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Explore our stylish and beautiful collection of pure 925 silver anklets for ladies. Choose from a variety of original silver anklets online for ladies like Fancy anklets, trendy modern design anklets, thin simple lightweight 925 silver anklets for women online at the best price. Each silver anklet piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite silver anklet delivered within 3-5 days.

Women's Silver Anklet

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Silver Anklets For Women To Elevate Your Style

Silver anklets have taken the spotlight in women’s fashion. They can be styled in a number of ways and with different outfits. They have taken the fashion world by storm with abundant traditional to modern designs.

Silver anklet designs have a long way to go from styling simple to bold. They are simply the best and most elegant in the vastness of female accessories. Grab our dainty charm silver anklets with high heels and jumpsuits for a minimalistic look.

Silver payal for women is not restricted to traditional fashion. You can look breathtaking with our bold beaded silver anklets, jeans, white shirt, and sneakers.

Would you like to stack chandi anklets? Double up your fashion game by wearing two of our fancy silver anklets around one ankle. You can also think of wearing a silver anklet on one ankle and leaving the other bare for beachy vibes. Real silver anklets are the perfect partner for palazzo pants, midi dresses, and denim shorts.

Silver Anklets for Girls: Types and Designs

Fancy silver anklet designs for girls don’t fail to impress women with different designs that look appropriate for this current era. A trendy silver anklet or payal is available in too many flattering designs, and here is a quick roundup of those designs.

  1. Classic silver anklet: This sterling pure silver anklet for ladies is perfect in a sophisticated setting of different artworks like polki or meenakari to give it a touch of classic and simplicity. This simple silver anklet design is fit for any attire, although it complements a summer dress with a flat or heeled sandal.
  2. Charm silver anklet: Charm anklets with tiny pendants, small feathers, and other kinds of charms make them exquisite pieces for women to flaunt their unique style. They can grace any outfit and shoes.
  3. Double silver anklet: This features the doubling of a thin anklet with one or more thin payal showing your cute personality. Even overlapping different anklets with a double anklet look thicker and more stylish.
  4. Beaded silver anklet: Large chunky beads or small dainty beads make this anklet a hit. For a boho look, this anklet can add an abundance of free spirits to the whole look.
  5. Gemstone silver anklet: Opal, turquoise, garnet and several other gemstones are popularly used in these fancy modern silver anklets to make them classy with benefits. Have a joyous dance with the colourful, fancy, modern silver anklet with stone that adds glam to your ankle.

Silver Anklets Styling Tips

A pure silver anklet draws attention towards your feet, so you need to put a perfect silver anklet. Decide the latest anklet design in silver according to the outfit and shoe you are thinking of wearing. If you plan to go for a cocktail party, pair a classic or double 925 silver anklet for women with a lacquered stiletto and a black dress for a dreamy look.

Make a sporty and cool look with a braided or beaded silver anklet, along with sneakers, jeans, and tank tops or v-neck shirts. Lit up your festivals with an exclusive toe-ring or charm silver anklet for giving an artistic touch to the ankle.

Charms like leaves, shells, and florals personify the beauty of your ankle through their tinkling sounds. Charm anklets look pretty with floral maxi dresses and wedge sandals. Styling silver anklets for ladies can become more fun when you choose to wear multiple anklets around the ankle for a chic statement look.

Where to Find the Best Silver Anklets

Luxaore is your destination to shop for original silver anklets online. We have impressive designs of silver anklets for women to style on various occasions. Our silver anklets are made with sterling silver and crafted in striking designs by our skilled craftsmen. Every piece of silver anklet is mesmerizing for a woman’s soul who would vaunt it on different vital occasions of her life.

Buying pure silver anklets online from Luxaore will keep you assured of quality and originality. Our silver anklets have a BIS Hallmark and are sold by showing authenticity certificates in our portal. Prices on our silver anklets are affordable for customers who love coming back to us to shop for their favourite anklets. Shop from Luxaore to buy silver anklet with 0% interest EMI or Buy Now Pay Later options, other than buying it at wonderful discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do silver anklets signify?

Silver holds a feminine energy and in Indian culture wearing a silver anklet gives good fortune and prevents harmful energies from entering your body. It also signs love and passion.

How to clean a silver anklet?

Rub gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush along with some baking soda for a clean and shiny silver anklet. Do this occasionally and avoid cleaning it with any harsh chemicals.

Can I wear a silver anklet on one leg?

It is up to you on which ankle you want to wear your silver anklet. There is no strict rule if it is not allowed for one leg or both legs. Do what makes you feel comfortable and stylish.

Why should women wear silver anklets?

When a woman wears a silver anklet, it enhances the energy flow of her body by maintaining a positive charge in the body because the surface of silver emits positive ions. This helps to recharge any energy deficiency in her body. So a woman who is barefoot is always advised to wear silver anklets at home.

Which foot should I wear a silver anklet?

According to the culture of India, women wearing silver anklets on the left foot are thought to stimulate femininity. This is an ancient belief that wearing on the left foot would provide protection against harmful energies or illness. However, today there is no particular significance behind wearing a silver anklet so you can easily wear it on any or both feet.

What type of anklet is best?

String silver anklets look best if always have casual styles and are great for everyday looks in tops, kurta, and jeans. Beaded, braided, and shell silver anklets are also popular for casual dressing, beach vacations, or formal settings like office meetings and dinner parties in different sarees, gowns, and short ethnic dresses.

What are the benefits of wearing silver anklets in astrology?

As astrologers say wearing silver anklets can offer many benefits like relief from swollen leg and foot pain, great mental clarity, higher intuition, protection against negative energies, and better communication skills. Since silver is associated with the Moon, a silver anklet can also give enough prosperity in a woman’s life.