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Explore our stylish and trending design of pure silver bracelets for men. Choose from a variety of pure 925 silver hand bracelets for men like silver name bracelets, beads silver bracelets, engraved silver bracelets or cool custom bracelets for gents online at the best price. Each silver bracelet piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite silver bracelet for men delivered within 3-5 days.

Men's Silver Bracelet

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Silver Bracelets for Men to Enhance Style

For all the past centuries, men have been sticking to traditional norms of wearing attire and not any accessories along it. Indians believed the silver bangle for men or kada originated from Punjab through Sikhs. They wore them to depict their religious faith.

Back then, kada was made of iron. Modern men are thinking about their accessory choices, especially silver bracelets, to match their diverse fashion tastes and modern masculinity. This evolutionary change has manifested men to express themselves more broadly in the form of their styles and personal silver hand bracelets for men.

Men are now drawn much towards silver bracelets. Pure silver kada for men ascribe their inner qualities, strength, wisdom, practicality, and toughness. They give them the power for self-presentation to the world.

Silver is a neutral metal that looks minimalistic yet sophisticated. The versatility of original silver bracelet designs for males is huge to create a casual, formal, or bold, elegant look.

Just in chandi bracelets for men, many independent designers craft the latest pieces in creative and innovative designs, making them loved by men. These latest pieces are proudly worn and showcased by male celebrities and influencers on public platforms, inspiring the general male population across the globe.

Types of Men's Silver Bracelets:

Pure 925 silver bracelet designs for men have brought a change in what and how men love to style their fashion accessories. Men love to go for silver hand bracelets any day to create a style of their own to stand out from the crowd. Here, we have some of the exclusive designs of hand bracelets for boys in silver for you.

Classic Silver Chain Bracelets

Classic silver chain bracelets for men are must-haves for any man as they are suitable for any occasion with different types of clothes. They feature small interconnecting silver links that are strong and resilient.

Since they are classic pieces, they go well with traditional attires like a dhoti kurta, sherwanis, or Nehru jackets to style quintessential for Indian rituals, festivals, and weddings.

Sleek and Modern Silver Cuff Bracelets

If there is one thing which truly has a trendy vibe, it is a cuff bracelet model for gents. It has various names, such as open bracelets, bangle cuffs, wrist cuffs, and just cuffs. Their easiest open-cut design looks enthralling on a man’s wrist.

Style a solid silver cuff bracelet in a slim, understated design with a classy watch on the opposite hand to slay in a smart casual polo tee and denim jeans.

Bold and Statement Silver Link Bracelets

Link bracelets have been enjoying popularity for many centuries. It is a band made by connecting several links. This chandi bracelet design for men is strikingly bold and great for making fashion signature statements.

They are thoughtfully crafted for men to show off their physical strength and confidence through the thick, tough links. Make a rich statement with link bracelets by pairing them with a new suit and oxford shoes.

Elegant Silver ID Bracelets

Silver ID bracelets differ a bit from other bracelets. They carry a custom bar plate to engrave a name, message, or date for enjoying a very personal piece. These are also known as medical bracelets for defining any health problem.

Men appreciate their simple, classic design in sterling silver to look the best. There is no particular outfit to rock a silver ID bracelet, as it perfectly fits anything and everything.

Leather Silver Bracelets

The combination of leather wrapped around silver is attractive because it gives flexible styling to men. Men who love leather must bring a twist to their daily leather bracelets. Leather blends easily with silver, giving men the most unique style.

These bracelets work for all occasions. A silver leather bracelet fits all clothes, from a regular shirt to your wedding outfit.

Minimalist Silver Bar Bracelets

Want to style minimal? Then, choose a silver bar bracelet.

It is an ideal bar bracelet to hang around your wrist regularly. Normally, nobody wants to style heavy bracelets for every day. So bring fun to your look with a sleek bar bracelet.

The slender bar on the middle of the bracelet adds glamour, offering elegance to men’s casual to bold outfits. Style a silver bar bracelet with sneakers and a full-sleeved t-shirt.

Bohemian Silver Beaded Bracelets

Boho or bohemian silver bracelets depict men’s true spirits. These bracelets are great for freestyling that matches a carefree mood and boundless confidence in men. With tiny silver beads or stones, they make an easy-to-pair match with boho dresses in vibrant tribal motifs, paisley, floral, or geometric designs.

If you don’t have any boho apparel in your wardrobe, style this bracelet with anything of your choice to stand out from the rest.

Choosing the Perfect Men's Silver Bracelet:

Choosing the right men’s silver bracelet requires no brainstorming; you just need to go by your style, accurate wrist size, and knowing the occasion. Here’s a brief guidance on how to go with the selection.

Matching with Outfits: From Casual to Formal

When matching and mixing silver bracelets with other accessories, you must remember to style with some. Layering is enjoyable but can be a disaster if you do not do it carefully. Stack a few plain chains and link bracelets with a silver bracelet for a statement party look.

If you plan to wear a black shirt and leather shoes together, leather silver bracelets can spell the magic here. Silver bracelets have one colour, so they rightly ensemble all outfits. Always choose the right silver bracelet to match your garments. Cuff bracelets are great as formal accessories, whereas link bracelets are awesome for casual jeans and t-shirts.

You can likewise pair silver bracelets with either rings made of gold or gemstone rings for a collective look. By styling this way, you can look more fashionable for events which demand fun with dress-ups.

Sizing and Fit: Ensuring Comfort and Style

Nowadays, there are adjustable and custom gents silver bracelet designs available for perfect fitting. But it is also important to measure your wrist accurately to skip circumstances such as — loose or tight fit. Along with this, consider the thickness and width of the bracelet concerning your wrist size.

Personalization Options: Engravings and Custom Designs

Customized silver bracelets are great for gifting yourself and your loved ones. They are fashion souvenirs to relish sweet memories and glories of life. It is time to feel proud of your small to significant achievements through customizing a silver bracelet in Luxaore.

We are happy to offer our customization service to everyone to make their customized silver bracelets. Contact us by filling in your details in the custom jewellery form. Our jewellery consultants are there to care for everything while discussing your design idea, budget, and special inscription. Get your manly silver bracelet from us quickly.

Caring for Your Investment: Maintenance and Cleaning Tips:

We understand that your silver bracelet is close to your heart, so properly maintaining and caring for it is of utmost importance. We bring you the proper guidance on how to do it.

Regular Cleaning and Polishing :

Clean the silver bracelet with a soft, lint-free cloth or brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush for a gentle polish. Or else, wash it with either a mild, soapy solution or lukewarm water. Do not submerge it in hot or cold water.

Storing and Protecting Your Silver Bracelet :

Store your valuable silver bracelet in a separate box, away from your other jewellery, to prevent scratching and tangling. Further, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight to not fade the natural shine of silver.

Where to Find the Best Men's Silver Bracelets

There are a lot of options to buy a silver bracelet from. We suggest you go to the right place to ensure authenticity, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. 

Trusted Jewellery Retailers: Online and In-Store :

Luxaore is a top, trusted online retailer that delivers quality sterling silver bracelets. Our silver bracelets are filled with the latest fresh designs and patterns. Wearing them will make any man feel powerful and courageous about himself.

Most men will resonate with our regular kada to leather silver bracelets for carrying them with different outfits. We guarantee the quality of our silver bracelets with BIS hallmark and authenticity certificates. Enjoy your shopping at Luxaore by utilizing big deals and discounts.

Our EMI and Pay Later offers make it less stressful for you, as you can pay at your own pace. We even initiate a full refund or replace your unsatisfied items within 7 days. To know more, look at our return and exchange policy page.

Customization and Personalization Options :

Get customized silver bracelets from Luxaore with ease. We transform your visionary design into reality with our great, skilled designers to achieve the desired results. Our customization process is a simple one.

You must fill out a contact form on our custom jewellery page; the rest is on us. Discuss everything, from design to budget, with our jewellery consultant over a one-to-one call.

Our sketch artist will make the design, and on the confirmation, we will render that as a 3D art form on your silver bracelet. Contact us now to get your hands on your dreamy silver bracelet.

Why Choose?

Luxaore is a brand that truly stands for quality and customer satisfaction. Our entire range of original silver bracelets is a happy place for our customers who love eccentric designs of bracelets at reasonable rates.

Ordering real silver bracelets for men online from us is a great experience as we have a 7-day return/replacement policy, EMI and Pay Later options. By choosing us, you can be assured of receiving amazing discounts and extra discounts in many ways. So stop thinking and order now.


Luxaore is a store to aid you with hundreds of pure silver bracelets for men. All kinds of designs are available in 925 silver bracelets for men that you have never explored or expected before. You get to find it in one place and nowhere else.

Some of the trendy designs of men's sterling silver bracelets we have are cuff, link, chain, beaded, bar, and leather silver bracelets. There is something for every man. So choose that which perfectly interests you.


Our original silver bracelets for men are the best in design and price. We have made them available at low prices for everyone to afford them equally. We have silver bracelets in different budgets, from expensive to inexpensive.

All of them further come with additional discounts. Our great EMI and Pay Later solutions made the payment process easier. Save more by shopping from Luxaore today.

Easy Return/Replacement Policy

We have a 7-day return and exchange policy for you to exchange or return the silver bracelet. Ask for a 100% refund if you do not feel satisfied with it. Meanwhile, check our return/replacement policy page for the procedure. Our customer care support will contact you once you decide to do a return or a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a men's silver bracelet cost?

Silver bracelets start from Rs 1,000 and can go over 50,000 depending on the design and other features. Luxaore has silver bracelets for all kinds of price ranges so that anybody can afford them.

Can men wear silver bracelets?

Yes, men should wear silver bracelets because they offer versatility and good styles to men. Moreover, silver link bracelets are good to wear on formal occasions and with formal suits to look the best and leather silver bracelets for a whole masculine look for day outs.

How to polish a silver bracelet at home?

A silver bracelet should be polished once in two weeks to clean the build-up of oil and grime on its surface. Hence, first mix half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl of warm water. Keep the silver bracelet soaked in the bowl for 10-12 minutes. Polish the bracelet after taking it out with a soft cloth or brush to remove the tarnish. Rub and rinse it in warm water and dry it with a cotton cloth.

How much is a gram silver bracelet for men?

To make a small silver bracelet, 15 to 30 grams of sterling silver is required, around 35 to 50 grams of silver for an average-size bracelet, and silver of 50 to 100 grams is necessary for a solid silver bracelet.

Which hand to wear the silver bracelet for men?

According to Vedic astrology, wearing silver bracelets on the left hand is advised because the right is considered as a giving hand and the left as receiving. You can easily attract wealth and positive energies into your life by wearing left.

How many bracelets should men wear?

Men can stack up to three silver bracelets on one wrist and not more than that. It should cover only ⅓ of your forearm. Further, try to stack link bracelets with leather silver bracelets to suit any styling purpose, such as casual shirts and trousers or a bold black suit for the office.

What is the best silver bracelet for men right now?

The silver cuff bracelet is the one for men right now. This bracelet is great for daily and frequent wear as it always gives flashes of styles of men with its modern open-cut flattering design. It offers flexible fashion that makes it easy to wear with casual shirts and bold colours of suit pieces.