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Explore our stylish and trending collection of gold, silver and artificial womens jewellery. Choose from a variety of the latest gold and artificial jewellery set designs like antique jewellery, bridal gold jewellery, temple jewellery or modern simple lightweight jewellery. For women online at the best price. Each jewellery piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite women's jewellery delivered within 3-5 days.

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Women's Jewellery: Perfect Accessory for Every Women

Jewellery is an indispensable part of women’s lives. It is a birthright of a women to put on different jewellery. Over the decades, women have taken pride in their feminine qualities and womanhood with their adornment of jewellery. Whether it is to show her family status or to make herself happy, jewellery works like a charm in a women’s life. In all the years, women’s jewellery has gone through many changes in designs but one constant thing is the use of all the precious metals in crafting them. From the Stone Age to this modern time, jewellery made of silver and gold is still in vogue and a staple in women’s jewellery bags.

Wearing a good dress isn’t enough to carry your style or personality, jewellery is necessary to enhance the look. When you correctly pair fashion jewellery with matching attire, words fall short of expressing your beauty. Choosing a piece of jewellery that matches your persona is important to go well with a particular traditional or western dress. After all, jewellery is a symbol of your existence, aura, and smiles. Be it a wedding, festival, party, office meeting, or casual outing, you should always carry on with your unique style with the right kind of jewellery. Luxaore helps you choose the best jewellery for your style, as we provide an exclusive collection of all the latest gold jewellery designs in our store. 

Explore Our Diverse Collection of Women's Jewellery

Luxaore is a dream place to shop for all your jewellery needs. Feel more beautiful and confident with our range of glamorous sets of jewellery. Our range comprises rings, bracelets, pendants, anklets, chains, and necklaces. All of which are made out of either pure gold or silver. So amplify your style with our versatile pieces of gold plated jewellery to match any traditional outfit like a salwar suit, ghaghra, or saree. Go bonkers with our silver pieces like classic silver round rings and charm fashion bracelets with minimal or contemporary-designed dresses. Whether you opt for trending fashion or an antique one, you can pick our gold or silver rope chain to look classy and trendy, or else our antique gold jewellery like vintage and antique women’s rings for exhilarating feelings. Browse through our website to find your perfect jewellery now.

Types of Women's Jewellery to Complete Your Look

When it comes to the type of jewellery, there are a lot of options to that. Let’s explore some popular kinds of women’s jewellery.


Necklaces are the oldest form of jewellery. In the pre-historic period, they were made of stones and today all the necklaces are of gold, silver, stainless steel, and other metals. If we look broadly, necklaces are a piece of extremely trendy jewellery worldwide among women. There are many types of it and some demanding types are beaded chain necklaces with small beads of stones, cable chain necklaces with alternative small circular links, and rope chains with thick twisted small links.

Bangles & Bracelets

Bangle is taken from the word Bangri, in Hindi. A bangle is a kind of bracelet that was popular from ancient times in India and is still a popular choice among rural and modern women. This has an open-cut design that looks both chic and understated. Even bangle has a cultural value in India. They were made compulsory for married women in the past but nowadays, every women puts this around their wrist.


Rings are the earliest manmade jewellery on Earth. Signet rings are mainly the first type of rings, ever made by humans. Then, there was the arrival of engagement or wedding rings to take promises or vows in a relationship or marriage. With time, the world has been watching different designs and styles of rings all over the market.


Women love to sport earrings, no matter what the occasion is. Worn by women from the bronze age, earrings by withstanding the test of time have now evolved in all kinds of designs like dangles, hoops, studs drops etc. They are worn on the earlobe and are also an important accessory for women. 

Thematic Jewellery: Express Yourself Creatively

Express yourself better with themes in thematic jewellery. These are the jewellery from modern times. They talk about themes, like oceanic waves, adventurous mountains, and many more.  You can put a theme of your choice in jewellery. Besides, they have custom-made designs and digital prints to truly become one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Kundan Jewellery:

Kundan means pure and refined gold, and therefore this jewellery is usually made from 24K of highly refined gold. Kundan art holds a history of 25,000 years and is the most ancient form of jewellery art in India. Once they were only made accessible to the royal families and not to commoners, during the time of the Mughals and Rajputs. To craft these royal pieces of jewellery, skilled labour and intricate knowledge of designs are required. If you are a soon-to-be bride, you must don a kundan bridal gold jewellery set to feel regal and charming.

Artificial Jewellery: Affordable Glamour

Artificial or imitation jewellery are replicated pieces of expensive jewellery. They are made with non-expensive and artificial materials to become cost-effective. The designs of artificial jewellery for women are made intricately to give you a classy, elegant, and stylish look.

Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is the traditional form of jewellery, made with designs inspired by Indian Gods and Goddesses, crafted in gold and silver other than, putting valuable stones like diamonds, pearls, rubies etc. Most of India’s temple jewellery gold comes from the South and is designed to give grace and royalty to women in traditional sarees and Indo-Western outfits.

Flower Jewellery

Flower jewellery is for giving a fresh vibe to a women. this jewellery has been made popular by the tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana. As a part of the culture, Indian brides wear them in their Haldi or Mehendi ceremonies to light up their look in elegance.

Wedding Jewellery

Wedding jewellery is all about diamonds and gold. Indian brides feel auspicious in gold. Today, the brides of India have a special kind of love for diamonds in their hearts, so even they are ditching traditional designs like kundan and polki. Apart from this, different exotic gemstones are trending in jewellery, along with diamonds for necklaces. 

Material Matters: Luxurious Choices for Women's Jewellery

Gold Jewellery

Women admire gold jewellery for its sophistication. Gold jewellery is for carrying a class and style in women. Turn all heads with stunning pieces of gold jewellery from Luxaore. At Luxaore, you can find traditional pieces like 18K gold round rings, 22K gold pendants, phantom gold bracelets, gold swastik pendants, 18K gold anklets, 22k gold chains etc.

Diamond Jewellery

Wearing diamonds make any women feel precious and special. Catch everyone’s eyes with your real diamond necklace. It is a must-have for festivals and weddings to make a style statement.

Pearl Jewellery

Women breathe through pearl jewellery. Steal the show with pearl jewellery from Luxaore. Our pearl jewellery has beautiful and natural pearls that come with adorable sheen and shine. Wear our pearl jewellery with a gown for an evening event.

Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose gold is a glamorous colour combination and its jewellery is something that every women looks forward to. To style classic yet unique for a grand function, wear our rose gold bracelets that are available in different designs.

Platinum Jewellery

Platinum is the finest metal, after silver and gold. Although it looks much similar to the colour of silver, it still finds its popularity in women. They were first introduced to the world by Egyptians and later used by royals as platinum jewellery for women. Platinum jewellery are ideal pieces for women who love to style simple and subtle designs or embellishments.