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Explore our stylish design gemstone ring for men. Choose from a variety of latest design astrology stone rings like coloured stone rings, unique rainbow stone rings or modern lightweight gemstone rings for males online at the best price. Each original gemstone ring piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite attractive men's gemstone rings delivered within 3-5 days.

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Unveiling the World of Gemstone Rings for Men's

Gemstone rings for men have taken a notable place in fashion and history. These colourful gemstones are no ordinary stones but are associated with the human body. Within their twist of colours and inclusions lies a hidden magic to balance the body chakras of men and transform their lives.

This is one of the reasons why men love wearing gemstone rings. However, there is more to it than why men love to stay upgraded in style with trendy designs of gemstone rings.

The fashion world's call makes men groove with different designs and colours of gemstone rings. There is something for every man. From classic to bold styles of rings, you will meet with all types of natural gemstone rings at Luxaore.

There are gemstone rings made of gold and silver that undeniably add some colour to looks and dresses. Men have justified their fashion through luxurious gemstones ranging from fiery red to serene blue and refreshing yellow to gorgeous purple.

Our green emerald ring is to spruce up anything you decide to wear. That's why gemstone rings are quite in trend for their innovative styles, extensive sizes, and affordability.

With their all-rounding benefits to men, their effort to complete a man's image to show his personality, style, and status has made their existence more worthwhile to men.

Types of Gemstone Rings for Men

It is time for you to add a colourful twist to your jewellery box with a few of our gemstone rings. We have the most pristine collection of gemstone ring designs waiting for men to stay updated gloriously. Let's get into some of our exquisite varieties of gemstone rings.

Classic Solitaire Gemstone Rings

This classic stone rings for men features a single gemstone on top of a plain band of gold, silver, or platinum. This allows the gemstone to take centre stage and be used for traditional wear.

It is the most common type of ring design with stone for male for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries. According to that, the shape of the gemstone can be cut into a cushion, heart, pear, oval, crown, or marqise to suit your preferred occasion.

There are many setting styles in a solitaire stone rings for men. To mention a few — prong, bezel, pave, halo, and three-stone settings make for the most romantic, compassionate, and royal looks.

Bold Statement Gemstone Rings

Such stone ring design for man are worn to make a statement for drawing attention. Statement gem stone ring design or cocktail stone ring design are the choice among popular personalities and other men to style them for parties or high society events.

The gemstone appears larger in the ring giving it a bold and impressive tempts. They are believed to carry a class within for men to glorify themselves with this ring. Further, this chunky piece is never going out of style for its large, noticeable, and elegant features.

Vintage-Inspired Gemstone Rings

Vintage stone ring design for man are unique for featuring decorative elements from bygone eras. A few highly appreciated styles of design for this stone ring design for man are Art Deco, Victorian, Georgian, Retro, and Modern Vintage.

Each style captures the magnificent art of those eras in a new form. They happen to be in use as a wedding, engagement, or anniversary stone ring designs for male for a long time now.

Modern and Minimalist Gemstone Bands

Gemstone bands are a unique alternative to traditional gemstone rings if you want to style minimally. They are made of more minor cuts of gemstones set in a continuous line setting without connecting each other.

These bands are used as wedding and engagement bands with various gemstones for their elegance. Decorate your finger with a layer of two to three thin gemstone bands and a long multi-gemstone necklace to be ready for a grand event.

Collection of Gemstone Rings

With over 200 gemstone rings, Luxaore’s collection has the best trendiest picks for you. These rings have always been men’s choice for classy jewellery. Our use of colourful stones on rings is versatile enough to carry them for various purposes like regular gemstone rings, wedding rings, cocktail statement rings, birthstone rings, etc.

While these shimmering stone rings are great as fashionable ornaments, they also hold a larger spectrum of astrological beliefs. Regardless of your targeted purpose for which you want to wear a gemstone ring, they promise to add some colours and beauty.

Whether you desire a gold or silver gemstone ring, we are pleased to offer you that. Our simple design of gemstone ring in gold is classic to fit your everyday look. Our specifically designed 22K gold gemstone rings are men’s popular choice for sensuous styling and striking benefits.

These beauties are everything you need to dress, from a black suit to a silk kurta. Our red garnet and rubies are deep in their hues and never fail to shine if you are in a different mood to style in passionate red.

There is no way to say no to pearls. The blossoming white colours of pearl rings are delicate in gorgeous contemporary patterns. Step into the world of signature styles with our blue topaz that preps you for gala functions and weekend pub parties. Explore our top-quality gemstone rings now to shop for epic pieces.

Benefits of Men’s Gemstone rings 

Gemstone rings for men are generally advised to be worn by astrologers to heal from negativity, diseases, and life difficulties. When worn based on your zodiac sign or horoscope, these gemstones can give the best benefits. However, it is best to use or buy one after aligning it with your birth chart, and you must get an astrologer's approval or guidance before owning a gemstone ring. Now let's talk about all the benefits they have in store for you.

Amethyst rings for healing properties

Our amethyst ring is powerful enough to transform negative energies into positive ones to balance your body. Their healing elements deeply heal men from within if they long suffer from emotional traumas and mental problems. Since amethyst is a therapeutic gemstone, it can return everything to normal.

Therapists suggest men include an amethyst ring in their lifestyle to detoxify their body and relieve their stress out of body and mind. It is a target ring to stop all sorts of addictive habits. They load your life with a peaceful mind, creativity, sobriety, courage, and strength. So start your journey with an amethyst ring to refresh your body with fresh feels.

Emerald ring for removing ill-effects of Mercury

An emerald ring is a savior to vanish the wicked visions of Budh completely. Budh is a terrific planet that brings unhappiness when they are poorly positioned in the horoscope. Putting on this ring will keep you safe from its harm. Further, it is to give you by attracting the wisdom and intelligence of Mercury.

It brings happiness, money, and fame to men born in May. If you are into business, finance, social media, and public organizations, you will achieve the welfare of an emerald ring. You will soon rise from low self-esteem, fright problems, overthinking, etc., to be confident and disciplined.

Ruby ring for improved marital relationships

A ruby ring is a possible solution for a disturbing or unhappy marriage. Ruby is a stone of the Sun that is full of energies, makes you behave respectably, and forms cordial relationships with partners, family, and friends. Wearing this ring can ignite the lost romance in your marital life.

Feel all the powers of the Sun through our ruby ring that provides similar qualities like confidence, leadership, and motivation to drive you to your next goal. If you are currently working in a government job or business field, you can be acknowledged highly by your seniors for your contribution to the growth of the workplace. You can likewise grow in fame and money with a ruby ring.

Other gemstone rings benefits

Luxaore’s list of gemstone rings is endless. Each gemstone is unique in its benefits. We are not stopping anywhere till you find your gemstone ring from us that matches your Rashi and birth chart. Some of our gemstone rings you can find here are blue sapphire rings for protection, citrine rings for mood lifting, cat’s eye rings for physical strength,  red coral rings for a happy marriage, black tourmaline rings for spiritualism, amber rings for better immune system, turquoise rings for stress reduction, tiger’s eye rings for focus.

Choosing the Perfect Gemstone:

Gemstone rings throw a tough competition to other types of rings. They are mesmerizing in colour. Most men are now referring to the clash of colours of gemstone rings to make a modern glamour.

These gemstone rings make every young soul do experimental fashion rather than traditional styling. Mixing warm and cool shades can give a befitting style statement in an informal setting.

Pair a ruby ring with a royal blue or purple satin dress shirt or a blue sapphire or emerald ring with a bright orange and yellow wear suit or jacket for royal galas. Always choose a bulky gemstone ring for the index finger for big, bold statements; otherwise, not.

To keep the style simple, grab our dainty rings with a single gemstone for casual wear. Here, you can show off a minimalistic birthstone ring in typical dressing. Picking the right gemstone ring is essential for the right place.

You can’t shine too much in the office but can do in other sites. Drop a subtle fashion with our white gold or silver gemstone rings with polished suits and shoes for admiration from everyone.

When you are out on a magical date, wear our starry topaz or amethyst ring to kindle the fire of romance at night. Therefore, gemstone rings are elegant accessories that elevate any style you want to create any day.

Where to Find the Best Men Gemstone Rings

Finding the best gemstone rings online is nothing short of a challenge. You can be sure neither about the authenticity of the gems nor the quality of the rings. Know how Luxaore prioritizes making your online experience better when you buy our gemstone rings.

Trusted Jewellery Retailers: Online-Store

Luxaore is a famous and trusted online retailer that has managed to provide over 100+ quality gemstone rings for men to find suitable ones. With this large variety on our website, these pieces are ideal for any occasion and dress.

Traditional navratna gemstone rings are in high demand on a gold band. Similarly, you can find contemporary modern gemstone ring designs from us at prices you haven’t thought of.

Yes, we have no hefty costs on any of our gemstone rings. We offer them at low prices. That doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality of our rings. We promise to give top-class natural gemstones on BIS-certified gold and silver bands of rings.

Our gemstones are procured from mines and have lab certificates attached to them at the time of purchase and in our online portal. Luxaore also offers payment options such as wallets, UPI, debit cards, credit cards, and net banking.

We have kept additional discounts, free shipping, Pay Later, and EMI advantages to make your chosen rings brought at home without being worried about payments. Why wait? Shop from us to know the Luxaore’s differences.

Customization and Personalization Options

Make a gemstone ring from your idea by choosing our customization option. We are allowing men and everyone to take the chance to create their very own pieces in their choice of budget.

You can select gemstones, designs, and engravings to create one. You must look at our custom jewellery page to fill in your contact details in the form. Now sit and relax.

Our jewellery consultant will connect with you via a call to understand your design and budget. Our sketch artist will ideally put your conceptual art in 3D on the ring until it meets your expectations.

You can plan to pamper yourself with a powerful gemstone ring through our simplified steps.

Why Choose?

Luxaore is an online place to shop for your fashion needs. Our curated designs of gemstone rings are what modern men love the most. Whether to style or cure health problems, our gemstone rings have unmatchable beauty and mystical properties to work in your favor. How could we stop here?

Our exciting collection of gemstone rings is more than simple rings; you will learn their outstanding benefits once you start wearing them. Get them at massive discounts and in EMI and Pay Later plans with 100% original certificates. Choose us to experience in a Luxaore style!

100% certified by government labs

Our gemstone rings are 100% original, as they are tested in India’s best government labs. Whichever gemstone ring you order from us, you will get a certificate for the gem and a BIS hallmark certificate for the gold or silver metal ring. Before shopping for them, you can check our website for each piece to view product and certificate details.


Luxaore’s gemstone rings are not too expensive as we rightly priced them low. Seek them now at prices which you have never imagined. Our prices will make you feel very low with the big discounts we put on all of them. Get more deals during checkout when you pay us with a credit card. Also, accepting our EMI and Pay Later options can make your shopping from Luxaore hassle-free.

Easy Return/Replacement Policy

Our 7-day return and exchange is an easy step. Return your gemstone ring for a 100% refund, or replace it with a new one. Check Luxaore’s page for return and exchange to review the processes before requesting it for a return or exchange. Our support team will look after all of this for a good experience after you buy from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right gemstone for Men's ring?

You can consider the right gemstone for a ring by asking your astrologer which gemstone would match your horoscope. For example, you can choose an amethyst ring for great casual and formal styles, along with benefits like calm mind and confidence, or a yellow sapphire ring for its bright colour and anger management benefit.

Are gemstone rings suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, it is suitable to wear every day. Many gemstones are quite durable and resilient to damage.

Can I customize a men's gemstone ring?

Yes, you can customise a men’s gemstone ring from Luxaore. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible after you put your details on our custom jewellery form. We will soon start our process of crafting the ring with your choice of gemstone and design by famous 3D renderings. You will receive your ring within three days after you feel satisfied seeing our work on the ring.

How do I care for my men's gemstone ring?

You care for your gemstone ring by cleaning it with a few drops of liquid soap and warm water. Soak the ring in the water and gently scrub that with a tiny brush to take off the oil and dust from its body. Clean that afterwards with a nice cloth to dry out the piece.

Does my gemstone ring hold powers?

Gemstone rings are believed to have some kinds of magical powers and energies in them. So some people believe them to particularly bring good luck, prosperity, and positivity. For instance, topaz is the most powerful gemstone besides, coral, ruby, and emerald stones to cleanse your energy thus, making you feel better. They can keep negative energies from harming you by bringing positive energies with a peaceful mind and love in life.

Is wearing a gemstone ring helpful?

Yes, a gemstone ring like a lapis lazuli ring or others initiates soothing energies in you by enhancing your focus and concentration. It acts as a cleaning agent to cleanse your aura by filling positivity and preventing misfortunes.

Which types of diamond rings are best for a proposal?

Diamond rings with pearl, marquise, and oval-shaped cuts are best for appearing on your partner’s finger longer, while a trillion-cut diamond ring sparkles a lot with diamonds in triangular cuts. For something lowkey, a baguette diamond band is also great for proposing your love with a center diamond stone.

Is it possible to improve my life if I wear a gem ring?

Yes, we have no doubt about it as you can clearly see improvements in your life once you wear a gem ring. If you wear the right gemstone in a ring after consulting your astrologer, the gemstone will definitely bring career gains, prosperity, luck, positivity, focus, and love to your life.

Is it good for a wedding ring to have a gemstone?

Yes, it is one of the good ideas to add a gemstone to a wedding ring for a special touch. As a gemstone like ruby holds meanings, putting it on your wedding ring can invite your partner to become attracted towards you which would make your relationship bloom strongly in love and loyalty.