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Explore our stylish and beautiful designs of women's gold anklets. Choose from a variety of gold anklet designs in 24k, 22k, 18k, and 14k for ladies like gold evil eye anklet, gold charm, gold cuff, thin gold anklet or modern simple lightweight gold anklets for women online at the best price. Each gold anklet piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite attractive gold anklet delivered within 3-5 days.

Women's Gold Anklet

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Gold Anklets For Women History and Cultural

The first and oldest anklet on earth was more than 8,000 years old in Egypt. The upper-class Egyptian women wore them to flaunt the social status and wealth of their husbands. Similarly, Mesopotamian women wore gold anklets to display their husband’s fortune. As assumed, anklets started to make their way in the U.S. during the 1930s. Soon gold anklets for women came to exist as fashion jewellery. Indian women were very familiar with gold anklets from the time of the indus valley civilization while some refer to neolithic and chalcolithic eras. In India, gold anklet designs are popularly called as payal, nupur, pattilu, and golusu in different regions. An Indian married woman is incomplete without a jhanjar or payal. They have been worn by Indian women for many centuries on their wedding day and after to show their marital status. But now even unmarried girls wear gold anklet to show feminine beauty. A gold anklet for girls is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. A woman wearing it brings good fortune, wealth, and success to her spouse. Other than that, gold anklets are thought to balance the energy flow in the body, alleviate leg pain, and boost immunity in women. It is a sacred jewellery in Hinduism. 

Gold Anklets: Types and Designs

There is a constant change in the world of fashion jewellery with the coming of the latest designs and trends. That’s what brings a tremendous transformation in the gold anklet designs. Therefore making a vogue for these below designs and types of gold anklets.

  1. Classic gold anklet: This is a simple rose gold anklet design with a kundan or meenakari work of art. Their simplicity can match any outfit and is suitable for any occasion.
  2. Traditional string gold anklet: The thin finish of this traditional string gold anklet is durable. Sometimes it is referred to as a dainty chain anklet that can look great with ethnic wear.
  3. Beaded gold anklet: Also known as woven anklets are made with either small delicate beads or large thick beads of gold. This gold anklet for women can be paired with a summer outfit along with a boho bracelet to match the vibe.
  4. Braided gold anklet: The gold anklet designs for ladies are just about multiple strands of gold threads plaited together. This intricacy of the design is quite eye-catching and blows the mind. Style a braided anklet with a floral dress for a beach vacation.
  5. Charm gold anklet: This hangs trinkets or charms from them for a tinkling sound effect. It is an ideal anklet to show off your charming personality.
  6. Toe-ring gold anklet: It is the most iconic form of Indian jewellery and is an anklet attached to a toe ring with a long chain. Wear this traditional anklet with a traditional outfit like a ghagra, or lehenga. In the West culture, this gained much popularity as an accessory for poolside fun.

Gold Anklets Styling Tips

Gold anklet designs for ladies can make you think of how and when to style them. Regarding our Indian tradition, a gold anklet is auspicious to wear for a woman who is getting married other than those unmarried women who partake in this grand function. So traditionally it matches a bride and her bridal outfit like sarees or lehengas with a pair of embroidered heeled sandals. Apart from a traditional match, a gold anklet designs like classic, charm, or braided looks fabulous with cropped jeans, sneakers, printed t-shirt by taking the look to the next level. Even gold anklets for women work with a gown to match a stiletto or plain sandals. For a formal outfit like a blazer, or cropped trousers, a full-sleeve top along a pointed or chunky leather ballerina can give a sharp contrast to a string anklet. Your festival season will be incomplete without a charm anklet that looks romantic and artsy with a midi dress or an anarkali.

Where to Find the Best Gold Anklets

You find the best gold anklets in Luxaore. Flaunt your ankles, showing your fashion taste by choosing a gold anklet from our assortment of stunning gold anklet collection. Choose anklets with gemstones, charms, beads, tassels, etc., to style effortlessly with outfits of your choice. We have many options in gold anklets to make your selection easy. Our gold anklets are made with the finest quality materials and designed by professional artists. Just not that, we provide a BIS Hallmark certificate to our buyers to check through every little detail before the purchase. This certificate also comes with the jewellery box when the anklet gets delivered to you. If you are a conscious buyer, you want to know our prices. We provide the best possible rates to all our customers. Get extra discounts with or without credit cards. On top of that, Luxaore proposes great options like EMI and Pay Later when you shop from us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are gold anklets in style?

With the coming of more trendy fashion and festivals, gold anklets are back in style. This is a very popular fashion accessory to complete your look in a maxi dress and sandals.

How do I choose the right size Anklets?

Do not choose a tight-fit gold anklet because it can break as you constantly move. Go for a loose-fit anklet that hangs below the ankle bone.

Can I wear a gold anklet with different types of footwear?

Yes, you can mix and match a gold anklet with different footwear. For instance, a gold anklet looks awesome with a pretty pair of sandals.

What occasions are suitable for wearing a gold anklet?

Gold anklets with heavy jingling bells and chimes are good to wear at a marriage, festival, vacation, beach, poolside party, or daily errands. You should avoid wearing them in quiet places. Anklets are great for flaunting your ankles and legs with decent footwear and a new pedicure.

Will a gold anklet tarnish over time?

Gold with purity levels below 24K is vulnerable to tarnish over time because of having other alloys in it. So a gold anklet can start to tarnish if it is not pure gold or 24K.

Can I wear a gold anklet in water?

Although a gold anklet can sustain water it is not recommended as in the long run its shine will be diminished. Moreover, any harsh chemicals like chlorine present in water can affect the metal.

Is a gold anklet a good investment?

Absolutely a gold anklet is a good investment because it carries a lifelong value other than being a luxurious and sophisticated accessory.

How can I mix and match gold anklets with other jewellery?

You can mix and match gold anklets with jewellery like bracelets, rings etc. For example, match a braided gold anklet with a rope or braided bracelet for a lavish look.

What is the difference between 14k and 18k gold anklets?

The major difference between 14k and 18k gold anklets is the quantity of gold present in both of them. 18k is more pricey than 14k because it has more pure 75% gold than the latter with just 58.3% gold. Also, a 14k anklet is more durable for it has a higher percentage of alloyed metals along with the gold against an 18k anklet with less durability and resistance.

Are gold anklets suitable for gifting?

Yes, gold anklets are suitable for gifting purposes. If you are getting married soon, you can gift all your bridesmaids a charm gold anklet each for your beach wedding. Or you can gift link gold anklets to your mother and sister on their birthdays or anniversaries to make them feel excited.

What is the best anklet design for women?

The best anklet design for women is many. Like, chunky gold anklets are great for traditional outfits like sarees, sleek gold anklets are great for casual western crop jeans and tops, while dainty gold anklets are good for work or formal lunch events.

What are some of the benefits of wearing silver anklets?

Wearing silver anklets can increase your blood circulation in the leg while your anklet is in constant friction between your legs. Since silver has antimicrobial properties, by wearing a silver anklet you can prevent yourself from infections.

What is the significance of anklets in Indian culture?

In India, Indian women wear anklets to show their marital status. Married women often wear heavy anklets with charms and bells here in this country to symbolize the good fortune their anklets carry for their family and spouse.