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Women's Silver Pendants

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The Significance of Silver Pendant For Women

Silver pendants for women play an important part in Indian culture that spread globally. Apart from men, ancient women sparked their beauty with silver pendants to show the wealth and status of their families. Moreover, the metallic shine and neutral tone of silver pendants for girls gained popularity during the Mughal period. Mughal women were known for their love for silver pendant designs.

Also, craftsmen from the Mughal Empire introduced silver locket designs with Turkish and Persian arts. This further inspired artists of modern times to experiment and bring traditional, contemporary, and fusion art into the silver lockets. These pendant designs give women the chance to to style them accordingly. Whether you want a simple look or an elaborate one, there is a silver locket design for every woman to enhance their dress up and personality.

Styles and Designs of Silver Lockets for Women:

Styles and designs are abundant in silver pendants. From classic to fun and quirky designed pendants, there is something for every woman. Let’s discover a few of those magical silver locket design for girl that can grab anyone’s attention.

  1. Heart-shaped silver pendant: The most popular small pendant design for girls for decades now. It is a symbol of love and affection. Feel eternal love with this pendant set design as you gift it to yourself or someone special. This cute pendant design is delicate, and minimalist, and intricate detailing makes it a timeless piece.
  2. Themed silver pendant: These are fun and friendly locket for girls to add a personal touch to them. For a silver locket for a girl, you can opt for one from multiple designs like animal, nature, festive themes, or hobbies. They are great for expressing your unique personality and having fun trying on different outfits.
  3. Infinity silver pendant: Similar to heart pendants, infinity pendants are designed for couples. Celebrate love and romance with an infinity pendant on your wedding, engagement, or anniversary.
  4. Cross/religious silver pendant: Locket designs with religious symbols are simple yet majestic pieces. These simple pendant designs for females are a nice way to show faith and loyalty towards the divine being.

Styling Tips for Women's Silver Pendant

When thinking of styling a silver pendant design, consider a few important points to look perfectionist and pristine in your form. Before selecting a silver locket design for women, make sure that you know what occasion it is for the pendant to suit. Making a wrong choice can become a disaster.

For which, a big silver neck pendant or one with many studded stones is good for festivals and weddings.

While preparing to look sophisticated in a business meeting, wear a smaller classic silver pendant. Again, with the right colours of outfits turn heads around with silver pendants.

Silver looks amazing with black, pink, and blue. The depths and darkness of black enhance the appearance of a silver pendant. It makes a royal blue outfit look enthralling. But a silver pendant washes out colours like white, grey, and brown because of its neutral tone.

Lastly, know how to balance your look. Too much is always more. So stop doing unnecessary layering of pendants. Balance your look with one or at most two pendants to maintain the visibility of your pendants and the general sense of style. 

Find the Latest Trends in Silver Locket Design:

Trends are everywhere and so in silver lockets. The ongoing trend in styling silver pendant designs is to wear geometric pendants for everyday wear. Other than this, women prefer personalized silver pendants for meaningful wear. One who is in love with nature’s wonders is drawn towards nature-inspired silver locket designs with floral, leaves, bird etc. motifs.

Even boho and tribal styles are in trend for presenting their free-spirited vibes through silver pendants for girls. Statements and Retro-styled pendants are appealing to women who want a bolder look and feel nostalgia due to the latter.

Last but not least, gemstone accents on silver lockets are pieces of opulence for looking elegant. Many women are seeking sustainable and ethical silver pendants, or to say more appropriately eco-friendly pendants. Since they are handcrafted with recycled silver, they touch the soul and make a better environment.

Where to Find the Perfect Silver Pendant for Women:

Luxaore is where you can find perfectly looking latest silver pendants for girls in highly qualified designs. Our wide range of new pendant designs keeps you in total awe of their timeless beauty and intricate features.

We make our customers happy by giving great discounts and offers on all the silver pendants that rightly fit your budget. Discover different styles of silver pendant Designs from our exclusive collection of the latest pendant designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize a Silver Pendant Design?

Yes, get your customized silver pendant in your design by contacting our team of consultants through the custom jewellery page. Just fill out the form there, tell the design to our team, and get it done on the pendant quickly to deliver it to your home in three days.

Are Women's Silver Pendant Ideal Gifts for Special Occasions?

Silver pendants are ideal gifts to all the women in your life for all special occasions like festivals, wedding anniversaries, marriage ceremonies, and birthdays. Make your sister feel loved by gifting her a bird or floral pendant on her birthday and gift your colleague a sterling silver moon pendant on her engagement.

What Purity of Silver is Commonly Used for Women's Pendant?

925 silver is commonly used silver for women’s pendants. It has 92.5% pure silver, and the rest is alloys of copper or nickel. All of these make high-quality and durable pendants that are great for everyday use.

How do I care for my women's silver pendant?

You can care for your special woman’s silver pendant with a few easy steps. Clean your pendant with baking soda paste to scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean with regular tap water. Use a cotton cloth in the last to remove any soap residues and to keep it dry.

Where can I buy a 925 silver pendant online?

You can buy a 925 silver pendant from Luxaore’s online website. Here, you can find the best designs of pendants at meager prices. Moreover, our silver pendants are BIS hallmark-approved, and we provide the hallmark certificate in our product description and with your purchase.