Women's Gemstone Pendants.

Explore our stylish design collection of trending women's gemstone pendants. Choose from a variety of beautiful natural stone design pendants for females like a fancy small colour stone locket or single modern lightweight stone pendants from online at the best prices. Each pendant piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite attractive women's gemstone pendants delivered within 3-5 days.

Women's Gemstone Pendants

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Why Choose Gemstone Pendants for Women?

Gem stone pendants emerged in ancient times and are still the most popular choice of jewellery for women. The world’s first polished lapis lazuli pendant was discovered in a cave in Iraq around 4000 B.C. Similarly, Indian women were inspired by the work of gemstones in Ajanta and Ellora during the 4th to 6th centuries to wear gem pendants. Wearing gemstones as a pendant prevents the pendant from scratches and damage for those who don’t want to adorn gemstones in the form of a ring. Keeping a gemstone pendant close to your body can infuse positive energies into different chakras of the body through amazing vibrations. Moreover, these lockets maintain a balance of energy in the body and bring other life transformations. Not only do they deliver profound benefits but they also hold a style statement for women by enhancing their personality and potentiality. 

Types of Gemstone Pendants for Women: Designs and Styles:

Pendants are accentuated by diverse varieties of precious to semiprecious gemstones, procured from nature’s lap. These exquisite stones make the best pieces of pendants so let’s discuss a few of those gem stone lockets which are much loved by women in the past and present era.

  1. Blue sapphire & diamond pendant: A dangling blue sapphire surrounded by smaller diamond accents looks glorious. This can complement a modern evening dress worn for a coffee date.
  2. Emerald and diamond pendant: The pendant with a floral motif places several emeralds like a flower further encircled by smaller studs of diamond. Match this eternal piece with a velvet dress and stilettos.
  3. Topaz pendant: A blue or yellow topaz gem pendant redefines fashion with its big rounded shape drooping from the necklace. Show elegance and sophistication with this unique pendant along with a saree and flat sandals.
  4. Red coral and diamond pendant: For an urban look, a larger cut of red coral is placed in the middle with tiny diamonds set at the edges. This can bring strong femininity inside you and is the most luxurious piece to adorn with traditional or western clothes.

Benefits of Gem Stone Pendants for Women:

Apart from the fact that a stone pendant design is very stylish and trendy, we cannot miss out on the powerful benefits of the gemstones. Just wearing this pendant is not enough, you have to be conscious of their true powers. Different gemstones impart different benefits. For example, gemstones like Ruby have mystical powers to heal physical ailments and diseases whereas, Carnelian stones stimulate creativity. Even wearing a gem stone locket can always make you feel good about yourself and your surroundings. The obvious reason to don this pendant to women is to become wealthier and successful. Other than these, the constant touch of a gemstone on your body fills soothing energies within you, cleanses your aura, and lets you be focused on life. Therefore, there is an endless number of benefits that you can derive from gemstone lockets.

Stone Pendants that Cater to Your Faith: Stunning Religious Designs

Religions give life to gem pendants. Religious symbols, signs, mantras, seeds etc. are used in the designs of these pendants with gemstones. The common types of designs in religious stone pendants are.

  1. Sun gemstone pendant: The stone pendant designs for female features a Sunstone cabochon in an oval cut, set in the middle and has metallic fire artwork on the sides of the stone.
  2. Swastika gemstone pendant: This places cubic zircons or other gemstones along the design of the symbol.
  3. Shree Ganesha gemstone pendant: The superfine quality of this pendant sculpts Lord Ganesha and places certain tiny gemstones and diamonds on his trunk.
  4. Cross gemstone pendant: Gemstone like moonstones give the shape to the cross to look adorable and stunning on a woman. 

Find the Perfect Stone Pendant Design from Luxaore

Finding a good stone pendant design has never been so easy because Luxaore is the right and trusted store for purchasing gemstone pendants. Our collection of the latest designs of gemstone pendants is thrilling and you will keep coming back to us. We offer great deals and discounts on our gem stone pendants for women who want to feel special.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of gemstones are commonly used in pendants?

The common types of gemstones used to make pendants are topaz, sapphire emerald, pearl, jasper, quartz, amethyst, garnet, and citrine.

Are gemstone pendants expensive?

No, gemstone pendants aren’t expensive in Luxaore. Our high-quality gemstone pendants will cost you less because we directly source our natural gemstones from mines, which leads us to offer their pendants in gold and silver at affordable price ranges.

How should I care for my gemstone pendant?

Caring for your gemstone pendant is crucial to keep the condition of the gemstone good. So always clean it with warm water and mild liquid soap by keeping the pendant in the solution for around 20 minutes. You can then gently try to polish the pendant with a clean toothbrush to take off all the grime from its top. Lastly, rewash the pendant in normal water and dry it quickly with a cloth. Now, store the pendant in the jewellery box whenever you aren’t wearing it to keep it far away from sunlight and water.

Can I wear a gemstone pendant as a healing crystal?

Yes, you can wear a gemstone pendant like an emerald pendant as a healing crystal to keep the gemstone in direct touch with your skin. As a result, you will soon feel surrounded with positive energies that will help you out of any further misfortunes in life.

Which stone is best for a pendant?

Many stones can become the best for pendants. It depends on your choice and the astrological alignment of the planets. But Stones like blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, coral, pearl, and garnet are great for pendants to style in traditional salwar and western jeans.

Can we wear gemstones as a pendant?

Yes, you can wear gemstones in a pendant. It is the second best option, just after rings. Wearing a gemstone like that will deliver you the best results because it will always touch your skin to give you effective healing results.

Which is better ring or pendant?

Both rings and pendants are good in their ways. Unless you have religious beliefs, it is ideal to wear rings on your fingers as they can harness the cosmic energies of planets better. Also, a pendant is good for keeping up with faith and religious spirit.

What are the benefits of wearing gemstone pendant?

Gemstone pendants benefit anyone as they can assist you better with their powerful, energetic, and spiritual healing properties. While wearing a gemstone pendant such as a ruby pendant, its energy will influence you totally to create a positive vibe around you.