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Exclusive Collection Jewellery For Men

Today, jewellery completes a man’s style. He feels incomplete if he just sticks to clothing, without any jewellery. There has been a significant rise in the demand for men’s jewellery in the fashion industry over the centuries. Men have started to become more experimental with jewellery, as they are interested in making the best style quotient, alongside women. So today, jewellery is not restricted to women but has spread its wings across all men. Not only do men feel a sudden boost of confidence with jewellery, but also appear charming and modish. Furthermore, with the right kind of jewellery, a man feels powerful in their style and in their way of life.

Adding to the men’s world of jewellery, Luxaore covers many styles of jewellery for men to create all the latest fashion trending styles and unique signature looks. From solitaire rings to dog tag pendants, we have a long list of jewellery to capture your heart. So, no matter which style you hold, you can easily find a piece of matching jewellery from us. Our categories for men's jewellery include chains, bracelets, rings, and pendants. Whether you want to style an iconic rope chain for hip-hop feats or a supercool leather cuff bracelet or for stylish comfort, Luxaore simply satisfies you with what you ask for.

Why Choose Men's Jewellery From Luxaore

Luxaore jewellery galore for men is our attempt to bring you close to several designs of bracelets, rings, pendants, chains, and necklaces. Behold yourself by selecting from a wide array of jewellery items that are high in quality and art.

There are almost thousands of jewellery pieces to style for your next fashion or festive event. No matter how you wish to style them, we have the perfect ones for aligning you with them.

Everything we offer in our store is either made of gold or silver that is certified with the BIS hallmark. Further, our jewellery incorporates authentic gemstones to turn them into miraculous accessories.

Wear these alluring pieces with any outfit to prevail in your style for people to acknowledge it. Shop from our store for the best deals and free shipping across India.

We deliver your order in 3 to 5 days with a promise of an easy return and exchange policy. Additionally, we know how to make our customers happy with EMI and Pay Later options so you can pay when it becomes easy. Discover your stylish men’s jewellery to shop now.

The Latest Trends in Men's Jewellery

Many trends in men’s jewellery come and go but only a few of them stay as it is to make an impression for a long. The jewellery market of India has witnessed many of those trends that still make a mark in fashion among men. Some of the most popular trends in men’s jewellery are.

1 Men’s Platinum Jewellery

Men are proactive in styling platinum jewellery. It appeals to them a lot; that’s why you should not hesitate to wear a gorgeous platinum bracelet, a necklace, and a statement ring to throw some fashion tantrums.

Men in modern times need exclusive platinum pieces to stand expressive from board meetings to red carpets. As a result, a black tie and any platinum jewellery design become a grooming staple for men to attain success.

A dual-tone platinum bracelet is perfect for a sophisticated office look, while a diamond platinum ring and bracelet are for an evening soiree.

2 Men’s Cremation Jewellery

It might be a new experience for you to wear a cremation jewellery. But it is a normal piece like any other jewellery, so wear it comfortably. Wear a cremation necklace, pendant, ring, or bracelet in the most subtle colour and design.

Appropriately, pearls and small silver or gold jewellery with cremation ashes are good options with a black or white dress. Even religious jewellery like a cross or other symbols can hold the ashes that look best in every clothes and occasion.

3 Men’s Leather Jewellery

Brown leather bracelets are for cool dudes who look for a more masculine, rugged style. Stack three to four leather bracelets for sharing a common theme between them and two beaded bracelets with a natural leather bracelet for a different look.

Parade such looks with navy blue jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and leather boots to feel concert-ready. Leather bracelets in black with a gold clasp add a touch of sophistication for exhibiting traditional style.

4 Men’s Gold Jewellery

Focussing on one or two statement gold pieces is what you should follow to keep a balanced look. You can pair a simple gold ring with a chunky chain and an understated watch in a sharp suit to preach your swag.

Gold looks good with silver, so you may think of matching two gold and silver long chains with pendants in a white t-shirt or turtleneck to settle as a fashion icon.

5 Men’s silver jewellery

Do you have a casual appearance? If you do, you have to make no effort to look great, as a silver chain over your shirt is enough to show off a great style. Keep a few buttons open on your shirt to show the chain more prominently.

Put the necklace under the shirt collar to look modest in a full-sleeved shirt for business meetings and official places. It will create an aesthetic look.

How to Style Men's Jewellery

There is power in jewellery as they show who you are. So, balancing every jewellery is important to communicate your style and character meaningfully. The first thing foremost is to keep the look simple when you are in doubt.

Start simply by wearing a wristwatch on one hand and a leather silver or gold bracelet on the other. If you are facing budget constraints, consider a sportive stainless steel bracelet. Once comfortable putting on these acceptable pieces, grab cufflinks and a necklace for visual perfection.

Most men nowadays are fans of matching metals. And, of course, why not, when gold and silver are a match made in heaven? But when mixing their jewellery, you have to be careful.

The warm tone of gold and cool tone of silver looks good together, but their difference can go to extreme if you locate them wrongly. Always make a symmetrical look with two silver rings on one hand and one gold ring and bracelet on the other. You can add a delicate necklace for a power style.

If you love pendants, who is stopping you from wearing them? One pendant at a time is the rule to not get in the way of your style. More than one pendant looks very tacky, so wear a long chain with a pendant with an extra short chain for a flair look. Your look will stand out when you plan it out well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which jewellery suits men?

Anything made of gold and silver suits men like silver chains, silver necklaces, gold rings, gold pendants, and silver bracelets.

What is popular in men's jewellery?

Leather jewellery, gold jewellery, chain jewellery, beaded jewellery, and black jewellery are popular in men’s jewellery.

Should guys wear gold or silver?

Men look good in both gold and silver. But suggestions say, men with darker complexions look stupendous in gold whereas silver is for lighter complexions.

Which site should I buy jewellery online?

You can buy jewellery from Luxaore. Our site has great designs of the latest styles of jewellery that are of the highest quality.