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Explore our best stylish collection of mens neck chains. Choose from a variety of mens chain designs like cool neck chains or artificial modern chains for men online at Luxaore. Each chain for boys is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite mens chains delivered within 3-5 days.

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Artificial Chain for Men: Latest, Hottest Trends!

If I tell you about men’s jewellery, your mind will go straight to a simple wedding band ring or a normal lightweight chain, barely visible and loosely hanging.

Traditions have defined men to maintain their ‘masculinity’, and jewellery did not align with that. But thankfully, times have changed for the better today. 

Old norms have been broken, and now it's considered attractive to wear lightweight men's chain necklaces. However, gents who wear jewellery may not know the best styles and materials of men's chains that will suit their outfits and personalities.

That’s right! Jewellery is a huge part of your personality. Adding a simple boy's neck chain with a locket to your outfit would add a lot of character to how people perceive you. So the choices you make have a lot of effect on you and the people around you.

This is why you need to have the basic idea to make the right choices for neck chains for men. No need to worry if you feel lost - we're here to help you find the best chains for men that match your unique personality.

Choose the Perfect Color Artificial Chain to Complement Your Style

Before we jump into the details about types of male necklaces and pendants, colour should be your top priority when choosing a gents neck chain. Not every colour complements every skin tone. So check what kind of colour material is working for you.

  • Gold Color: The artificial gold chain for men is a mark of wealth and luxury. Gold or rose gold style chains and necklaces add a great touch of sophistication. You can opt for any kind of artificial gold chain with pendant you want.
  • Silver Color: Silver colour chain necklaces for males are a popular choice for those who prefer a more understated yet sophisticated look. You can opt for any kind of stylish sterling silver men's necklace style with your choice of pendant you want; sterling silver has 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.
  • White Color: A lot of people think that white gold and platinum are the same. But they are, in fact, completely different materials and just look alike. White colour cool chains for guys are ideal for those who want to look different.

Different Types of Men's Chains

When it comes to different types of designs, men's fashion necklaces have a surprising number. A huge variety of designs and styles of men's chains available in the market makes it easy to discover the ideal one for the individual. Some famous and popular gents chains designs can be found below: 

  • Rope chain: For a subtle yet classy look, rope chains are great options. This men's thin chain style will subtly reach over the collar. These kinds of rope chains can be worn on a date night when you want to look good but do not want your jewellery to overpower your outfit. 
  • Cross chains: Cross chains can be considered to be one of the most versatile kinds. These stylish chains go with every kind of outfit and on every occasion. These simple chains for men also come in various material options ranges. Versatile and striking, men's cross chains can effortlessly make you fashionable and stylish, making them ideal for a casual party look.
  • Diamond chains: Sophisticated chains for boys, like a diamond chain or a pearl chain, should be treated the same way. Diamond chains are very versatile in nature, especially for men. These men's jewellery chains come as thin and thick chains and add class to your look. However, while there are subtle options, too, if you are thinking of diamonds, you should go for big diamonds! 
  • Cuban chains: If you are thinking of Cuban chains, you are most likely inspired by our hot-shot rappers in the industry. This fancy chain for men is made of oval links that are ideally fused together to form a rather thick chain. Now, this can be of gold colour or silver colour material, but most opt for pure silver because of its shine. These are the kind of ‘cool chains’ that ‘cool kids’ are wearing. 
  • Curb chains: Men's curb chains are a lot like cable chains. These cool necklaces for men have similar patterns of twisted links. The only difference is that curb chains are flattened, which gives it a uniform and gives it a more sophisticated look. The beauty of these male neck chain designs is that you can pair them with Snake chains or Herringbone Chains, be they thick or thin and even any material.

Different Types of Men's Necklaces

While standalone gold colour and silver colour male chains look great, sometimes it is good to mix things up with pendants. You will find a myriad of options in pendants that look and feel great. When it comes to thoughtful and personalized gifts for boyfriends, best men's necklace options like heart or couple name necklace designs are always a great choice. Some pendants set for men that go well with couple or snake chains are mentioned below: 

  • Dog tags- These pendants are usually found in stainless steel materials. They are plain or graphic rectangular trendy pendants that loosely hang over your neck and give you an impish look. 

Looking to Buy Premium Quality Men's Chains Online?

Look innovative and style voguish with picks from Luxaore’s shimmering range of fashion artificial chains for men. Choose from dainty chains to chunky, bold, long chains to keep up with your attitude.

Luxaore truly believes that online shopping is for all. So shop online at Luxaore to find exciting pieces of designer chains in unbeatable quality and the best deals. Our men's chain styles have the perfect finish to add to your outfit.

We bring you a multitude of designs and patterns in all our men's accessories chains. We serve the latest styles in this range of men’s chains. Some iconic necklace designs for men we offer are rope, Figaro, snake, box, cable, and Cuban chains.

You can easily access all these quality chains without making a hole in your pocket. Our uncomplicated browsing, selection, and payment steps are great for making your shopping experience enjoyable.

A BIS Hallmark and certificates approve our chains of their authenticity. Furthermore, you will find men’s fashion chains in additional discounts while paying with credit cards. We help you get your chains in Pay Later, EMI, and a 7-day return/replacement policy for great shopping satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a gold color men's chain every day?

Yes, you can wear a gold-plated men’s chain every day. However, you should never take this chain to your shower as water can cause gold to fade its color over time. You can wear an 18k or 14k gold chain because they are likely to be more durable than 24k for their composition of 25% to 30% of other metals.

What kind of necklace should men wear?

There are many kinds of necklaces for men to wear. Men can wear dog tags with a casual t-shirt for daily fashion, pendant necklaces are elegant pieces of design for pairing with a subtle white blazer for the office, and leather necklaces can get you a dapper look for the party in warm shades of a colorful shirt.

What is the most popular type of men's chain?

There are several popular types of men’s chains. One of those is a rope chain with a durable link structure, a spiga chain with four strands of twisted links, and a cable chain with oval links for easy hanging of a pendant for men.

What length should my men's chain be?

An ideal length for a men’s chain varies, but the average length is 18 to 24 inches, which falls at the collarbone. However, if you want slightly longer chains, the length will be between 30 inches and beyond. Choose the length that suits your style and preference.

Can I wear a silver chain with a gold pendant?

Yes, you can wear a silver chain with a gold pendant as it is completely safe to mix these two metals for it is a popular trend in fashion. Mix a thin silver curb chain with a gold heart pendant to balance out both the jewellery well.

Can I wear multiple chains at once?

Yes, you can layer multiple chains of various lengths at once. Wearing two or three chains at the most should be done to achieve the perfect layered look. For instance, you can comfortably style a curb chain with a rope and ball chain of varying lengths with pendants for an outstanding style.

Can I wear a men's chain with a suit?

Yes, you can obviously wear a chain with a suit. The simplest way to style a chain for a formal look with a suit is by wearing a small delicate metal chain of gold or silver over a collared shirt with an open suit. That would only make the entire look great as you.

Is an 18 or 20 inch chain better?

Both 18 and 20-inch chains are good. But 20 inches is better because 20 is an average size that falls at the men’s collarbone and is great for wearing inside and outside a shirt. An 18-inch chain is shorter than 20 inches which can neither drag a pendant well nor draw much attention towards the look due to its shorter length.