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Women's Gold Bracelets

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Redefining Women's Gold Bracelets Fashion:

Gold bracelet for women came into existence in Indian culture as a part of Solah Shringar because bare-handed women didn’t look good. It was married women who wore them to show their marital status other than bringing good fortune to their husbands. Today, this scenario has completely changed as gold bracelets go beyond marriage. Unmarried women and young girls get to admire them equally. With the coming of the latest gold bracelet designs for women, they are ahead of showing their new identity. Women's gold bracelet designs are all about upholding your personality and individuality. Throughout the Indian culture and art of all eras, modern jewellery has depicted diverse styles, taking personal choices seriously. Real gold bracelet for women is a part of the contemporary style being sleek for styling purposes. They have evolved from ancient times to modern times reflecting cultural and social status. So redefine your fashion with a sterling women’s gold bracelet now.

Types of Gold Bracelets for Women:

When it comes to the types of women bracelet gold designs, there are innumerable options waiting for you to explore that cater to your choice, style, and other requirements.

Classic Gold Chain Bracelets

A classic gold chain bracelet women brings you the sparkling charm of a 14K gold bracelet for women or 18K thick gold band, made with interconnected links and a spring clasp behind. Wear this classy yet enthral chain bracelet with a casual outfit to compliment the look.

Sleek and Modern Gold Cuff Bracelets

Make the most stylish look with a sturdy, sleek 22K gold cuff bracelet for women. It can give you a dreamy appearance with its open-cut design that wraps around your wrist beautifully. A perfect one for college and office outings.

Bold and Statement Gold Link Bracelets

This link bracelet features broader links connected together and made into a band. They come in a thick and strong form with 18K to 22k gold bracelets for women of gold. Pair one with a fancy off-shoulder top to enhance your look.

Elegant Gold ID Bracelets

With a solid 24K gold, this elegant piece of ID bracelet comes with a custom plate for personal engravings. You can engrave custom names, dates, initials, and symbols to give the 24k gold bracelet for women, a personal touch. 

Selecting the Ideal Women's Gold Bracelet

Selecting the right gold bracelet for women is important so as to suit your personal style, wrist size, and occasion. Considering them will only make your bracelet fit you accurately, compliment your style at its best, and make you dazzle on every occasion. Without worrying much, we are here to guide you in making the correct choice for yourself.

Matching with Outfits: From Casual to Formal

Gold bracelets are fashionable and comfortable to wear at the same time. It is a great fashion accessory for a woman in her office or college. It is even more auspicious to wear to festivals and family functions. Show off your style more amazingly at parties and weddings by wearing a stylish gold bracelet. Our lightweight and high-quality gold bracelets make your entire look sophisticated and elegant for styling. Pair our latest classic gold bracelet with a formal shirt and culottes to look presentable in corporate events and office environments. Style our cuff or link gold bracelets casually with simple jeans and a solid or printed top or shirt to rock an entire day. The unique engravings and intricate design set our gold ID bracelets apart when you match them with a traditional banarasi silk saree with gold and silver zari work.

Sizing and Fit: Ensuring Comfort and Style

You cannot go wrong with your wrist size when buying a gold bracelet. You need to measure your wrist correctly to avoid a snug or loose fit. It is also important to look into the thickness of the bracelet although many of our bracelets come with an adjustable fitting.

Personalization Options: Engravings and Custom Designs

There is something truly magical about a gold bracelet that is personalized and tailored to suit your or someone else’s wish. Wearing such a piece would impact everyone around you. Engraved gold bracelets are beyond an ordinary gold bracelets. Your gold bracelet will reflect individuality, personality, style, interests, and thoughts through custom design and unique engraving. Luxaore goes the extra mile to give you the chance to craft gold bracelets, especially for yourself or other women in your life. The bracelet connects you emotionally by featuring engravings of your choice, such as your name, initials, birth symbols, quotes, or message. Head to our custom jewellery page to learn how customization works in our store. Through our customization service, you can customize a gold bracelet by filling out the form at custom jewellery. Our team of consultants will contact you over a call to understand your design and budget. Once done, the design will be sketched, and if you approve it, the design will be put as on the bracelet. Wait three to five days for us to deliver that to your doorstep. Now you can enjoy your moments with it.

Quality Matters: Women's Gold Bracelets With Weight and Purity:

The right idea about gold purity and weight helps you to make an informed decision. Before buying a gold bracelet, you should have in-depth knowledge about them. 


Gold purity stands for the amount of gold in the bracelet’s composition. The purity is determined by the term ‘karat’. A higher karat value is equal to the purest gold. Certainly, there are a few common kinds of gold purity levels. These purity levels tell you how much gold is used in a bracelet. Like, 24K with 99.9%, 18K with 75%, 14K with 58.3%, and 10K with 41.7% of pure gold respectively.  


Gold weight is about measuring the gold in grams. By it, the quantity of gold is determined appropriately. Therefore, a heavy bracelet would have more gold in it compared to the lighter ones. Also, this is what makes gold valuable.

Staying Trendy: Gold Bracelet Styles for Today's Fashion-Forward Women:

Women's fashion is evolving with time and drawing women towards more creative gold bracelet designs for women. Several trendy designs are here to bring you that spark to be in the limelight of fashion. Match your everyday outfits with our latest collection of gold bracelets for women. Women gold bracelets craft intricate weaving patterns in gold, making them look solid and thick in length and width. Create a bold avatar with this durable bracelet, giving depth and dimension to your wrist.

Refining gold bracelets with metal hammering, brush polishing, etching patterns, and granulating metals proves high-quality craftsmanship. These processes produce the best quality bracelets. There is a whole lot of demand for the mixing and matching of metals in gold bracelets. The unique blend of metals like platinum or titanium along with gold creates a dynamic contrast.

Wrap Women Gold Bracelets

A wrap gold bracelet design for women comprises a long strand of gold which is usually wrapped around the wrist. This bracelet can also incorporate multiple gold strands for an unconventional textured or layered look. 

Thin Women Gold Bracelet

Thin gold bracelet for women is a minimal yet delicate gold bracelet that hangs loosely around your hand. They are usually known as dainty bracelets. With a solid and thin layer of gold plating, this elegant piece is an eye-catcher on special occasions. 

Thick Women Gold Bracelet

Gold bangle bracelet for women and cuff bracelet for women are usually known as thick bracelets. These bracelets are durable, wider, chunkier, and inflexible giving you a rugged and bold feel. 

Modern Women Gold Bracelet

Modern women's gold bracelets have a number of options — from classic to simple chain bracelets and bangle to boho bracelets. Ideally, they fit you to give a modern contemporary look to your style.

Simple Women Gold Bracelet

A simple gold bracelet for women features a thin and plain chain with minimal embellishments. To look simple yet charming, choose a simple dainty or link gold bracelet that matches your style.

Antique Women Gold Bracelet

Those who love vintage and retro things will definitely be in love with this bracelet. With vintage art, filigree, milgrain, and oxidized finish, they give timeless style and luxury. 

Small Women Gold Bracelet 

These gold bracelet designs for women embrace small wrists in a thin or thick metal band of gold plating. With a minimalist appeal and adjustable fit, it is a lovely bracelet for slim and smaller wrists to bling on a special occasion. 

Plain Gold Women Bracelet

A plain gold bracelet for women features a minimal-looking chain with a clasp behind it. This is quite delicate yet charming to grace a simple look. Pairing up with casual or formal attire can enchant everyone.

Gold Spiral Women Bracelet

The metal band is twisted to give a spiral look to this bracelet. Quite naturally, they are visually stylish and trendy. They can complement a number of clothes and personalities.

Gold Chain Women Bracelet

Such traditional and magnificent gold chain bracelet for women with many links connecting each other to form the band. They are simply elegant to wear on any occasion.

Investing in Style: The Affordability of Women's Gold Bracelets:

Many believe that gold bracelets are too expensive, but if you are at Luxaore, it is just the opposite. At Luxaore, we offer you opulence at great affordable prices. Investing in our gold bracelets is worth every penny. Not only do they provide a great range of designs and styles to you, but they have an increasing market value. The starting price of our gold bracelet is just Rs 8000. We strive to bring dynamic, charming gold bracelets to lift your casual to party clothes. Our range of gold bracelets varies in form, from thin to thick. We have it all if you want to pair intricate, dainty gold bracelets for ordinary days or chunky bracelets with a black midi dress or crop top for a brunch date.

Caring for Your Investment: Maintenance and Cleaning Tips:

Maintaining and caring for your gold bracelet can keep its beauty intact for long. Just not a piece of fashion jewellery, it is your investment for a lifetime. So here is a guide on how you can maintain and care for it.

Regular Cleaning and Polishing

Clean your valuable gold bracelet with a soft cotton cloth to remove dirt. Polish it with a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean it to restore its shine. Even you can use mild soapy water to clean it and avoid using any harsh chemicals on gold. Further, rinse the bracelet in lukewarm water to wash any soap residue. Pat dry the bracelet with a soft cloth again.

Storing and Protecting Your Gold Bracelet

Store your valuable gold bracelet in our jewellery box that we give with the purchase. You can alternatively use a soft cotton pouch to store it away from other jewellery to shield it from any damages and scratches. Consider keeping it away from direct sunlight and constant water exposure, especially chlorinated water.

Where to Find the Best Women's Gold Bracelets

Browsing through the Luxaore website will get you the best women's gold bracelets. Our collection of gold bracelets has a plethora of designs to offer. Matching our gold bracelets is easy with any dress. Whether you want to style our modern cuff gold bracelet with a shirt, jeans, or a saree, it will seamlessly suit every outfit. We have an exclusive classic to modish style of gold bracelets that will catch every woman's eyes. Regarding the price, we offer gold bracelets at discounted prices that easily fit your budget. Our top-quality gold bracelets come with a BIS Hallmark and authenticity certificate. When you are at Luxaore, you get Pay Later, no cost EMI, discounts on cards, and other online payment benefits from us.

Trusted Jewelry Retailers: Online and In-Store:

Find the best women’s gold bracelets in Luxaore. Treat your beautiful wrist with our stylish and recent designs of gold bracelets as they add whim to your outfit. Our gold bracelets come in different widths to instantly make a boring outfit interesting. We are a trusted and reliable online store that offers high-quality gold bracelets in customary to modern intricate patterns. Every piece of gold bracelet comes with a BIS Hallmark and original certificate to identify their originality to our customers before the purchase.

Customization and Personalization Options:

Luxaore allows you to customize your gold bracelet. It is an excellent chance to customize the design of your gold bracelet as per your wish with your choice of engravings like name, birth signs, initials, quote or message. We have a group of professional jewellery consultants and designers to help you with the designs and engravings. Check out our custom jewellery guide to connect with our dedicated jewellery consultant to discuss the design you want on the bracelet. Our sketch artist will sketch your design in the next step. After finalizing the sketch, we will start working on putting it on the bracelet. Once we finish making the bracelet, we will deliver it in just three or five days.

Why Choose?

Luxaore caters to every customer’s design and style taste through our collection of impeccable gold bracelets. We offer gold bracelets of excellent quality and unbeatable prices. Our website will give you the smoothest shopping experience ever. We have multiple payment options to make it more convenient for you while paying for the order. We accept credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallets, and UPI. Customers can also select the EMI or Pay Later option to purchase quickly. Luxaore offers a 7-day return and exchange policy with a 100% refund guarantee.


Luxaore has more than 200 distinct designs of gold bracelets. You can style a sober tennis gold bracelet with a traditional saree or heavy lehenga to give a royal vibe to the entire look of parties. From morning to night casual walks, choose a chain gold bracelet to slay in your look. Experience the joy of styling with a charm gold bracelet to express yourself in the office with a chic suit.


Luxaore is a place where gold bracelets meet affordability. We provide excellent designs of gold bracelets in superb quality and great prices that are hard to find anywhere. Regardless of the prices, we give reasonable discounts on every purchase. You can also benefit from our EMI and Pay Later option while checkout. Additionally, by paying through credit cards, you can get extra discounts on your cart.

Easy Return/Replacement Policy

Luxaore is happy to provide a 7-day return and exchange policy to get gold bracelets returned or replaced. Our team is here to guide you in this journey. We guarantee to give a 100% refund on unsatisfied items. Check out our return and exchange policy page for our terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a women's gold bracelet cost?

A woman’s gold bracelet costs between Rs. 10,000 - 20,000 to 5 lacs and beyond. Prices may vary depending on the fluctuation of gold rates and current market value.

Can I layer different gold bracelets for a trendy look?

Yes, you can pair as many gold bracelets for creating a layered look. You can pair a plain or simple bracelet with a double-strand gold bracelet along with a couple of thin bangle bracelets for a trendy look.

How to polish a gold bracelet at home?

Polishing your gold bracelet can keep it clean and shine like new. So get a bowl of warm water and add some baking soda and a small amount of liquid soap. Allow the bracelet to soak in that water for 20 minutes. Take the bracelet in your hand to start polishing it with a toothbrush without putting much pressure. Once you finish, wash the bracelet under the tap and use a soft towel to dry it.

Where to buy the best gold bracelets for ladies?

You can buy the best gold bracelets from trusted and reputable in-store and online retail stores. You can even opt us to purchase a good quality gold bracelet, exclusively for ladies.

Are gold bracelets suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, you can wear a gold bracelet for everyday wear. Chain gold bracelets are especially appropriate for regular and radiant wear.

Where to buy the best gold bracelets for ladies?

Luxaore is the best place to buy quality gold bracelets for ladies. We offer contemporary to traditional designs of gold bracelets for every lady out there. Our gold bracelets are low in price and are great for everyday and special wear. Buy them now with free shipping, discounts, and no-cost EMI or Buy Now Pay Later.

Are gold bracelets suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, you can wear gold bracelets every day. They are apt for easy putting and taking off. They look great with every outfit style by adding a touch of shine and sophistication. And lastly, not to deny that they are comfortable to wear.

What are beautiful gold bangles?

Beautiful gold bangles are rigid types of bracelets without any clasp that typically bracelets have. Some famous designs of gold bangles are cuff bangles and interlocked bangles, so combining them can create the look for festivals and grand parties in sarees.

How many grams of gold is required for a bracelet?

For a small bracelet, 2 to 3 grams of gold is required, while for a larger bracelet, the gold should weigh at least 30 grams to make a sturdy bracelet of gold.

How much is a 14k bracelet worth?

The average price of a 14K gold bracelet is worth Rs 25,000 in India currently. You can find a 14K bracelet at a much lower price at Luxaore, so shop now.