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Explore our stylish and trending collection of fancy men's pendants & men's locket. Choose from a variety of pendant designs for men like lion pendants, unique round pendants, cross pendants or stone pendants online at the best price. Each locket piece is a true masterpiece crafted with utmost care and precision. Shop now and have your favourite mens pendants delivered within 3-5 days.

Men's Fashionable Pendants

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Unveiling Men's Pendant Fashion: From Classic to Contemporary

Men's pendants In fashion, men have an ardent love for pendants. Today, men are no longer restricted to watches and rings, but rather, their focus is more on including new fashion styles to express themselves better.

Stylish lockets for men as a fashion statement to give manly allure while others attach sentimental and meaningful, cultural, or religious values to it. There is a variety of stylish designs in men's pendant necklaces that utter richness and status for men.

From simple and classic design to modern contemporary art, pendants are set into every design for men to bling.

The Significance of Men's Pendant Necklace:

Men are dominant in fashion, with many fashionable locket designs for men. Nothing can stop them from experimenting with different fashion statements. The significance of locket pendants created men to be outspoken about their fashion tastes, choices, social status, money, and fame. Of course, men's pendants are not bound by age, gender, or ethnicity.

They are suitable to embrace any man. It makes them feel special and close to their loved ones by giving a personal touch to their locket. The bling and modernity of these fashionable pendants keep a man happy, confident, smart, and charming.

Effortlessly, men's pendants can be pulled off with any casual to formal wear. Men have compassion for pendants for not being too overpowering but subtle. Therefore, a locket for men is a symbol of self-love and self-expression.

Explore Diverse Pendant Styles:

There are countless options available in pendants for boys as well to choose from. Each of those captures the essence of fashion in them beautifully.

They stand in quality and design, making men go crazy for wearing them. These adorable locket designs for man have taken their shapes in various metals and sizes, making them preferable and budget-friendly.

There are gold, silver, and gemstone pendants for guys. Men have a special place for gold lockets in their hearts. They view them as an accent piece denoting timeless allure, masculinity, and elegance.

Men who love to look chic, bold, and expensive can style themselves with gold chains to catch people’s gaze.

While silver chains are more reasonable on the go but offer a trendy and refined look, other than this, men's stone pendants are much in action. With your choice of metal(silver or gold), they embed a sterling piece of gemstone close to your body, showing positive changes in you.

This serves both as a stylish accessory and for beneficial purposes. However, there are some more pendant designs for men, like casual, heart, cross, and statement pendants. An occasion doesn't matter when you plan to style a male pendant with an outfit.

It suits numerous outfits like — shirts, pants, t-shirts, denim, kurtas, suits, jackets, etc. Like for festivals, a gold pendant design for males can be the perfect choice for illuminating your stylish personality. 

Making a Statement with Personalized Pendants:

Customizing a pendant design for men makes it lively. It captivates the sentiments, meanings, and values of a man who wears it. Give it a personal touch by engraving names, initials, dates, or symbols that evoke emotions and thoughts for your loved ones.

Not only do the unique men's pendants enhance your look and style, but they also satisfy you. With such inscriptions, it is suitable for gifting purposes as well. For men, it can become a pendant for showing self-love or love and affection for beloved ones/family.

Whatever your purpose is, there is nothing like a beautiful inscribed pendant design that keeps memories alive. 

Styling Tips for Men's Pendants

You can grab attention by styling your pendant right. Modern era asks you to slay in trend and style with an eye-catching pendant for men. The perfect pairing of outfits and other fashion accessories can give a modest bling to your vibe.

It is like knowing your pendant design and then styling accordingly. Let’s dive into a brief guide on how you can style a particular pendant with a matching outfit.

Pendants for Different Occasions:

It starts with a royal gold pendant design for men, as it perfectly grooms a formal look in a blazer, suit, shirt, tie, and cufflinks. Make your way to grand festivals, events, or business meetings with a gold pendant.

The enchanting breeze of silver pendants for males can give swag to denim, jeans, t-shirts, and jackets. Whereas a gemstone pendant protects and hails a fashion statement.

Look attractive with this men locket in kurta pyjamas. Other than these, heart lockets for men are rightly a love statement to attract your partner on a romantic dinner date.

Similarly, display your faith and religious beliefs through a men's cross pendant to signify your simplicity, loyalty, and strength. 

Pairing Pendants with Chains:

Mixing and matching locket with chains is increasingly popular these days. Over the counter, they give men the chance to flaunt both to style better. Matching a silver pendant with a silver chain aligns the metal combination.

There are some more points to remember for such pairings. Always try to combine large men's lockets or pendants with longer chains while shorter chains with small design man lockets. Ensure not to go for thicker chains for the pendant’s bail. Layer less and be risk-free. 

Where to Find Stylish Pendant for Men

Select a chain locket design for a man from Luxaore. If you are an online buyer, you must check out Luxaore’s collection of exclusive designs of stunning pendants. You can’t ever take your eyes off our pendants.

Our collection has hundreds of pendants with various styles, designs, materials, and stones. You can think of wearing our pendants with any attire to add grace to your neckline and appearance.

To make elegant statements, you can also find neck lockets for men with natural gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, pearls, zircons, etc. The charm of every pendant is irresistible. To endure this charm, order our fashion pendants at affordable prices.

Our free shipping and high discounts ensure our customers acquire an excellent deal from Luxaore. Avail great opportunities like EMI and Pay Later alternatives to pay conveniently.

We have set our service high with a guaranteed 7-day return and exchange policy, credit card discounts, and hallmarked pendants to keep you happy now and then. Order from Luxaore to cover up in high-quality pendants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right pendant for my style?

If you keep a casual style, you can simply wear a heart pendant with any t-shirt and trousers. For a bold statement, you can wear a more complex boho design pendant for office or party events in a jacket and suit

Can I wear a men's pendant with any outfit?

Yes, a men’s pendant is good for any outfit. You may think of wearing a silver bird pendant with a white shirt and black pants. Style a religious cross pendant with a business suit or formal blazers for office or semi-formal parties.

What materials are commonly used for men's pendants?

Silver, gold, platinum, titanium, steel, and other non-precious metals are used to make pendants. All of them give an excellent touch to every pendant.

How can I clean and maintain my men's pendant?

You can easily clean your pendant and should maintain it properly by keeping it inside our jewellery box to keep it safe. Clean the pendant with some paste of baking soda with a toothbrush by scrubbing it without much pressure. Wash or wipe the paste with a cloth afterwards to make it shine again.

Can I personalize or customize a men's pendant design?

Yes, you can personalize a men’s pendant design from Luxaore. With the help of our jewellery experts and designers, we will easily make your design come true in your pendant. Contact us through the form we have on our custom jewellery page and someone from our support team will soon contact you. After we finalise everything, we will precisely set the design on the pendant in 3D, after which it will be packed to send you fast to your house in five days.

Are men's pendants suitable as gifts for special occasions?

Of course, men’s pendants are suitable as gifts for special occasions. You can gift an infinity pendant to your partner on his birthday or to celebrate his professional milestone. Gift one religious hindu pendant to your uncle and father each to make their religious spirits evoke more.

What is the most popular pendant shape?

Heart-shaped is the most popular pendant shape. You can think of pairing this pendant with a red shirt or suit to feel romantic for a coffee date.

What are the necklace trend going now days

Men wearing pearl necklaces are a trend nowadays. These necklaces in modern and classic designs give men a fun and youthful look for a bold statement open black lapel suit or shirt.