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Explore our stylish and latest design hand bracelets for men. Choose from a variety of new luxury design bracelets for men like evil eye, rudraksha, engraved bracelets or cool custom bracelets for men online at the best price. Each bracelet piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your exclusive wrist bracelets for men delivered within 3-5 days.

Men's Fashionable Bracelets

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Men's Bracelet

Men's bracelets have become a symbol of fashion among men. Hand bracelets for men in simple leather bands to enhance the style and look of individuals. The boy's bracelet is a more comfortable and subtle way to accessorize. 

Many people have shown interest and admiration for the hand band for men. In recent years, males have been obsessed with the luxury leather bracelets for men. These expensive men's bangle will make you look as pretty as a picture. 

However, the best thing about these bracelets is that men can grace up these accessories, unlike earlier when women only wore jewellery bracelets. They can make a bold statement by pairing artificial bracelets with a suitable outfit and complementary jewellery.

The hand bracelets for boys have a minimalistic design, making them more appealing to men. Also, these beautiful gents bracelet designs are worn as a symbol of self-expression and a way to communicate interests, values, and beliefs. 

Men's Gold and Silver Color Bracelet

While for some, the bracelet can be seen as too much jewellery for men. However, many men feel masculine and in line with fashion with bracelets. Wearing dark and oxidized jewellery has been the trend of 2023. 

However, people can’t turn their heads from traditional gold and silver bracelets for men. These bracelets are simple and elegant and are great for men of all ages. The silver colour bracelet for men is the most appealing piece of jewellery that today's millennials love. 

These sterling silver bracelet designs for men can come embellished with big stones or diamonds to make them look extra attractive to men. You can also wear silver charm bracelets, which are believed to wear off evil spirits and bring good luck. 

In contrast, the gold colour bracelet for men is a way to show status with a sense of style. You can opt for different gold bracelet designs for men. These fashionable gold bracelets for men can easily complete any outfit look and are a great way to show off your personality and confidence. 

Types of Trendy Bracelet for Boys

The magic of accessories works very quickly. Your decision will determine whether it improves or ruins your appearance. There are a few adaptable items in the men's accessory section, and bracelets are one of them. Even Bollywood's big celebrities wear men's bracelets as statement pieces and for fashion.

Here are some of the best hand bracelets for men that you can wear on your wrist.

Friendship Bracelet: These cool wrist bands for men are best to gift to your friends or your loved ones. You can create your own friendship bracelets like the paracord bracelets or buy the charm bracelets to gift. 

Pearl Bracelet: Pearls are a sign of purity and sincerity. Men love to wear pearl bracelets as it makes them feel empowered. These men's beaded bracelets are best for layering and can be worn for an everyday look. 

Also, many men use these pearls to make lucky charm bracelets for them.

Cuban Bracelets: Men love them as they are always trendy and stand out from ordinary jewellery. These mens chain bracelets are the most durable and versatile piece that men should have in their collection. The Cuban chain bracelet is often associated with luxury, sophistication, and exclusivity. 

Designer Bracelets: The designer bracelets are known for their high-quality material and craftsmanship. This assures them that they are investing in a well-made thing. The bands for boys comes in unique and exclusive designs like a Heart bracelet, Snake bracelet, Cross bracelet and evil eye bracelet for men.

Leather Bracelets: The confidence of a man can be greatly improved by men's leather bracelets. Due to the boost in confidence they provide, these vintage leather hand bracelets for men are frequently worn by men on dates, at clubs, or public events. 

Personalized Bracelets: The personalized or custom bracelet for men is a one-of-a-kind and meaningful piece of jewellery that is made to cater to a person's tastes, sentiments, or identity. One of the famous kinds of personalized bracelets is engraved bracelets for men. The custom bracelets may include a symbol of love that holds special meaning for the wearer.

Crystal bracelets: They are eye-catching men's crystal bracelet with sophisticated patterns and sparkling crystals that catch the light. The natural beauty of platinum bracelets also works the same as the crystal bracelets. Men can bring about positive changes or benefit from wearing popular crystal bracelets.

Where to Buy Best Men's Bracelets Online

Looking for men’s fashionable bracelets got easy with Luxaore. Explore our collection of refreshing new designs of hand bands for boys. These latest bracelets for men are crafted with much attention given to their intricate designs.

Our collection showcases both traditional and contemporary designed bracelets. We are currently offering over 100+ designs in fashionable bracelets. From leather to crystal bracelets, we present everything in one place.

Buying your favourite bracelet has become easier with our added options like EMI and Pay Later. You can shop online on our easy-to-use website and browse through the bracelet collection to make the best choice.

Each of our bracelets carries a BIS Hallmark and authenticity certificate at purchase. Order anywhere from India, as we deliver PAN India with free shipping to all our customers. We even give easy return and exchange opportunities to get your items exchanged or completely returned with a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bracelet should I buy for myself?

Measure your wrist using a flexible tape string to find the proper bracelet size. Add roughly 0.5-1 inch for a good fit. Most of the bracelets are adjustable so you don't have to worry about the sizing

What materials are your bracelets made of?

Our bracelets are made of silver, gold, stainless steel, leather, and beads. So we have more than 500+ types of bracelets made with these above materials and some of the bracelets here are silver and gold tennis, pearl, charm, gemstone beaded bracelets and many more.

Can I wear the bracelet in the shower or while swimming?

The materials used in the bracelet's manufacturing determine whether or not it can be worn in the shower or while swimming. Waterproof wristbands made of materials such as stainless steel or silicone are generally safe. Still, it's recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure the bracelet's durability.

Can I customize my bracelet with a personal message or design?

Yes, you can customize a bracelet with a personal message or design from Luxaore. Start making your bracelet with us by providing your details with us on the custom jewellery page. Our support team will call you next to know your bracelet design and the message you want to engrave on the bracelet. Then, our teams of professional designers will put the design and message on the bracelet as 3D printing. Once we finish making the beautiful bracelet, we will surely deliver that to you in just three days.

What type of bracelet is good for a man?

A variety of bracelets are good for a man but leather bracelets are mostly great. A plain leather bracelet is just apt for everyday use because it is a simple and chic thing. Leather bracelets made with high-quality leather have great designs on them, making them ideal for any man. Of course, the durability of leather bracelets is one of the best reasons for men to wear them daily.

How do I choose a bracelet?

You should choose a bracelet according to your preference and style. Get a minimal look with a thin dainty chain bracelet in a plain t-shirt and trousers, if you are a lover of simple looks. Generally, styling a chunky curb chain bracelet can get you that perfect bold style you often thought about having in a charcoal black tuxedo and cufflink.

What is the best bracelet for men right now?

Round box chain bracelet is the best bracelet for men right now that are on a round in trends. With their unique box chains in the bracelet, they give recognition to a man’s style. They come in various materials like silver, gold, and stainless steel with thicker to thinner styles for using them as classic or statement pieces.

Which metal bracelet is good?

Silver is good for bracelets as it is scratch-proof, strong, durable, and hypoallergenic with a shiny and sleek appearance. Bracelets made of silver can last you longer than other metals, making them a popular choice for bracelets and other jewellery because they can be worn daily without the fear of scratches.