Women's Gemstone Bracelets

Explore our stylish and trending designs of ladies' gemstone bracelets. Choose from a variety of Good Luck healing gemstone Cuff bracelets and Bangles designs for ladies online at the best prices. Each original gemstone bracelet piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite women's crystal bracelets delivered within 3-5 days.

Women's Gemstone Bracelets

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Unlock Your Inner Strength: Women's Gemstone Bracelets

Women's gemstone bracelets are as old as 5000 years. It was Egyptians who wore them out of their religious and spiritual interests since the time of the First Dynasty (2680 B.C.). They used to mould bracelets to decorate them with semiprecious gemstones. The Indian gemstone history started from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization and the Mughal Empire. This is how 9 different types of gemstones got a place in jewellery for both stylish and beneficial purposes. Moreover, women’s gemstone bracelet designs became a popular choice over the decades. Typically, these bracelets have attained the position of a sophisticated and symbolic accessory. There is a stark improvement in women through gemstone bracelets symbolizing self-care and personal expression. By wearing a gemstone bracelet, a woman can feel more positive energies and good qualities in her. They essentially remove your discomfort with a feeling of deep spiritual connection. However, a woman who wants to explore all the gemstone bracelet benefits bracelet should do thorough research before buying one.

Types of Stylish Gemstone Bracelets for Women

With a variety of options in women’s gemstone bracelets, you get to choose according to your style preference, personality, and personal desire. We have come up with a few trendy gemstone bracelet designs for you to choose from.

Single Gemstone Strand Bracelet

This bracelet highlights a single piece of gemstone placed on a single strand of chain or string. The everlasting beauty of this gemstone bracelet for girls looks simple and elegant with casual to formal outfits.

Beaded Gemstone Bracelet

A beaded gemstone bracelet for women is one with many small or large gemstone beads dangled together. They can grace ethnic and formal wear simultaneously. 

Charm Bracelet with Gemstone Accents

A charm bracelet includes some drooping charms with smaller gemstone accents. This aesthetic piece allows one to flaunt their charming personality all the time.

Multi-Strand Gemstone Bracelet

A bracelet made with two or more colourful strands includes smaller natural gemstone beads. It can give a cool texture effect with a bohemian vibe to your everyday outfit.

Cuff Bracelet with Gemstone Inlays

Show a striking style with a rigid cuff bracelet carved out along some gemstone inlays. Make a fashion statement with a bold and tough cuff bracelet.

Chain Link Gemstone Bracelet

Chain link bracelets are all about links, wrapped by single or multiple gemstones. These gemstones may vary in colour and shape making for a vivid look in printed tee and denim.

Bangle Bracelet with Gemstone Embellishments

The women's gemstone bracelet features gemstone ornamentation and aesthetic settings to give a stiff form that hangs loosely around the hand. This can create a trendy look.

Wrap Gemstone Bracelet

A wrap gemstone bracelet is a very long bracelet that includes several tiny gemstones and other decorative elements. You need to wrap this bracelet around your wrist multiple times, making it unique and unconventional.

Statement Gemstone Cuff Bracelet

Statement cuff bracelet places a larger gemstone as a centrepiece. This goes well with a velvety dress and pointed-toe heels.

Tennis Bracelet with Gemstone Line

This bracelet comes with a symmetrical line of gemstones. This gives you a classic touch and refinement if you pair it with an elegant watch and cocktail ring. 

Choosing the Perfect Women Gemstone Bracelet:

Selecting your gemstone bracelet for women based on the horoscope, zodiac signs, wrist size, and occasion is very important. However, beliefs regarding gemstones are personal regarding wearing a bracelet. Astrologers believe that gemstones should be worn according to one’s zodiac sign and the position of planets in your horoscope. For example, a person with the zodiac sign of Gemini has Mercury as the ruling planet and should wear an Emerald. Always consider wrist size while buying any bracelet. You need to accurately measure your wrist to avoid a tight or loose fit. For those with small wrists, go for lighter bracelets while chunkier bracelets for larger wrists. You can measure with a soft ruler, string, or paper to mark the size. Select your favourite gemstone bracelets tailored to an occasion to shine. 

Women’s Gemstone Bracelet Benefits :

Gemstone bracelets offer many potential benefits. Those benefits are rooted in Indian tradition and culture from centuries past. Let’s discuss some of the exceptional benefits you can derive from them to improve your life.

  1. Personal empowerment: Gemstone bracelets provide a sense of healing to empower women in challenging times. Beyond a piece of jewellery, amethyst gemstone bracelet is a paramount for emotional, physical, and psychological healing. The grounding properties of onyx gemstone bracelets help to balance the body's energy flow further. Not only is it great for making your wrist prettier, but it also harvests immense self-love, courage, and female empowerment. The mighty properties of gemstone bracelets can improve your communication skills and create a serene mind.
  2. Balancing energy: Talking about the chakra balancing of gemstone bracelets is very important for females. What’s unique about lapis lazuli gemstone bracelets is their power to cleanse and balance seven body chakras. This process of balancing energy is done with the emission of frequency by gemstones. Carnelian gemstone bracelets produce incredible vibrations by coming in contact with the human body. While coming into the connection, they drive out negative energies, filling in positive energies.
  3. Spiritual consciousness: Gemstone bracelets can be a part of your spiritual practices. Wearing a rose quartz gemstone bracelet is enough to evoke spiritual consciousness if you don’t want to practice spiritualism actively through therapies. It can help you clear life blockages and open the pathway to connect to the spirits of higher authorities. It awakens the third eye chakra to enhance and widen your intuition while bringing wisdom, self-awareness, and protection.

Where to Find the Best Women's Gemstone Bracelets

To shop for the best quality and original gemstone bracelets, Luxaore is a relying online store for shopping them. We serve you with over 100 types of designs in gemstone bracelets. Our bracelets are made with many natural gemstones that we source ethically from mines. Some of India’s topmost gems we use for our bracelets are sapphires, rubies, emeralds, amethyst, onyx, tiger’s eye, etc. We deal with gemstone bracelets that bring natural energy and positivity to your life. They are beyond aesthetics because they have mighty healing powers. Wear our gemstone bracelets under the guidance of a certified astrologer or seek advice from our experts. Pay Later and EMI are the most significant advantages you can get while shopping from us. Also, grab amazing deals and extra discounts through credit cards.

Trusted Jewelry Retailers: Online and In-Store:

Luxaore is a trusted retailer that deals with genuine gemstone bracelets and other fashion accessories. We have made our mark in India with high-quality gemstone bracelets. Our offerings have a range of uniquely designed gemstone bracelets with original stones to help you attain several anticipated benefits. All our gemstone bracelets come with certificates to authenticate the quality and originality of our gemstones.

Customization and Personalization Options:

Luxaore also makes customized gemstone bracelets as per your requirements. You can make your gemstone bracelet with a choice of gemstones, design, metal, and engravings. Our customization process is easy as we ask for all the details before the checkout. First, you need to send us a picture or explain an exact idea of the bracelet’s design, choose a metal for the bracelet, decide on the gemstone, and lastly, what engraving you want to print. Explore our custom jewellery page to connect with our team of expert consultants to learn the steps of crafting your customized gemstone bracelet. If you face any issue further, you can mail or call us to assist you better.

Why Choose?

You are a step closer to seeing a whole new world of variety of gemstone bracelets in Luxaore. At Luxaore, we have gemstone bracelets made with natural and authentic gemstones. There is no way that you can’t find your favourite designs in our store. We keep updated and trendiest designs of gemstone bracelets. Whether it is a traditional or modern style, we have it all. We make your shopping more fun as we add extra discounts to your cart. Don’t worry when you shop from us; we have Pay Later and EMI to make the payment easy for you.


Luxaore has put forward as many as 100 styles of gemstone bracelets. Our vast collection has bracelets with exquisite gemstones that are nowhere to be found. Our gemstone bracelets are set on precious metals like silver or gold. These are the perfect addition to your jewellery collection. Furthermore, they easily harmonize with any outfit, from formal to casual. So come and explore our exclusive designs of gemstone bracelets now.


Luxaore goes by the term affordability. We made our gemstone bracelets affordable for everyone. We give them at competitive rates with other additional deals and discounts. Moreover, when you are at Luxaore, you can be assured of accomplishing the best deals from us. Buy now with Pay Later or 0% EMI option during the shopping. You can quickly get more discounts on your items by paying us via credit cards.

100% certified by government labs:

Luxaore goes by the term affordability. We made our gemstone bracelets affordable for everyone. We give them at competitive rates with other additional deals and discounts. Moreover, when you are at Luxaore, you can be assured of accomplishing the best deals from us. Buy now with Pay Later or 0% EMI option during the shopping. You can quickly get more discounts on your items by paying us via credit cards.

Easy Return/Replacement Policy:

Our easy return and replacement allow customers to return or exchange the gemstone bracelet within 7 days. Also, you can ask for a 100% refund on unsatisfied purchase. Check out our Return and Exchange guide to know more about the processes. Our customer support team will further assist with the return and exchange steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a gemstone bracelet every day?

Yes, you can wear a gemstone bracelet every day. Although most gemstones are resilient and are much harder it is advised to not wear them during any heavy physical activities.

Do gemstone bracelets have side effects?

The gemstone in the bracelet can show unfavourable conditions if it doesn’t align with your horoscope and planetary position. So it is advised to check with an astrologer before wearing one.

Can I eat non-veg while wearing a gemstone bracelet?

This depends totally on the advice of your astrologer. But we do not encourage you to not eat non-veg food while you wear a gemstone bracelet.

Which wrist should I wear a gemstone bracelet?

Some say wearing gemstone bracelets on the left wrist is believed to enhance internal energy, such as spiritual and emotional energies. Further, the teachings of Kundalini yoga say that wearing the bracelet on the left will also help you with the retaining and receiving of positive energy.

Do gemstone bracelets work?

Yes, the healing properties of gemstone bracelets make them enhance your communication, spiritual growth, and creativity. It can also promote positive masculine and feminine energies. For instance, green tourmaline gives strength to masculine energies while pink tourmaline to feminine energies.

Which hand do you wear a bracelet for good luck?

Wearing a bracelet on the left hand is thought to provide good luck in astrology because the bracelet would prevent negative energies thus absorbing positive energies from your surroundings and bringing wealth into your life.

How do I choose a bracelet for my style?

You should always select a bracelet after deciding your exact style. If you are much into bold styles choose an oversized emerald crystal bracelet for a bold look in a night black saree and for a casual style, nothing can be better than a thin chain ruby bracelet with a casual white tee and black pants.

How many bracelets is classy?

A single pearl bracelet is enough to set on one wrist with any normal shirt or kurti to achieve a classy and elegant look. However, you should be open to experimenting with different designs and stone colors of gemstone bracelets of different widths to look classy too. You can stack three to four bracelets of turquoise, rose quartz, amethyst, and garnet for a bohemian classy look on one or both wrists in a bohemian mini dress.