Women's Fashionable Pendants

Explore our stylish and trending collection of women's fashionable pendant designs. Choose from a variety of Girl's locket designs like chain lockets, simple name lockets or unique hearts and simple cute name necklaces only at Luxaore. Each Lockets piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite attractive womens pendants delivered within 3-5 days.

Women's Fashionable Pendants

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Significance of Women's Artificial Locket:

Once reserved for royals, pendants are evoking a new fashion movement with their different styles. Pendants that rose during the late 19th and early 20th centuries are still in use as symbols and charming pieces. During this period, pendants with lockets holding a lock of hair and floral engravings with gemstones were some of the very popular designs of Victorian and Georgian eras.

From that to the modern-day trend, pendants have come a long way by styling women uniquely. Modern women seek beautiful and sleek pendants to channel their inner strength, beauty, and individuality. They want pendants to lighten up their outfits in a much easier way. Till today, women trust pendants to accentuate their good fashion sense. 

Explore Diverse Styles of Imitation Pendants For Women:

A pendant set takes up space in every woman’s wardrobe. This is essential for women to look stylish effortlessly. No matter what your personality is, you cannot stop putting a chain with a pendant for a graceful look.

Undoubtedly, they make a great fashion accessory for women. Stop worrying because there are different artificial pendant designs for every occasion. Here, we have some of the bestselling and popular designs of pendants.

  1. Casual pendants: Casual pendants are simple, classic, and fashionable. They add bling to everyday looks and on special occasions. They are comfortable to wear and enhance the wearer’s personality. This pendant for women is made of metals or crystals carved out in simple designs like florals, bows, hearts and motifs.
  2. Gemstone pendants: If you want to look glamorous, go for a gemstone pendant. The vivid and vibrant brilliance of coveted gemstones makes this unique pendant design a go-to accessory for women. They easily blend with any casual to special outfits. Adds shine and radiance to the overall appearance. Also, each gemstone holds its epic benefits. For example, Ruby shows love and passion, while Sapphire holds loyalty.
  3. Pearl pendants: Pearl is true to sophistication and luxury. It is one of a kind that lasts for years without fading its beauty. A pearl pendant set stands for its versatility to match both casual and formal wear. The irresistible charm of pearls makes women wear them often.
  4. Heart pendants: A heart shaped pendant design is a personal and sentimental choice for women who want to wear it to dedicate to their partner. These simple imitation pendant set come in a variety of colours, materials, and designs. They are good for making a fashion statement that goes with any clothes. 

Making a Statement with Personalized Pendants for Girls:

Personalizing a pendant is fascinating as this will keep several memories alive and would help to slay in style. It is now easy to personalize your pendant with your choice of metal, designs, and decorative elements. With that, you can think of doing some engravings on the pendant, like putting a name, date, symbol, quote, etc., to enhance its features. Moreover, styling a personalized, unique pendant design can give you recognition as you stand out from others.

Styling Tips for Women's Pendants:

Pendants for Different Occasions:

Considering occasions are important when you think of wearing a particular pendant. Pendants or lockets for women come in minimal, classic, and contemporary styles that do magic when you choose any outfit.

For an Indian wedding look, go for a heavily studded or embellished pendant that has gemstones embedded in it. Likewise, diamonds or other gemstones in the pendant can display an elaborate look in contrast to the Indian attire.

To look sober and moderately fashionable in the office, nothing seems to elevate your formal wear other than a floral pendant that goes perfectly with blazers. Even on casual outings, give a stylish punch with a statement pendant. Lastly, the finesse touch of a butterfly or heart locket design for a girl can ignite love and romantic vibes on a date.

Pairing Pendants with Chains:

A pendant and chain are a timeless duo that serves a functional purpose. A pendant without a chain has no use. So pairing both of them correctly is essential to ace a look.

There are certain points to keep in mind when pairing them. The first point is to see if the metal of the pendant set design matches with that of the pendant. For instance, pair a gold pendant with a gold chain and not otherwise.

The next is to consider the style of the pendant and the chain. Both styles should match for a cohesive look.

For the pendant to complement the chain, choose a similar colour of gemstone. For example, pick a simple pendant design for a girl with a yellow sapphire gemstone with a yellow gold chain. Hence, choose what feels right for yourself because everyone has their own style and choice of pairing ladies' lockets and chains.

Where to Find Pendant Online for Girls:

Find new locket designs for females from trusted and reputable online stores like Luxaore. We are proud to present you with modern and contemporary designs of pendants exclusively for women. Our latest pendant designs for women are crafted by our expert designers, who take every meticulous detail of what you seek in the artificial pendant in terms of its design, metal, and customization. We offer new artificial pendant sets for females at a reasonable price to fit our customer’s budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right Women's pendant for my style?

You can choose the right women’s pendant for your style by matching the right kind of neckline of the outfit. For summertime, v-necks and deep necks of dresses are great for chokers with a pearl pendant for a statement. Or, if you want to dress in an off-shoulder top, a simple infinity or butterfly pendant will blow the magic of your style.

Can I wear a Women's pendant with any outfit?

Yes, you can pair a pendant on a simple chain with a t-shirt and jeans for a casual look. You can layer a single pendant hanging on a chain with other necklaces below it for a breathtaking party style in a v-neck shirt and skirt.

What materials are commonly used for Women's pendants?

Women’s pendants are made up of gold, silver, and brass. For pendants of gold apart from yellow gold, they are also made from other precious varieties of gold, like white and rose gold.

How can I clean and maintain my Women's pendant?

Clean your pendant frequently to maintain its shine and material. So mix a cup of lukewarm water and half a spoon of baking soda. Place your pendant in the mixture for around ten minutes and take that out to scrub it with a brush to remove the remaining dirt from it. Rinse it with a cotton cloth and leave it to dry in the air.

 Can I personalize or customize a Women's pendant design?

Yes, you can customize your pendant design from Luxaore. Contact our jewellery consultant directly by filling out the form in the custom jewellery section. After you tell him about your design ideas, our sketch artist will draw it that would be printed on the pendant in 3D. Get the pendant in your hands in just three to five days.

Are Women's pendants suitable as gifts for special occasions?

Yes, women’s pendants are suitable as gifts for special occasions like birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, etc. The sun or cross pendant is great for birthdays while the heart or flower pendant is good to gift for anniversaries and weddings.

What is the best shape for a pendant?

The popular shapes for a pendant are princess and round cut, besides pear, emerald, and heart are also preferred.

What is the best way to wear a pendant?

The best way to wear a pendant is to mix two or three slim chain necklaces with a necklace along a pendant like a dog tag, cross, charms, or name in a strapless top and pants.

What is the difference between a charm and a pendant?

A pendant is bigger than a charm, and a pendant hangs from a chain necklace while a charm is attached to a bracelet, anklet, or earrings.

Where should a pendant fall?

A pendant should fall at the collarbone because it can keep the pendant on the top of any round-collared shirt that shows it well.

What are the different types of pendants worn in India?

Some popular Indian pendants are amulet, talisman, locket, and fashion pendants.