Women's Gemstone Necklaces

Explore our stylish and trending collection of women's precious gemstone necklaces. Choose from a variety of beautiful original gemstone necklace designs for females like green, faceted Multi Color and handmade bead gemstone necklaces or more online at the best prices. Each gemstone necklace piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite attractive women's gemstone necklace delivered within 3-5 days.

Women's Gemstone Necklaces

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Why Choose Gemstone Necklaces for Women?

Gemstone necklaces are graceful for a woman who seeks a special touch to their personality, style, and outfits. The use of gemstones in necklaces began around 1600 B.C. These natural gemstones come from nature’s lap and are wonderful in their colours, shapes, and sizes. There are luxurious possessions of women who love to wear them through exquisite necklaces. Minerals like gemstones have a natural shine and brightness that helps to hold their unique appeal and charm in front of the world. The design of a gemstone necklace spellbound you with the intricacy of artwork. Those semiprecious to precious gemstones that deliver everlasting excellence are grabbing the eyeballs of every woman. It is Needless to say, gemstone necklace set complete women in terms of styling and providing them with ample benefits to transform their lives.

Types of Gemstone Necklaces for Women

Many types of gemstone necklaces truly empower a woman. You cannot miss out on their charisma and nurturing properties. Let’s explore a few types of gemstone necklaces that are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.

  1. Peridot necklaces: Peridot is a green-coloured stone that looks pretty and sober on women as in a necklace. A green gemstone necklace (Peridot necklace) can make a woman look adorable and smart. It is better to go for a green outfit to match the vibe of this green stone.
  2. Garnet necklaces: Garnet, a deep red coloured stone is imbued with love, passion, and attraction. There is a demand for garnet in necklaces during the festive and wedding seasons. This is well known as much visible in the bridal jewellery collection. A garnet necklace creates a bridal look more mesmerizing and magical. It is typically the most used form of jewellery in Indian cultures and traditions.
  3. Moonstone necklaces: Moonstones have sober and subtle colours. If you are simple should go for a moonstone necklace. This piece will make you look and feel classy, genuine, and attractive. This evergreen necklace never goes out of fashion by showing a sense of calmness and peace.

Benefits from Women's Gemstone Necklaces

Many women wear gemstone necklaces because of their enchanting beauty however, many are still unaware of their potential treasure of benefits. These incredible stones not only look colourful but are game changers through their light reflection. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of gemstone necklaces.

  1. Healing touch: Gemstones like bloodstone, garnet, aquamarine etc. in necklaces possess healing elements that give you positive energies and make you strong from within. They can also reduce or remove experiences of your past traumas and discomforts from your body.
  2. Spiritual connection: Gemstone necklaces are believed to connect you with inner consciousness by improving your concentration. Further, provides mental stability, creative thinking, and a peaceful mind for constant improvement.
  3. Physical health: Gemstones work wonders inside our body by treating and curing diseases. They are powerful in treating insomnia, asthma, tuberculosis, irregular menstrual cycles, fertility, and many others. 
  4. Good fortune: It is in the saying that gemstone necklaces bring good fortune to their wearer. It clears any challenges, hurdles, and other kinds of obstacles in your life to bring you success, wealth, progression, and fame.

Find the Perfect Women's Gemstone Necklaces

Buy the latest fashionable designs of gemstone necklaces from Luxaore. With more than 250 unique designs, Luxaore proudly presents its vast collection of stylish gemstone necklaces. Our collection has classic, contemporary, floral, religious, traditional, butterfly and other thematic designs of gemstone necklaces. All of which are great for flaunting in the office, casual days, weddings, parties, and festivals. The marvellous beauty of our gemstone necklaces lies in the gems. We put original gemstones on every necklace, like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc.
Moreover, all our gemstone necklaces come with certifications to show the authenticity of the gemstones we use. Check out our traditional and modern gemstone necklaces for women by Luxaore. We promise to deliver the best quality items at excellent competitive prices. Our user-friendly interface allows customers to enjoy shopping with us. We also provide EMI and Pay Later advantages apart from different payment options such as net banking, debit or credit cards, wallets, and UPI. You can utilise our 7-day return and exchange policy, including a 100% refund facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of gemstones are commonly used in women's necklaces?

The most common types of gemstones in women’s necklaces are onyx for concentration, jade for physical healing, amethyst to stop intoxication, aquamarine for emotional stability, topaz for strong friendships, red garnet for happiness, pearl to manage stress, ruby for youthful energies, emerald to enhance creativity, and blue sapphire for self-expression.

How do I choose the right gemstone necklace for me?

When choosing the right gemstone necklace for yourself, think if you want to buy it for its astrological benefits or fashion. After that, you can research the meaning of the gemstone, select the necklace's design according to your style and taste, check the quality and authenticity of the gemstone necklace, create a budget, and finally choose a trusted store, like Luxaore, to shop.

Can I customize a gemstone necklace design?

Yes, you can customize the necklace design based on your design ideas or select one from our existing list of designs. Our expert jewellery consultant will brief you with the procedure to create your desired customized gemstone necklace. Contact us directly or fill the form in our custom jewellery page. Once you fill that out, our team will contact you. You will get your customized gemstone necklace within a given time frame of three to five days.

How do I care for and clean my gemstone necklace?

Care for your gemstone necklace by cleaning it once a week for a stunning shine. Add a bowl of lukewarm water and a few drops of mild dish soap liquid. Let the gemstone necklace sit in the solution for 5 minutes, and use a soft toothbrush to brush it gently to remove all the dirt. Use clean, normal water to rinse the necklace and dry it with a cotton cloth to have a vibrant gemstone necklace.

How do I know if the gemstone necklace is genuine and of good quality?

Our gemstone necklaces come with certificates furnished by India’s top government labs to prove the authenticity and good quality of our gemstones.  We will provide you the certificate with the box in which the gemstone necklace comes.

Do gemstone necklaces have healing properties?

Gemstone necklaces are believed to have healing powers, such as black tourmlaine protects you from negative energies, amethyst removes emotional and physical blockages, and turquoise promotes strength, good luck, mental clarity, and love.

What are the benefits of wearing a gemstone necklace?

Different gemstone has different powers and healing properties, so the benefits of gemstone necklaces will likely differ. For example, a blue sapphire necklace can help relieve stress by promoting mental clarity and calmness.