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Women's Fashionable Anklets

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Exploring the World of Artificial Anklets

An Anklet is a kind of bracelet that women wear around their ankles. These beautiful anklets for women come in different designs and patterns. Some fashion anklet designs are simple and lightweight, and there are some that are bold and heavy. At the same time, the lightweight ones can be worn for everyday wear, while the heavy ones are most preferred during festive events. 

Besides, when you wear these imitation anklets for ladies with traditional heels or flats, they look more appealing. The anklets are a kind of chain with different motifs, beads, or bells and are made to allow free movement. These small and cute accessories can make you the centre of attention anywhere. Although anklets for girls are one of the oldest or, we can say, heritage jewellery. 

However, they are still worn today in different trendy styles. Anklets are the only jewellery that never fails to impress and show women's social status. Women who love gems sometimes also add them to their artificial anklet designs to make them look more attractive. 

Silver is usually the best material for leg anklets. This is because gold is considered holy because it is the metal of the gods, so it cannot be worn on the feet. Besides, many Indians also believe that gold anklets bring misfortune to a person's life.

Also, anklets are considered auspicious for newlywed brides. Therefore, many people gift heavy jewelled ladies' anklets to the bride as a gift.

The Beauty of Women's Fashionable Anklets

Various artificial anklet styles and designs

Anklets are loved by women all over India and now worldwide, too. In India, the foot anklet is also a sign of married women. Although stylish anklet designs can be worn by unmarried women, too, unmarried women prefer simple single anklet designs. There are different types of trendy anklets that you can choose from. 

These include silver, gold, brass, alloy gold, and platinum anklets. Silver anklets are popular among young as well as married women. The silver anklet design gives more dimension to your outfit. They come in various designs, patterns, and embellishments. 

Materials used for anklets

There are many kinds of soft materials that are used for making anklets for women. These include beads, gems, and other kinds of stones. The bead anklets for girls are quite famous for their eye appeal. The lovely beads can give you a wholesome look with their different colours and designs. 

Also, the brass anklets, which are very famous in Rajasthan, are one of the most traditional anklet looks. The brass anklet is a thick piece of jewellery that resembles gold. There is one more foot anklet type that resembles gold, which is alloy gold. 

They are popular because of their shine and appealing look. These kinds of traditional anklet designs are preferred for married women or new brides. Lastly, in this modern era, people love the look of brass and silver anklets. They are loved because of their traditional yet modern styles, and when these two metals are combined, these anklets become more durable. 

Heavy and minimalist anklets

The heavy anklet designs for girls are usually of gold and silver. They are heavy because they are strong and durable and have thick chains. Women love to wear these heaving anklets during special events as they add a bit of glam to anyone's attire. In contrast, minimalist anklets for women are all about legacy.

These fancy anklets for ladies are simple and made of thin chains or three. Metals like silver and alloy gold are used to make these fine anklets. These anklets for girls are best if you want to have a more solid and simple look. They can be worn every day as accessories that go with many different styles and clothes while keeping a simple look.

Anklet charm and symbolism

The anklets have been worn as a symbol, and different anklets have meaning to the person wearing them. The heart-shaped charm and fancy anklet designs signify love, respect, and compassion. Women wear them to show their love and respect towards their partners. 

Also, women wear the infinite sign anklets, which indicate foreverness. They usually represent a long-lasting bond. Women love to twin them with their friends. People wear the hamsa hand anklet to protect themselves from negative energy. 

Besides, the lotus Flower foot anklet signifies purity and peace. A lotus charm on an anklet can reflect personal growth and inner peace. Generally, anklets are not used as a fashion accessory but also as a way to showcase your style. The types of anklets let you show the world what you stand for and what you believe in.

Where to Buy Artificial Anklets Online?

There are trendy and different kinds of modern anklets available to buy. However, finding a trusted seller from where you can find a quality artificial anklet for women is important. Luxaore is known for its unique craftsmanship. We at Luxaore are committed to our quality and guarantee that our latest anklet designs will look attractive and withstand the test of time.

We design our best anklets design for girls in a form that will easily fit and adjust to your ankle without creating any discomfort. 

We constantly work to provide our customers with overall satisfaction and work hard to provide an excellent buying experience to buy beautiful fancy anklets online. Our friendly customer service and easy return policies will make you love us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size Anklets?

We suggest you not choose a tight anklet as constant movements during the whole day can break the anklet. So loose-fit fashionable anklets are just the right ones to hang below your ankle bone. Get your perfect anklet from Luxaore where we have adjustable fittings to all of our anklets for every woman that neither slips below your heels nor feels stretchy.

Can I wear an anklet to work?

If you work in a casual workplace, an anklet is good to wear otherwise most professional settings like law and physician offices are not appropriate places to wear anklets because that would create an unusual style that won’t match with formal wear. So always consider your office environment, its dressing rules, and your job profile when deciding to wear any anklet.

Can I wear an anklet with sandals?

Yes, you can wear an anklet with sandals. They complement various kinds of footwear including sandals due to their versatility that never clashes with it. You can think of pairing an anklet with sandals with a midi dress or churidar for a great stylish look.

 How do I care for my anklet?

The best way to take care of your anklets is to avoid wearing them in water and always store them in dry places. If you want to clean your anklets, just use a soft cloth and don’t try to clean it with harsh chemicals or any other rough material. All these tips will ensure that your anklets look new and best.

What does a woman wearing an anklet symbolize?

Women wearing an anklet can symbolize many things and that too according to different cultures. Often in Asian culture, anklets worn on the right ankle by women symbolize that they are married. If worn on the left ankle, it signifies the anklet as a talisman that mostly features an evil eye as a bead or charm. So wearing a charm anklet on the left can make you represent your unique style.

Which is the right leg to wear an anklet?

Anklets worn traditionally should be on the right leg, while in some western cultures, they can worn on either or both legs. So specifically there is no hard and fast rule for which leg to choose for anklet. You can wear it on whichever leg you are comfortable with and feel complimented for matching with the attire.

How do I choose an anklet?

The first ideal step to choosing an anklet is to consider your personal style. Whether you have a casual style or a bold style can make you decide the right anklet for you. For casually wearing an anklet, the right one is an evil eye single anklet with one strand to look great for everyday wear with a simple tee and shorts whereas, a dual heart two-strand anklet is for a party look in a pure silk saree.