Combining Silver & Gold Jewellery Style Like a Pro!

Mixing two metals has never been a part of fashion in earlier times. But today, things have changed for good. It is no more a stigma to mix two different colours of metals.

Jewellery lovers are lately enjoying this trend which is now seen as a fun activity of mixing silver and gold jewelleries.

While reading this, you might be planning to combine silver and gold for the next time but remember you should always do it thoughtfully, otherwise it might look absurd.

Here in this blog, we will be answering how you can exactly mix these two metals by guiding you with 7 great styling tips regarding the same.

  • Can Silver and Gold be Worn Together?
  • 7 Best Tips for Mixing Metals
  • Layer bracelets or necklaces in different metals
  • Wear similar styles
  • Balance is the key
  • Choose metals for your undertone
  • Buy ready-made gold and silver pieces
  • Repeat the colour in your outfit
  • Wear different gold types
  • Shop Silver and Gold Jewellery from Luxaore
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Can Silver and Gold be Worn Together?

Yes, of course, it is 100% possible for you to create your style by mixing and matching gold and silver jewellery.

Being neutral colours, gold and silver are good to go in pairs. The idea of styling matching jewellery isn’t something new but it was always stuck to the mixing of the same metals, which is now replaced by a combination of two different metals.

Picking up this choice is acceptable, trendy, and very fashionable nowadays.

7 Best Tips for Mixing Metals:

Layer bracelets or necklaces in different metals

Layering of jewellery is the art of balancing textures, colours, lengths, and metals to effortlessly create unique looks.

But you have the chance to go wrong with layering when two or more wrong pieces or extra jewellery are layered.

Through layering, you get to incorporate both silver and gold into your looks, even when you don’t have a combination piece. 

For example, if you can’t find a layered necklace, just put a maximum of two to three silver and gold necklaces to form one necklace.

The best fun part of layering is to match the necklace with a silver or gold bracelet without worrying much.

Wear similar styles

The idea behind this is to wear casual jewellery for a casual outfit and vice-versa for a formal.

It is to keep the same kind of style for both the outfit and jewellery. We know that it is somehow subjective however, the main motive is not to cause a mismatch.

Necessarily, it is not important always to match. Everything just needs to flow.

Balance is the key

When mixing silver and gold jewellery, putting on four silver pieces and one gold piece won't ideally match and would make the look more disappointing.

It is even distracting. Instead, planning and balancing the numbers of gold and silver pieces for a look would actually not be a disaster. 

For instance, a couple of silver and gold bracelets are the key to having a balanced layered look.

Also while layering, to give a flow to the look, it is good to place all the pieces evenly. Through this hack, your mismatched jewellery will stop distracting the actual look.

Choose metals for your undertone

Consider your skin tone when choosing a metal to do some actual good. To maintain the flow further, you should pick metals that truly match or complement you. 

Yellow gold and rose gold suit pale to warmer skin tones, while for fair to wheatish complexions with a cool undertone, silver complements the best.

Even those with darker complexions with a blue undertone match with yellow gold or white gold beautifully.

Buy ready-made gold and silver pieces

Ready-made jewellery pieces are easy to find anywhere and even great for your pocket.

Indian markets have been selling ready-made pieces for many years where various pieces like rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and chains are made by mixing both gold and silver, forming a single piece. 

With such available pieces, you don’t have to struggle with finding gold silver mix jewellery. Purchasing ready-made jewellery is an easy way to mix and match these two precious metals.

You can opt to wear a piece of extra jewellery crafted with either metal to make your look more exciting and fun.

Repeat the colour in your outfit

Wearing a dress having the same colour as your jewellery will make your style choices even more deliberate.

The same goes for your shoes, handbags, or other accessories. The deal is to see that everything in your outfit or look is bound together.

Wear different gold types

Whenever you think of gold colour, the most common answer you have is yellow. But no, gold is not just meant to be yellow.

There are other gold types. You can easily match either of those gold colours with silver. 

So if you are not a big fan of yellow gold, you can still wear gold in a different colour. According to us, the best one to pick is rose gold.

Try this soft pink-coloured gold with silver. The fact that it is still gold but with a different and much lighter delicate tone.

Even white gold has the same colour as silver which is good for pairing. 

Shop Silver and Gold Jewellery from Luxaore

Amaze everyone around you by styling both gold and silver concurrently. Be confident mixing sterling silver and gold, as you discover countless options for contemporary jewellery for women in Luxaore.

At Luxaore, we offer ready-made jewellery pieces made of both metals and luxury watches for men and women. Whether you want to wear those statement pieces for a dinner party or a family function, pairing gold and silver is the perfect match if you usually go for either of them.

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