Women's Gold Pendants

Explore our stylish collection of trending design women's gold pendants. Choose from a variety of beautiful original fancy gold locket for ladies like simple traditional gold pendant or modern light weight gold locket design online at the best prices. Each gold locket for girls is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite attractive female gold pendants delivered within 3-5 days.

Women's Gold Pendants

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Elevate Your Style with Exquisite Gold Pendants for Women

The history of gold pendants is as old as the Harappan Civilization. So it was almost 4700 years ago when gold necklaces with gold pendants were excavated from the Indus Valley. It shows that pendants were among the most favourite jewellery for women. This scenario hasn’t changed much because modern women have an ardent love for a gold pendant that stood the test of time to prove its worth. Gold pendants holding the symbol of social status and wealth play a pivotal role in cultural and religious aspects. Often married women wear a gold pendant, suspended in a mangalsutra to show their marital status and commitment to the marital life. The use of pendants is not restricted to that, even unmarried women and young girls style gold pendants to enhance their beauty and fashion. Now that, there are many latest gold pendant designs featuring traditional, modern, contemporary, and fusion arts for a woman to experiment with different fashion styles by wearing a new pendant every day. 

Women's Gold Pendant Elegance: Designs and Styles

Nowadays, modern gold pendant designs for female promise to enchant you with all sorts of alluring designs. The world of gold pendants keeps getting glamorous and radiant with luxurious pieces of these pendants. So explore some of the new gold pendant designs with us to find the perfect one for you.

  1. Floral gold pendant: A floral pendant is a symbol of life, love, vitality, and femininity. The beauty in the design of the flower gives a positive vibe, class, and refinement to your look. This pendant is all about a lovely floral motif in gold plating that looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Wearing this pendant with an ethnic suit would create an unbeatable fashion.
  2. Religious gold pendant: This kind of gold locket isn’t a mere piece of jewellery. Religious gold lockets for women serves the purpose of faithfulness and loyalty towards a particular religion. They offer hope and inspiration during bad phases of life. You get to connect to the divine beings through such pendants gold pendant for girls. For example, a lustrous Shree Ganesha gold pendant is very auspicious and protects you from misfortune whilst an Om gold pendant chants a sacred mantra “Om” to energize our souls. Style this pendant with any outfit of your choice.
  3. Evil eye gold pendant: This gold pendant design for female with a striking blue eye is a talisman to protect you from evil eyes, negative energies, and bad spirits. Add this stylish pendant to your jewellery stash and elevate a simple look with it.
  4. Geometric gold pendant: This gold pendant comes in different shapes like square, triangle, rectangle etc. giving it a sleek feel. They are ideal for a casual outing, a business meeting, or a romantic date night. 

Styling Tips for Gold Pendant for Women:

Styling a gold pendant set correctly can open the door to being the best fashionista. Before wearing a gold pendant, make sure to remember a few important tips and tricks to avoid making a bad fashion. Pay attention to the length and width of the chain. It is good to pair a thick chain for carrying a bulky pendant and vice-versa for simple gold locket. Also, the standard size of the chain should be between 20 and 24 inches for hanging a pendant otherwise, the chain will dominate the appearance of the pendant or be overlooked. Even wearing more than one pendant is a bad choice. Wear one at a time. In that way, the pendant will be visible to all that speaks about your persona without you having to utter a single word. Following these steps can maintain a good style denoting the right fashion sense.

Price Range of Gold Lockets for Women:

The price of gold locket is influenced by certain factors that ultimately decide their market value. Those prevailing factors are the gold purity level (Karat), the weight of the pure gold, and lastly the intricacy of the pendant’s design. The gold purity level stands for the amount of gold in the pendant. There are a few common types of purity level — 24K or Karat is the purest of all with 99.9% gold and other than this there are 22K, 18K, 14K etc. Choosing a gold pendant of 20K to 10K ensures durability and resistance to changing weather conditions. Also, the weight of the pure gold content matters when you buy a gold pendant because you are going to pay for the actual gold and not other alloys used in the pendant. To make the purchase a little easier, just check the hallmark stamp on the pendant or ask for a hallmark certificate to ensure the authenticity. Furthermore, looking at the precise detailing in the pendant’s design assures a wise investment.

Where to Buy the Perfect Women's Gold Pendant

Luxaore is the most trusted and reliable online retailer for purchasing gold pendants. Our collection of gold pendants for female has many traditional to contemporary styles of design for catering to the different tastes of women. Along with that, we promise to provide you with the best deal in the section of gold pendant for girls to buy at compelling rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Women's Gold Pendant?

Follow our tips for cleaning and maintaining women’s gold pendants to retain their shine. Use a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid soap in a half bowl of water to bathe the pendant. Next, rinse the pendant with cold water and clean it with a soft cloth.

Can I Customize a Women's Gold Pendant?

Yes, customize a women’s gold pendant at Luxaore. We are here to make a pendant with your innovative design within your budget. Our team will contact you immediately after you fill out the form on our custom jewellery page. As our artist sketches your design and everything else gets approved by you, we will start making the gold pendant in your style. Soon after which, we will send you the pendant securely within five days.

Is a Women's Gold Pendant a Suitable Gift for Special Occasions?

Yes, a women’s gold pendant is suitable for gifting your mother, colleague, or sister on special occasions like marriage, anniversary, birthday, or engagement. Gift your friend a heart pendant on her anniversary and make your mother feel special with an Om pendant to revitalize her religious spirits.

Can women's gold pendants be worn on different chain styles?

Yes, you can wear gold pendants on different chain styles like curb or snake and others to play around with the style. However, a pendant with solid gold looks great with both short and long chains, making them look like statement pieces.

What karat of gold is commonly used for women's pendants?

22K of gold is commonly used in Karat for making women’s pendants. It is because they are more rigid and durable than 24K gold pendant, which is delicate and easy to break. So, the 22K gold pendant is used mainly for traditional and ceremonial functions of India, like festivals, for their significance as gold.

What does a gold pendant symbolize?

Gold pendants symbolize many things, such as love and commitment, status and wealth, faith and self-expression, and hope and peace. So they can be worn as a reminder of your faith, love, wealth, or others like bold fashion statements.