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Explore our best stylish and trending designs of men's gemstone bracelets. Choose from a variety of genuine healing gemstone bracelets for men like handmade gemstone bracelets, mini rainbow gemstone bracelets or semi precious stone bracelets for men online at the best price. Each gemstone bracelet piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite good luck gemstone bracelets delivered within 3-5 days.

Men's Gemstone Bracelets

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Attract more Power With Men's Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstones aren’t just attractive but are thought to alter a human’s destiny by giving a peaceful mind and positive energies. Different planets represent different gemstones for removing unfavourable conditions from one’s life caused due to the bad influence of that planet. For example, Ruby (Manik) represents the planet Sun further helping to take off bad planetary influences from you. In Vedic astrology, there are many other popular beliefs linked to different gemstones for spiritual welfare and healing practices. In another instance, Amethyst is thought to give mental clarity, focus, and spiritual empowerment. Self-expression is the key to superiority in men’s fashion. This encourages the art of styling gemstones in bracelets. Every gemstone bracelet design lends its unique character to the wrist. For like leather bracelets show rugged masculinity, while metal bracelets look chic and beaded bracelets give a touch of free-spirited bohemian. Therefore, a mix and match of different bracelets reflects a diverse personality and style.

Types of Men's Gemstone Bracelets:

The world of men’s gemstone bracelets caters to a variety of fashion tastes. Let’s explore a few of the latest gemstone bracelets that you may like to have them.

Bold Onyx Gemstone Bracelets

Onyx is a deep black gemstone, and placing them on bracelets turns them bold and heavenly. If you seek strength, confidence, and positivity in life, you might feel right after wearing this beautiful onyx bracelet.

Pairing some onyx bracelets with a scoop neck t-shirt and parachute pants, and small studs can complement the look appropriately.

Serene Lapis Lazuli Bracelets

Lapis lazuli has a deep blue hue, which makes it ideal for men to become calm and relaxed. If you are short-tempered and impatient about everything, the lapis lazuli bracelet is for you.

Further, this bracelet is great for attaining higher spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Styling them is simple as they function well with any wardrobe outfit like a cardigan, blazer, vest, denim shirt, kurta, etc.

Protective Tiger's Eye Bracelets

Tiger’s eye bracelets are your protector to save you from big life problems and barriers. You can differentiate them with their distinct chatoyancy effect that defines their true protective aura.

This aura safeguards men of evil spirits and inspires them to rise in courage. Stack a tiger’s eye bracelet with two thin bracelets with a tracksuit and a knitted shirt for a cool effect.

Energizing Hematite Bracelets

Feel energetic and focused with a hematite bracelet. If you have professional goals and want to prosper in business, this bracelet is the right choice. It motivates you to do better in life.

To aim for a classic look, style this bracelet with a classic chain bracelet, a signet ring, and two different types of necklaces with a formal outfit.

Calming Amethyst Gemstone Bracelets

Amethyst is known for its soothing purple colour. They are popular to soothe the mind from tension, anxiety, and depression. So, if you are going through any of these, you must put on an amethyst bracelet at the earliest on your wrist.

It will heal you from deep inside. Further, they are great for achieving amazing looks. Wear a lavender shirt and other gold or silver accessories with an amethyst bracelet.

Grounding Black Obsidian Bracelets

Black obsidian is a stone to ward off negativity within and around you. Men with unstable minds should wear this bracelet to acquire stability in life. Pull off a great style with a black obsidian bracelet and a matching black or white suit or shirt.

Balancing Rose Quartz Bracelets 

A stone which is so pure is rose quartz. It is filled with love, affection, and sensuality. Are you facing a lack of love from your partner? If yes, then this bracelet is for you. By starting to wear this bracelet, your love life will revive.

How do you look chic with it? You can efficiently wear it on your left wrist and other choicest bracelets on the opposite side along a casual tee.

Strength-Enhancing Garnet Bracelets

Garnet bracelets ignite the fire of passion and vitality in men. With their rich red tones, they help men for striving personal and professional life growth.

Spiritual Labradorite Gemstone Bracelets

Labradorite is a stone of spirituality. This bracelet is to awaken your spiritual powers and self-consciousness by drawing mysteries of the universe towards your soul.

It will connect you profoundly with your inner self. Amaze everyone around you by matching this bracelet with a grey or white shirt and boots.

Confidence-Boosting Carnelian Bracelets

Carnelian bracelets radiate confidence and courage. Their warm orange hues are for stimulating creativity and strength in men.

Choosing the Perfect Gemstone Bracelet:

Many gemstone bracelets can be paired perfectly with combinations of outfits and other jewellery. Now, the popular fashion we see is layering or stacking of bracelets. Take advantage of this trend to make the best style out of gemstone bracelets.

These bracelets include various coloured gems suitable to mix and match with other coloured gem bracelets, outfits, and other different accessories. When it comes to mixing two or more gem bracelets, avoid clashing the same colours of gems.

For instance, do not pair a ruby bracelet with a red garnet. Always choose different colours and textures of gemstone bracelets. You can mix and style each from our fire, water, and earth stone collections.

Pick a fire opal bracelet from fire, a moonstone bracelet from water, and an onyx bracelet from earth to stack them. Add some rings and chains to turn the look more exuberant. Experiment with other combinations of gems to create unique personalized looks every time.

Men's Gemstone Bracelet Benefits:

Whether you are drawn to gemstone bracelets for the colourful vibe or their mystical properties, we are breaking down the benefits of gemstone bracelets to select the best one for you. Even if you do not believe in the healing power of gemstones, you can still wear them. It is not to deny how good they are in giving great styles to men. 

For many men, gemstone bracelets have been a belief mostly as they are believed to cleanse, protect, and fill positive energies in men. Take the black tourmaline bracelet as an example.

This bracelet has grounding energies to protect you from evil and negative spirits. Wrapping a black tourmaline bracelet around your wrist will keep the gem touching your skin directly, helping you stay protected. 

Many gem bracelets are thought to have connections with body chakras. Each one of us has seven chakras according to Hinduism and Buddhism. If any of those chakras become imbalanced, our body can be in trouble.

So, to balance them, gem bracelets can restore their balance and keep the flow of energy as it is in them. For seven different chakras, there are different gemstone bracelets — rock quartz bracelet for the crown chakra, amethyst bracelet for third eye chakra, sodalite bracelet for the throat chakra, green fluorite bracelet for the heart chakra, tiger’s eye bracelet for solar plexus chakra, red jasper bracelet for the root chakra, and red aventurine for the sacral chakra. You can customise a chakra gemstone bracelet from us with these seven different stone beads.

Caring for Your Gemstone Bracelet: Maintenance and Cleaning Tips:

To ensure gemstone bracelets' longevity and wonderful vibrancy, proper care is essential. we will guide you on maintaining and cleaning your gemstone bracelet.

Regular cleaning and polishing: 

Cleaning and polishing are two important steps to prevent your gemstone bracelet from losing shine and accumulating dirt. Add a bowl of lukewarm water and a few drops of mild jewellery solution. Let the bracelet soak for around 5 to 7 minutes.

Use a soft kid’s toothbrush to polish the bracelet gently. Finish off by rinsing the bracelet under normal tap water and dry it with a cotton cloth. Make sure to clean the bracelet often to keep its power and beauty intact for years.

Storing and protecting your gemstone bracelet:

Most gemstones in bracelets are hard, but some aren’t, so it is good to keep all of them protected and stored in the right place. Protect your gemstone bracelet by removing them while doing household chores and other heavy tasks.

Take them off in a pool or shower because they are prone to build cracks in water. Sometimes, they can get scratches and dents when you store them with other jewellery, so keep them in our jewellery box to stay well-kept.

Where to Find the Best Men's Gemstone Bracelets:

Looking for the newest gemstone bracelet designs for men? You have visited the best online store to find affordable, elegant gemstone bracelets. Let us tell you why Luxaore is a trusted and reliable platform for delivering gemstone bracelets.

Reputable online and in-store retailers:

If you are seeking genuine gemstone bracelets, Luxaore is there for you. We have a large collection of gemstone bracelets. From blue sapphire to aquamarine, you get what you demand from us. We have opened up a world of stylish, sophisticated, gorgeous, and affordable gemstone bracelet designs that are best for glamming up occasionally and everyday wear.

Our bracelets are available in lightweight and heavy versions depending on intricate designs and gemstone carats. Explore the entire section of gemstone bracelets to know what we offer. These bracelets give men outstanding healing benefits to improve their ways of life. There is no chance of you not loving our certified gemstone bracelets.

As for your favourite bracelet, we offer a good amount of discounts on your cart value. You will be delighted to know we have EMI and Pay Later methods to buy your bracelets without having a second thought.

Customization and personalization options:

When you are at Luxaore, you can ask us for customised gemstone bracelets. We ardently take care of the whole customisation process and pledge to bring satisfactory results to your dream gemstone bracelet. As much as you enjoy your piece back home, we will do the same in crafting and delivering it.

Our customisation procedure is very easy as you need to fill out our contact form on the custom jewellery page and relax. The next steps are on us since our jewellery consultant will take charge of contacting you to discuss your choice of design, gemstones, engravings, and budget.

On deciding upon the design, our designer will sketch and set it in 3D form on the bracelet and will set the gemstones. It is time for you to enjoy this special piece of joy.

Why Choose?

Luxaore is to give you definite style, advantages, and happiness through our gemstone bracelets. Our diverse designs of bracelets will catch your eyes, and the breathtaking shine of gemstone bracelets will keep you hooked. Shop now to fall in love with your wrist every time you adorn our gemstone bracelet.

We have the finest quality gemstones that we source directly from the best mines. They are 100% genuine and certified by India’s topmost labs. Choose us for fabulous discounts on any gemstone bracelet in Pay Later and EMI with an assured 7-day return/replacement policy.


Need some variety in gemstone bracelets? Luxaore has heard you right and brought 100+ designs in gemstone bracelets. We have almost a thousand varieties of gemstones in our store for bracelets.

You can choose accordingly or select from our prevailing range. Some of the gemstones we serve you are ruby, emerald, zircon, iolite, opal, pearl, sapphire, hessonite, amethyst and many others.


Luxaore meet your requirements for affordable gemstone bracelets. All of our gem bracelets are priced low, but that doesn’t mean they are low in quality or fail to benefit men in any way. When you are at Luxaore, you need not think about prices.

We provide gem bracelets at superb discounts, and to lower that more, pay us through a credit card to add extra discounts at checkout. Our additional EMI and Pay Later allowances are for a seamless experience.

100% certified by government labs

Each of our gemstone bracelets is certified by labs. We provide authenticity certificates on our website and with your purchase. Our certificates prove the best quality and the authenticity of the gemstones we set on bracelets. Through this, you can stay aware of making the right choice from the right trusted place.

Easy Return/Replacement Policy

Luxaore runs a simple return and exchange policy. We have a 7-day exchange and return policy on your gemstone bracelets. You can exchange your gemstone bracelet with a new one or return it for a full refund. Our support assistant will manage your request as soon as possible and help you by providing details. Feel free to contact us via call or mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a men's Gemstone bracelet cost?

The cost of a men’s gemstone bracelet varies depending on the gemstone’s quality, cut, clarity, colour, and carat alongside the metal and metalwork of the band. In India, it can go from Rs. 10,000 up to 60,000.

Who can wear Gemstone bracelets?

Anyone can wear gemstone bracelets. However, every gemstone has some energetic properties that can bring positive energies to you. For example, an amethyst bracelet can help you to soothe your anxiety, promote calmness, and give positive emotions while a carnelian bracelet is for renewing intuitions and creativity.

How to wear a men's Gemstone bracelet?

You can start by wearing one or two bracelets on one wrist and a watch or bracelet on the opposite wrist. You can stack two thinner cuff pearl bracelets  with one thick emerald bracelet for a suave look.

Where to buy the best Gemstone bracelets for men?

Buy gemstone bracelets for men from reputable in-store or online retailers with details of their lab-tested certificates to prove the authenticity of the gemstones’ quality and origin. You can also opt for Luxaore to buy men’s gemstone bracelets. 

Where to buy the best Gemstone bracelets for men?

You can buy the best gemstone bracelets for men from Luxaore. We have a wide selection of gemstones for bracelets such as zircon, aquamarine, tiger’s eye, emerald and many more. The designs of our bracelets range from traditional to contemporary styles, from cuff to chain bracelets. Buy your gemstone bracelet with an authenticity certificate from us at discounts, Pay Later, and 0% interest EMI.

Why do people wear gemstone bracelets?

People wear gemstone bracelets for various purposes. Some gemstone bracelets with rubies dispel negative energies and bring positive energies, thus removing the blockages from the sensory system. Other than that, rose quartz bracelets provide calmness to the mind and clarity of thoughts. So everyone wears gemstone bracelets for different unique purposes.

Which bracelet is good for a career?

Bracelets with stones like hematite, citrine, sodalites, green aventurine, and black tourmaline when combined in one bracelet or worn separately can enhance your luck for a good career. Hence, they have a positive effect on your professional development and growth.