for men and a great addition to their jewellery collection. What tops the list on this trend is customized gold rings. Of course, you must have understood why there is one more round now.

As these rings have chances to be customized, from design to etching, they own the hearts of men. Most men are found to engrave their names or initials to make them special for themselves. They are easily blendable with any outfit and accessories. There is no hard and fast rule to style them in a particular way, but their beauty is pulled off nicely in oversized clothes like t-shirts and turtlenecks.

Another ring that has paved our way is a diamond gold ring. The pro combination of gold and diamond illuminates an entire look of men. The sparks of diamond and the sophistication of gold are enticing to the latest trends. Nowadays, the buzz is that men pair diamond gold rings on pinky fingers in western style with gold bracelets and warm mandarin collar suits. No wonder we highly praise gold rings for their versatility. Do you want to follow them or have your statement style planned? Shop from us to do your styling.

The Affordability of Men's Gold Rings

Gold rings in Luxaore are affordable. At Luxaore, our starting price is low, starting from just Rs 10,000, making them easy to purchase for all. We know finding a good quality gold ring at low prices is hard.

But we have made that possible for you. Our rings are the perfect go-to accessory for your male friends, brothers, father, husband, son, or boyfriend. This is why we have our flexible Pay Later, and EMI plans to purchase your favourite gold rings from our online store.

You can also shop them easily at discounted price that lowers their price more. Want additional discounts? Use your credit card to pay us and get profited with good discounts. Who said gold rings can’t become affordable? We do that, and you can enjoy your piece at a great price. Shop now to know what we have in store for you.

Men’s gold ring Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

With the purchase of a pure gold ring for men, comes the responsibility to maintain and care for it. Men should consider cleaning and maintaining them wisely to keep them good for over a lifetime. Here is how you can care for it.

Regular Cleaning and Polishing

Your gold ring is your asset, so it needs proper cleaning to look well-maintained. Clean it often to avoid being covered in dust, dirt, and grime. For cleaning, use warm water and put a few drops of dish soap into it to soak the ring. Let that rest for 15 minutes, and use a soft brush to scrub the piece. Rinse it with normal water to remove the soap residues and dry it with a microfiber cloth.

Storing and Protecting Your Gold Bracelet

You can’t stop by just cleaning your gold ring; storing the ring is important to keep it safe. Store your ring in our jewellery box to avoid scratches and other damages. Try to protect it at any cost by removing it during heavy activities. Don’t expose them much to direct sunlight and water because the metal can’t get affected in the long term.

Where to Find the Best Men's Gold Ring

Buying a pure gold ring for men reminds you of two things, where and how to purchase and customise a unique gold ring for men. Here is how you can find the best quality and customized gold ring for men.

Trusted Jewellery Retailers: Online and In-Store:

Reputable and trusted online stores like Luxaore, provide you with their best and latest collection of gold ring designs for men for their customers. Browsing our website can help you to understand each gold ring better with much detail. For men gold rings for , if asked they can show their hallmark certificates to you. That way you can ensure the authenticity of your real gold ring for men. Going for a reliable in-store purchase can also give you a good and authentic original gold ring for men after feeling the ring in hand. 

Customization and Personalization Options:

Both online and in-store provide the chance to customize your gold rings. You can put a desirable design with engravings like a name, date, or symbol to give it your personal and sentimental touch.

Why Choose?

Choosing pure gold ring for men can keep you in style and pave for a good investment for you and your family. This precious gold ring for men will enchant everyone around you with its glamorous sparkle and swirl.


Luxaore has a variety of more than 100 designs of gold rings. From classic solitaire to customized rings, we have a great collection to amaze you whenever you shop from us.

Explore our collection to know what all we have to offer you in the men’s section of gold rings. To style for a party or to fit in a traditional event, we have many modern ring designs to make you feel stunning. Discover the world of luxurious gold rings at Luxaore now.


Our gold rings are easy for your wallet as we made them affordable. You do not have to worry when you have visited our store. Our price range is a plus point for our customers. We offer great discounts on our gold rings to make your purchase easy.

Additionally, we have amazing Pay Later and EMI options to make the payment at your convenience. Enjoy our shopping with us even more by using credit cards at checkout to add more discounts on cart value. Start shopping today to check out at the lowest price.

Easy Return/Replacement Policy

Luxaore has the best return and exchange policy. We mean it as you get your gold ring replaced or returned within 7 days without facing any hassle. You can request a full refund by returning the order to us.

We have our support team to assist you with the entire procedure. Check out our return and exchange policy page to understand the terms and conditions of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are men's gold rings suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, men’s gold rings are suitable for everyday wear because both 14k and 18k gold rings are durable for all the alloys they carry in them. These are zinc or copper metals which make them more appropriate for withstanding everyday scratches and damages from any frictions.

What types of gold are commonly used in men's rings?

The most commonly used gold types in men’s rings are yellow, white, and rose gold. But there is also another type of gold which is green gold. Luxaore has gold rings made with all of these gold types in 24k, 22k, 18k, and 14k pure gold.

Can I wear a gold ring with other metal accessories?

Yes, you can surely wear a gold ring with other metal accessories to look more attractive. You can opt for two to three silver bangles or bracelets on a wrist. Try adding a multi-layer of gold and silver pendants to your look with one or two silver or platinum stackable rings on the finger of each hand. Finish it off with a black suit for a brilliant look.

How do I determine my ring size for a comfortable fit?

Determining your ring size is important for a comfortable fit and doing that wrongly might lead you to trouble. So just head to our Ring Guide page to never feel guilty of choosing an incorrect ring size again.

Can men's gold rings be personalized or customized?

Yes, Luxaore has a customization service for customizing gold rings. Our custom jewellery consultant will be calling you once you provide us with your contact details in the custom jewellery page form. Discuss with him the kind of design you want on your ring and we will make sure that the accuracy of the design is met by our artist. We will then proceed with the design for setting it on the ring with an engraving of your choice. After completing the ring, we are ready to send you that in four days.

What are some tips for coordinating gold rings with different outfits?

You can match a solitaire men’s gold ring with warm red, orange, or yellow colours of shirts, t-shirts, and suits. This way you will create a more unpredictable pattern of style. Gold rings are also good for cashmere and oversized sweaters, and most gold rings or jewellery look great in winter clothing. For casual styling, even gold rings go well with a dark green or black tee and jeans.

Do men's gold rings hold value over time?

Absolutely gold rings hold value over time with an increase in their price. It fluctuates much from one day to the next but with age, its market value is always on the rise.

Can men's gold rings be resized if needed?

Yes, your ring can be resized if it is needed. But to resize it may take us up to 2 weeks for resizing and in a few cases it may take more than that. Therefore, find your right ring size from our Ring Size Guide page to never face the need for resizing.

How can I ensure the authenticity of the gold in my ring?

You can ensure the authenticity of the gold in your ring by asking for a BIS hallmark certificate for the gold used in the ring. At Luxaore, we only use hallmark-certified gold in all of our beautiful gold rings for men. You view the certificate on our website before the purchase and it comes along with your ring purchase as well.

Why do men wear gold rings?

Men wear gold rings to represent their status and wealth, other than showing a ring as a statement of a relationship of love. However, a gold ring like a signet ring works as a fashion statement for special occasions to show off men’s personality, style, and fashion taste.

How many gold rings can a man wear?

Even though every man has ten fingers, we suggest not more than three gold rings per hand. Of course, you may wear more but sticking to three is good for your wrist health and as a general rule of wearing rings. For instance, you can choose to wear one gold plain band with a signet and solitaire rings.