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Women's Silver Rings

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Enhance Your Style with Women's Silver Ring

Silver was first mined somewhere around 4000 B.C. Women in ancient times wore humble silver rings as a representation of eternity and prosperity for many centuries. Several facts claim that women wore silver rings to feel connected with the Moon, to control their cyclic menses, and to bring inherent feminine qualities to them.

The popular ladies' silver ring design in those times was Celtic knotwork and ascribed images of different goddesses, crosses, letters etc. This tradition of engravings and symbolic meanings has been carried over to the present day.

Modern women are attracted towards sterling pure silver rings for girls which carry great modern designs and decorative accents. They feel that silver rings apart from offering style, calm down their senses and maintain blood circulation flow in their body. Therefore, original silver rings for women hold an amazing significance in the lives of women from the time of the dawn of civilization.

Varieties of Silver Rings for Women:

There are innumerable options available in rings when you are about to choose a pure silver ring for women. Whether you love traditional or modern latest silver ring designs, there is something for each of you. Let’s discover some of the well-known and exclusive designs of 925 silver rings for women here.

Openwork Silver Ring:

This simple silver ring for girls has been carved and pierced to create open spaces and for drawing patterns. These openings in silver bands look intricate and beautiful as they can have some gemstones or diamonds on top or along the band. Feel like a royal queen with this sterling silver ring for women on special occasions.

Boho Ring:

This real silver ring for women is earthy and rooted in nature with free-spirited vibes. Bohemian culture gave rise to such a ring that is best for fashion and an independent self. Just wear this ring with a boho outfit to match.

Nature-Inspired Silver Ring:

Rings with nature motifs such as flowers, leaves, animals, and other natural elements are for those women who want to stay and feel close to nature and its creations.

Filigree Silver Ring:

This sterling silver ring design features delicate yet intricate work of fine wire in the ring. Filigree is an age-old art that is very creative and done with meticulous detailing. Wearing this ring for your engagement or wedding will enhance the bridal look.

Birthstone Silver Ring:

The birthstone ring for women embraces a single gemstone in the middle which is selected by your birth month. For example, Blue Zircon is the birthstone for December babies.

Statement Silver Ring:

These pure rings for women comprise an oversized design or a single piece of gemstone/diamond successfully making a bold fashion statement. Pairing this with a long cocktail dress and high heels would take you to the limelight of fashion at high-class events.

Eternity Silver Ring:

The simple silver ring design for girls has a set of smaller diamonds or gemstone accents in a continuous line of the silver band. Commemorate a special life event like an anniversary, wedding, or childbirth with an eternity sterling silver ring for girl to mark the milestone.

Silver Band Ring:

A minimal embellishment or a plain polished surface is what a silver band ring carries. This reminds couples of their wedding vows as it is connected to the heart.

Solitaire Silver Ring:

This silver ring design for females mounts a single diamond or another gemstone as a focal point of attraction. It radiates an eternal beauty that grabs all eyes. So make it a part of your special days.

Choosing the Perfect Silver Ring for Girls:

Choosing a perfect women's silver ring design entails certain steps, such as matching outfits with the ring, getting an ideal fitting and size of the ring, and considering having a customized ring. 

Matching with Outfits: From Casual to Formal

Chandi rings for girls match many outfits to look stylish and trendy. Make bohemian styles with rings to look chic and funky. You can achieve casual and comfortable styles by pairing your rings with maxi skirts, harem pants, paisley bold printed tank tops, etc. Even these rings suit indo-western and desi clothes like salwar kameez, palazzo, jeans, and kurta to rock any casual day outing.

It isn’t limited to casual dresses; these rings are now the most common thing for the official dress code. You can pair them with denim shirts, blazers, regular shirts and pants.

The best-suited colour of dress for your silver colour ring is black, as they both contrast nicely. Burgundy or blue are two colours that look great, with these rings that create a rich backdrop for the ring to shine against.

Sizing and Fit: Ensuring Comfort and Style:

It is essential to measure your finger correctly to avoid a wrong ring size. There are many ways to measure precisely, one of which is to measure with an existing ring and a credit or debit card. To get the perfect ring size, follow the guidelines provided on our Ring Size Guide page and perform each step carefully to know your size. We highly recommend you choose a ring with the larger size if your size falls between one smaller and one larger ring size.

Personalization Options: Engravings and Custom Designs:

Customizing your favourite ring for women gives a special touch to the piece. You can choose to customise its design and do your engravings on the ring like putting a name, date, symbol, or quote.

Where to Find the Best Silver Ring Design for Women

Enjoy your shopping experience at Luxaore when you have so many options for trendy silver ring designs for girls. Our collection of silver rings is super impressive and catchy to look at. Luxaore has all the new and trendy chandi ring designs for girls to add sparkles to their daily and special outfits. You can pair them with formal or party dresses.

There are traditional and contemporary designs of rings with single gemstones, multiple gemstones, or no stone in plain patterns like silver bands. You can also customize your silver ring from us by engraving and designing it in your own way. So, there are limitless unique designs of silver rings to experiment with to make different fashion statements every time you go out.

Benefit yourself by purchasing rings at the best deals, affordable prices, free shipping, EMI, PayLater, and cash on delivery by signing up on Luxaore. All our silver rings additionally come with a BIS Hallmark and authenticity certificate to ensure authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a silver ring with other metal accessories?

Yes, you can mix and match a silver ring with a gold ring or other kinds of accessories.

What types of silver are commonly used in women's rings?

The most common type of silver used is sterling silver or 92.5% pure silver which makes durable silver rings.

Can women's silver rings be personalized or customized?

Yes, you can ask us to customize your silver ring, as our dedicated jewellery consultant is ready to help you explore design ideas, options, and discuss your budget. Once you've decided on the design, our skilled jewellery artists will bring it to life on the ring. Contact us to know more about customizing your jewellery. You can reach out through our custom jewellery page.

How do I take care of my silver ring?

Take care of your silver ring by cleaning the ring with a smile soapy solution along little baking soda for polishing the ring with a soft brush.

How much does silver rings cost?

The cost of silver rings in Luxaore just begins from under Rs 1000 for every woman to afford them easily.

Which finger can a silver ring be worn?

Wearing a silver ring on the middle finger can stop the negative influence of Lord Shani, but wearing them on the ring, index, and thumb fingers helps you with positive impacts on you, like creativity and self-expression.

Is silver good for a ring?

Yes, silver is suitable for rings because they are more affordable than gold and platinum, apart from their quality of scratch-free resistance.

Is a silver ring good for skin?

Yes, silver is excellent for those with sensitive skin allergic to gold. They are hypoallergic, which makes them so good for zero allergies.

Which zodiac should wear a silver ring?

People born under the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces, and Cancer should wear silver rings to balance their energies and bring other positive benefits.