Women's Gold Chains & Necklaces

Explore our stylish and trending collection of women's gold chains & necklace designs. Choose from a variety of beautiful original gold chain necklace designs like choker necklaces, fashion necklaces, link necklaces and modern simple lightweight long gold necklaces online at Luxaore. Each female gold chain or necklace piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite latest attractive ladies gold chains and necklaces delivered within 3-5 days.

Women's Gold Chains & Necklaces

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Unveiling the Beauty of Women's Gold Chains and Necklaces

A woman is complete with a gold chain and necklace. Gold is considered Goddess Lakshmi’s auspiciousness, so wearing a gold chain and necklace augments the wealth and femininity of a woman.

Indian necklaces and chains need no introduction as they have been popular since Mahabharata and Ramayana. Sooner or later, they became an integral part of every Indian woman and their household. 

However, gold chains and necklaces after entering into the world of fashion received much acclamation for being an enthralling adornment. Today, modern and fashion-forward women are leaving no stone unturned to style the latest and quintessential designs of gold chains and necklaces.

The beauty and richness of gold chains and necklaces captivate anyone’s heart. The warm golden colour of gold is alluring and, therefore perfect for matching summer and spring outfits. All of which give a young modern look to a woman.

Dazzling Designs and Styles of Women's Gold Chains

Gold chains have been the favourites among modern and fashionable women. The versatility and modern gold necklace designs have instantly bewitched them. Moreover, a gold jewellery design makes a woman feel sophisticated, smart, timeless, bold, and trendy. There are a few popular styles of gold chain design for ladies, gaining popularity worldwide.

  1. Gold cable chain necklace: This classic piece is very eye-catching with its dainty, simple, and sleek design. It is popularly paired with a pendant or teardrop charms. The round interconnected links form the chain. Such a timeless chain can empower any casual to formal attire.
  2. Gold box chain necklace: A box or Venetian gold chain that has round or square-shaped interlocked links is a mass favourite. Both types of links look equally beautiful on a woman to shine bright and look sleek. Wear this lightweight gold necklace set with an off-shoulder top or frock.
  3. Gold curb chain necklace: This unisex chain looks extremely good with or without a pendant. Its round interconnected links lay flat against the skin. This fancy gold chain for ladies can be paired with suits, blazers, or full-sleeved tops.
  4. Gold rope chain necklace: The famous rope or hip-hop chain has large or small twisted links, making it look like a rope. It can be worn with a pendant hanging from it, else does a good job as a standalone piece. Jazz up your style by wearing a rope chain with ripped jeans, denim tops, and multicolour jackets.
  5. Gold tennis chain necklace: An endless sparkling of this gold chain is enchanting to many. A tennis chain has a row of dazzling diamonds or other gemstones placed close to each other. Tennis chains are available in choker lengths as well as long ones. This visually appealing chain upgrades your festive outfits effortlessly.

Styling Tips: Making a Statement with Gold Chain for Women

Styling gold chains from a variety of styles and lengths of chains shows diverse fashion tastes. The thumb rule to style a gold chain is to look straight into your wardrobe and thereby find the right dress to match it.

An oversized rope chain or Cuban link chain is a statement piece that goes perfectly with a strapless dress of a darker shade along a heavy earrings, and a chunky bracelet. For a subtle look, choose dainty and classic-looking gold chains like cable and box chains.

Those women who wear turtlenecks sweaters and tops can prefer long and thin gold chains like snake and lace. Other than that those opting for off-shoulder dresses can decorate their neckline well with choker style tennis or Figaro gold chain.

Even face shape should be considered when you style a gold chain. Women with round faces should never go for thick or shorter chains. Only thin chains can make your face prominent. 

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Women's Gold Chain Length Guide

As we mentioned earlier, gold chains for women come in different lengths. The standard and perfect length for a gold chain is between 20 and 24 inches. The other lengths 14, 16, and 18 inches are also preferred. 14” is somewhat like a choker, 16” touches the collarbone, and 18” falls below the throat at the collarbone and is popular for adding a pendant.

Gold chains with 20 inches fall a few inches below the collarbone, 22 falls at or above the neckline, and 24 falls below the neckline. Lastly, a 36 inches exists which is oversized and hangs from the neck going beyond the bust. To suggest, for layering purposes and love for chunkier chains should go for lengths beyond 24 inches. Style light and dainty with 20 to 24 inches of chains.

The Price of Elegance: Investing in Women's Gold Chains

When buying gold chains for the first time, you need to keep a few things in mind — check for the gold purity level(Karats/K) and the gold weight. The purity level of gold is the amount of gold present in a chain. The higher the level, the purer the gold is.

The most common types of purity levels are 24K, 18K, 14K, and 10K. It is advised to choose a gold set design with a purity of 22K or 18K because they are good for daily use. They are durable against scratches and cracks compared to 24K which is soft and pliable.

Apart from following this step, ask for the gold karat weight. A superior quality of chain with higher karat of gold will have more weight hence, pricing it higher than the rest. 

Captivating Trends in Gold Chains for Women

The recent trends come in the form of gold chains for women. One of the most significant trends is wearing gold tennis chokers with formal or party wear. The versatility of tennis necklaces pave for a casual white shirt and denim jeans to a formal gown.

The next chain link necklace is noticeable and is mainly of two kinds — paperclip chains and their thicker counterpart. Their uniqueness is to pair them in layers and even with other forms of chains.

Also, there is an unending love for locket necklaces, pearl necklaces, celestial chains, nameplated chains, charm necklaces, and dainty chains. Dainty or delicate chains offer minimalistic style whereas, charm necklaces with drooping charms are a token of love.

Celestial chains hold either of the celestial planets like the Sun, Moon, and stars. Pearl is still going strong in 2023 and its necklace featuring irresistible lustre captivates the mind. Lastly, both locket necklaces and nameplated chains are sentimental pieces for keeping memories alive but in flair.

Shop the Collection: Discover Women's Gold Chains & Necklaces

Luxaore is a one-stop shop to discover over 100+ gold chains and necklace designs. You will be in total awe to see so many trendy women's gold chain models under one roof of Luxaore. Our collection has traditional and modern designs that are game-changers in making the best style statements.

Not only that, we have plenty of intricate latest gold chain design options in Luxaore, but we also use precious metals in all our chains and necklaces to deliver top-quality items at your doorway. We improve your shopping experience with us by providing EMI, Pay Later, and great discount offers at every purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Women's Gold Chains Special?

Gold chains are special because they are easy to wear, especially the thin ones, which can be layered with pendants or charms. Simple, thinner serpentine chains can bring elegance to urban outfits like jeans, skirts, and t-shirts.

Are Women's Gold Chains a Timeless Fashion Statement?

Yes, gold chains are always in style and demand as timeless fashion statements. Moreover, gold chains are worth their weight in gold, for their value tends to increase over time.

What's the Best Way to Clean Women's Gold Chains?

Cleaning gold chains is vital to keep them in good condition and for long-lasting shine. So start by soaking your gold chain in a mixture of 6 small cups of warm water and 1 teaspoon of ammonia for 5 minutes. Rinse the chain under normal water once you are done with soaking. Pat dry it with a soft cloth after that. Ammonia is a powerful metal cleanser that easily takes off the oil and grime from the surface of the gold chain. Remember to do this occasionally and on new gold chains only.

What Occasions Are Women's Gold Chains Suitable for as Gifts?

Gold chains for women are great gifts for gifting your mother, sister, or friend on their birthday or anniversary other than on festivals. You can send a special thin rope gold chain to your sister for her anniversary and a ball chain to your mother on her 50th birthday.

How to Ensure the Gold Chain's Authenticity?

All our gold items come with a BIS Hallmark and authenticity certificate. So your purchase with Luxaore is a secure one.

Can I Trust Online Purchase for Authentic Women's Gold Chains?

Yes, you can trust websites like Luxaore to purchase authentic gold chains. We show BIS hallmark certificates on our site for each piece of gold chain. Also, buying a gold chain will get you that certificate inside the chain box. 

What Determines the Price of Women's Gold Chains?

The price of gold chains is determined by the design of the chain, purity, and weight of gold used in every piece. The weight of gold is a prime factor impacting gold chains' pricing. The more the weight, the more expensive the chain has to become. Coming to the purity level, if the chain is made out of pure gold(24K), it will be priced more than other purity levels like 14K, 18K, and 22K.

How Do I Measure the Ideal Length for My Women's Gold Chain?

The easiest way to measure your gold chain is with an existing chain that suits you with outfits. It can be either a chain necklace or a necklace with a pendant to measure the length of the new chain. Further, follow our jewellery guide page to know how to proceed with the measuring processes.

How much gold is in a small chain?

A small and thin chain can have 2 grams of gold, while a thick small chain can contain 3 to 5 grams of gold.

Which gold chain type is strongest?

Gold chains of solid type are the strongest and most durable of all other chain types. These chains, like gold wheat chains, are of 1.5 mm thickness, having 14K or 18K of gold, and other alloy metals are the strongest.

What length chain for a woman?

A woman’s chain should usually be between 16 and 20 inches, with 18 inches being the popular length for any woman.

What is the minimum grams for gold chain?

The minimum requirement of gold in a gold chain with 1.5 to 6.5 mm thickness and length of 16 to 30 inches would be more than 3 grams.

Is it better to buy 22 or 24 carat gold?

A 24K carat of gold has pure 99.9% of gold, whereas 22K is 91.67% with 8.3% of other alloyed metals. So 24K gold is less durable compared to 22K as it is vulnerable to scratches and damages if worn every day. If you have no plan to wear it anytime soon, you can purchase one 24K gold for its increasing value that runs over time.

What are some of the latest gold chain designs?

Some of the latest designs of gold chains are curb links, chunky dual-tone, and lightweight box chains. These chains are durable and are made of either 18K or 14K of solid gold to wear daily.

How to keep gold chains/necklaces clean?

You can make your precious gold chain or necklace shiny again by putting it in a liquid mixture of dish soap and a little spoon of ordinary baking soda. Let the jewellery soak the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. The soap and soda will help the chain to dissolve all its stains and rust from its surface. If you have some time on your hands, you can brush the chain with a kid’s toothbrush to remove further discoloration from it. Lastly, take a new soft cloth to wipe out the residues from the chain and to dry out.

Is a 22k gold chain the best for daily use?

Yes, a 22K gold chain is best for daily use because it has strength from silver and copper for around 8.3%. So it can easily handle scratches, tangles, and other damages.

Is 1.4gm gold chain strong enough to hold a pendant?

No, a 1.4 g gold chain is too lightweight and fragile to hold a heavy pendant but can hang a small pendant. The chain's strength depends on the Karat of gold and the weight of the pendant. If it is an 18K 1.4 gm gold chain, it can easily support a light pendant, while a 22K will not even tackle that because they are softer than an 18K chain.