Watch Size Guide


Buying a new watch is exciting but can also be overwhelming. To ensure you find the perfect timepiece, consider all factors and watch out for pitfalls. Use this ultimate watch-buying guide to simplify the process and find your ideal watch.

Step 1

To measure your wrist accurately, extend your arm and turn your forearm so that your palm faces upwards, keeping your hand open. This position will result in the largest measurement of your wrist. Avoid rotating your wrist inward or closing your hand, as it may cause the measurement to be slightly smaller than the actual size.

Step 2

To measure the wrist, you should place the tape measure on the wrist bone or just above it (closer to the elbow). The exact location may vary based on a person's unique physical characteristics, but this is usually where the wrist is the narrowest. This makes it easier to get accurate measurements.

Step 3

When measuring your wrist, ensure the tape is snug against your skin, with no gaps or slack. However, it should not be so tight that it causes your skin to bulge or stretch. The tape measure should fit comfortably and accurately around your wrist. That’s it, you have your wrist size!

Step 4

When buying a watch, consider your wrist measurement and choose a case diameter within the typical 38mm to 46mm range. For wrist measurements of 14cm to 18cm, select a small or medium size (38mm, 40mm, or 42mm). For wrist measurements of 18cm or larger, choose a larger size (44mm to 46mm).

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