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    You'll get an estimated value for your watch. If you're satisfied, choose either a convenient pickup or meet us for an in-person quality check.

  • Watch Inspection

    Our Luxaore watch experts will carefully inspect your watch to ensure its quality and authenticity.

  • Accept and Get Paid

    We'll present you with a final offer. If you're pleased with it, we're ready to complete the deal and make on spot payment.

Whatsapp The Following Details

  • Clear Photos Of Your Watch From Different Angles

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  • Purchase Price (if you know)

  • Tell Us Your Expected Price

  • Additional Information like original warranty/box/papers/dustbag etc

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Sell Your Luxury Watches in India with Luxaore

Luxaore, India’s topmost high-end watch buyer is offering a smooth watch-selling experience to you. As a premium buyer of luxury watches, we are here to obtain your trust in giving the best price quote for your watches. Over the past five years, there has been a drastic change in the luxury watch industry. There is a whole new mind of people who want to explore as many as luxury timepieces they can. But for the older watches, they are not ready to dispose of them for lesser prices. We understand the value and even the splendour of your luxury watch. In fact for the love of your valuable timepieces, we will be more than happy to offer you a great deal. From the comfort of your house, you can bag the highest price. Also, utmost attention is given to each timepiece that is accepted by us for reselling. Only after you feel satisfied with our quote, we pick up the watch from your house at a convenient time or you may come to meet us in person for a thorough watch quality inspection. Therefore, Luxaore is constantly striving hard to make your watch-selling experience as smooth as possible.

Why Choose Luxaore to Sell Your Luxury Watches?

By associating with Luxaore to sell watch, you go through a good experience with us. The main three reasons to choose us are.

  1. No bargaining: Luxaore is a reliable and reputed watch buyers near me that strictly follows international standards of buying and selling watches. We follow certain guidelines which include non-negotiating over prices which works well for both of us, as a luxury watch buyer and seller.
  2. Receive the best price: Once you decide to sell rolex watch to Luxaore, our team offers you the initial price only after inspecting all the prerequisites like the watch, box, warranty cards, purchase year, and price. The best part is that you don’t even have to visit us to get your watch checked. You can easily send authentic photos of your watch on whatsapp.
  3. Our responsibility: Post picking up the watch from you, it is on us to bring the watch in perfect condition. Then our team of quality checkers scans the watch and its components thoroughly to provide you the final watch price. Finally, we use our funds to bring the watch in perfect sellable condition.

Benefits of Selling Your Luxury Watches with Luxaore 

Thinking about selling your luxury watch with Luxaore can give you several benefits. We as an ideal buyer of luxury watches, have an increasing popularity in the sell second hand watch market. Hence, we are providing these below benefits to the seller to sell used watch.

  1. Convenient way: It is certainly very tough for the seller to meet pre-owned watch enthusiasts regularly to sell them their watches. Moreover, nobody has that much time to search for them online. So to do away with these troubles, Luxaore has made it convenient for the seller to connect with us to sell luxury watch. We create a hassle-free selling experience for you.
  2. Competitive price: We provide a fair price for luxury watches. Our offer of competitive prices matches the current market value of the watch so it means that you will receive the best high price for your timeless timepiece.
  3. Immediate payment: Another great benefit of selling your watch to us is to get an immediate payment. After checking the watch we will offer you a final price. If you feel satisfied with that, we will be more than pleased to make an immediate payment.

How to Sell Your Luxury Used Watch?

There are 4 easy steps to sell your luxury watch with Luxaore and they are.

  1. Send original photos and information about the watch, box, warranty card, purchase year, and price on whatsapp.
  2. Receive a quick offer price for the watch. If you feel satisfied, choose a convenient pickup or meet-in-person option for a quality check.
  3. Our team of experts will inspect your watch thoroughly to ensure its authenticity and quality.
  4. We will present you with our final offer. If you like it, we will make an immediate payment for the watch on your desired payment method.

Determining the Value of Your Luxury Watch

Luxury watches carry values depending on the supply and demand of each of their models. As for watches, the value is more attached to the desirability of brands and their limited model series. Some watches are worth more than lakhs of rupees, so it is good to know the value of your watches before you decide to sell watch online is the best place to sell rolex. So always decide the value of a watch to sell michael kors watch by looking at its age, brand, and model. Further, it is very important to check for its production date by contacting the watch’s manufacturer, which is especially helpful to sell my omega watch and vintage watches. However, servicing a watch occasionally by professionals can keep the value high if not then can eventually decrease. Certain luxury brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Omega, and Patek Philippe have sequential serial numbers on their luxury watches that date back to their origin, production, and history. The dating keys for these brands are available online for anyone to check before selling or buying them to antique watch buyers near me as i want to sell my watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sell my watch for cash near me?

You can locally sell watches for cash by visiting a pawn shop or jewellery store for old watch buyers near me.

How can I sell my watch in India?

You can sell watches in India both offline and online. An online store like Luxaore is the best place to sell watches, make it easy just by sending watch pictures thereby getting a fair quote for the watch.

What is the process of selling a luxury used watch?

The process of selling a luxury watch is simple with Luxaore as it includes sending original images of the watch, getting an estimated value from us, watch pickup and its analysis, and lastly giving a final price, on agree we provide on-spot payment.

How much can I expect for my luxury watch?

You can expect a price for your luxury watch based on its brand, model, rarity, and condition.

Which watch brands hold their pre-owned value?

Luxury watch brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and Audemars Piguet hold their pre-owned value with their exceptional quality and premium materials.

Where can I securely sell my luxury watch online?

You can securely sell your watch online with Luxaore. We keep the selling process seamless as we keep your watch’s information safe and secure with us.