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Collection of Pure 925 Sterling Silver Chains & Silver Necklace Set. Choose From a Variety of Real Silver Chain Designs for Ladies like Silver Figaro Chain, Silver Cuban Chain, and Thick & Heavy Chains Online at the Best Prices. Each Luxaore 925 Silver Chain, Locket, or Pendant Piece is Rhodium Plated and Crafted with Utmost Care and Precision. Shop Now and Have your Attractive Chandi Chain Delivered Within 3-5 Days.

Women's Silver Chains & Necklaces

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Why Choose Silver Chains and Necklaces For Women?

Perhaps silver chains and necklaces designed for women are considered the oldest form of jewellery as they have been around for 6000 years. Throughout this time, people from royal families to modern-day rappers everyone wore real silver chains to enhance their personalities and satisfy their fashion needs.

As days passed, chain necklaces for girls became a part of well-dressed women during the 18th century. Back then, longer and thinner heavy silver chain designs for females were decorated with coloured stones and pendants. This is what made women's pure silver necklaces functional leading them to mainstream fashion.

The timelessness of pure silver necklaces for girls gives an air of sophistication, class, and value to modern girls. Original sterling silver chains for women are even great for everyday wear because of their durability and resistance to tarnish. Silver as a metal is thought to bring positivity, focus, purity, and clarity to mind and body. And, a silver necklace chain design goes well with both Western and ethnic attires, making it a prevalent choice among stylish women.

Diverse Designs and Styles of Women's Original Silver Neck Chains

Pure silver chains are a delight to women who love to fill their wardrobes with different designs of silver chains. A woman can’t get enough of the silver necklace as each chain is unique in its style or design to match with an outfit. The most popular designs of 925 silver chains are.

Curb Silver Chain: 

Curb chains are chunky. Like Figaro, curb chains lay flat against the skin comfortably. With 925 sterling silver is composed of round or oval interlocking links that are warped nicely for a flat-like appearance.

This silver chain design for women takes your outfit to the next level with much shine and boldness. Define your fashion taste by wearing a curb chain with an off-shoulder dress and other exquisite jewellery pieces to make a fashion statement.

Rolo Silver Chain: 

Rolo chain comes with thicker and circular links that are visible to the eyes. This silver necklace design varies in width so you can pick one that is less chunky and heavy for your neck. Wear a rolo chain with a deep v-neck dress to reveal the beauty of this chain to the world.

Snake Silver Chain: 

This type of silver chain design for girls popularly belongs to the Victorian era of the 19th century and resembles a snake’s skin. These consist of tiny flat rings intertwined to give a wavy appearance that takes charms and pendants for adding elegance to an outfit. The tight pairing of its rings makes the chain soft and flexible so as not to feel bulky. Create a more classic look by layering a snake chain with other bolder necklaces.

Box Silver Chain: 

A chain with box-shaped links that are much rounded at the edges is durable and soft simultaneously. This silver chain for girls is simple yet impressive and an eye-catcher for everyday or special looks. Style a box chain with a loose women's shirt to look ravishing.

Figaro Silver Chain: 

The eye-catching Figaro chains are from Italy and are beautiful, classic, and bold. This stunning chain has one elongated oval link followed by two or three circular links and is loved by women from all parts of the world. Wear this sophisticated silver necklace for women as a standalone piece with a turtleneck, blazer, and trousers.

Rope Silver Chain:

Without much do, we can claim rope chains as the ultimate favourite of women. The twisted rope-like design is what gives it a textural look. This silver chain design draws too much attention when worn with square or scoop neck dresses.

Styling Ladies’ Silver Chains and Necklaces

Nail your office look ideally with silver chains. It is not just about looking great for the office but also work-appropriate. You must dress up with a few things for corporate and formal workplaces.

Make a refreshing look by stacking two slim silver chains with a formal shirt. You can style slightly differently without being too loud if you work in a semi or casual workplace.

Your outfits may range from traditional salwar to floral dresses to casual tops. You can establish a subtle style with silver chains other than Rope and Figaro chains there.

Level up your style game in college by styling a colour crop top and a long, flowy skirt with an extended Rolo or Curb gold chain. Feel your best while pairing an A-line party dress and edgy box chains to create an ultimate party look.

Shop Women's Silver Chains and Necklaces

Silver chains are redefining women’s take on fashion. At Luxaore, you can find more than 150+ styles of original silver chains for women to suit your persona. Our chains are made up of pure sterling silver. While browsing our website, you can locate all your favourite unique, famous designs like Rope, Box, Rolo Chains, etc. and lengths of silver chains in one place.

We assure you that we give you the best quality silver chains at the lowest possible prices. It will be enjoyable for you to shop from us as we make the process very simple for you.

Shop from us to buy pure silver chains for women online in COD and free delivery. Apply to 0% interest EMI and Buy Now Pay Later options for a fabulous shopping experience. Our 7-day return and exchange policy is here to benefit you with returns and exchanges of your chains and necklaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Care for and Maintain My Women's Silver Jewellery?

Always store your silver jewellery in a dry, cool place away from sunlight and moisture when you are not wearing your silver jewellery. These delicate pieces are prone to tarnish and scratches, so keep them in a separate box or cotton pouch. It is also essential to clean them occasionally. Make a paste of warm water and baking soda, then rub off the jewellery gently with a soft brush to clean the tarnish and other specks of dirt.

How Do I Choose a Women's Silver Chain for Gifting?

You can choose the perfect silver chain gift for your dear ones by deciding the occasion. For Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or a birthday, an elegant sun silver necklace design is the best to make them feel very special as they would cherish it forever. If it is a wedding or engagement of your lovely sister or friend, give them a name silver pendant by engraving their or partner’s name to turn the piece a memorable one, for they will never take that off.

What Length of Silver Chain is Right for Me?

The right length of your silver chains depends on personal style and preferences, but some commonly used chain lengths are — 16 inches for choker length, 18 inches is a standard length, and 20 inches great for extended looks. To know the correct length, consider your neck size. We recommend choosing silver chains with an inch or two more if you have a wide neck.

Can I Wear Silver Chains Every Day?

Yes, you can wear sterling silver chains daily because they are durable enough to combat water exposure and hardwearing.

What Styles of Women's Silver Chains Are Currently Trending?

Thick figaro chains are trending for music concerts and parties. Look festive-ready with trendiest chunky curb chains or thick box chains. Make minimalist fashion in the office with sleek snake chains of modern times.

Is 925 silver 100% silver?

No, 925 silver jewellery comprises 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy of copper or zinc, which gives strength to the jewellery; otherwise, with silver, it will turn soft that is easily break or bend.

Which chain suits me?

Similar to choosing clothes and other accessories, your face shape can decide which length of chain will suit you more than the rest. Chains with 20 to 24 inches are perfect to elongate your round or oval face shape. This helps to frame your face effortlessly in a v-neck outfit.

How do I choose a silver chain?

While choosing a silver chain, check for the length and width of the chain and the occasion for which you are going to wear it. Always choose chains with widths of 4 to 5 mm to style with pendants for suitable looks. With a length of 18-24 inches, a silver chain is perfect for occasions like festivals, casual days, offices, and parties.

Why wear silver instead of gold?

Silver is more durable, lighter, and affordable than gold. Also, silver is hypoallergenic as it has a good proportion of nickel, which makes it the best option for people who have sensitive skin. So you can find sterling silver jewellery here, which keeps you safe from skin allergies.

How do I know if my chain is real silver?

You can know if your silver chain is real silver by asking for an authentication BIS hallmark certificate for the chain. In Luxaore, our silver chains come with this certificate and are shown on the website as well for an informed purchase.