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Man Up Your Style: Bracelet Inspiration from Male Celebrities

by Samar Agarwal 17 Jul 2024
Hottest Bracelet Styles Worn Male Celebrities

Sooner or later, celebrities in the Met Gala and award show might have fascinated you. The opening of large doors as celebrities approach it dressed in luxurious designer clothes, shoes, and jewellery is what any red carpet is all about in Tinseltown. 

With a lot of glamour and whiskey, male celebrities consistently compete with each other every day to acquire the position of best-dressed in these shows.

Inarguably, male athletes, actors, and many others love to show their fashion sense for their diehard fans to follow their styles. 

They wear trendy bracelets to catch your eyes in styling like a no-common man. If seen closely, you will find these bracelets are more or less part of every male celebrity’s wrist that is either worn for fashion or for both style and benefits.

Perhaps you should also try out those popular bracelets to carry a meaningful celebrity style for people never to overlook you again.

This article introduces you to a few bracelet styles of heartthrobs you idolize.

Top Bracelet Styles for Men

Check out the top 5 bracelets that are the favorite of your celebrities and know how to style them similarly to them. Just relax and read us.

Beaded Bracelets:

David Beckham beaded bracelet

One of the trendy bracelets is the beaded bracelet. They are the personal choices of many personalities.

One of them is David Beckham, the British pro-athlete who was often seen wearing three to four luxurious beaded bracelets with worthy outfits of coats, fitted jeans, and bags.

This type is so trendy because these bracelets have a variety of colorful beads for men who like sophisticated and cultural looks. 

If you want to style bold today, pretend like a celebrity to show your effervescent attitude with a beaded bracelet.

It is singer Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo whose journeys have been full of experimenting with expensive classic beaded bracelets on single wrists with clashing colors of beads.

The secret to grabbing the world’s attention is to wear the simplest outfits or costly fur coats with rings, necklaces, and beaded bracelets.

Crystal Bracelets:

Are you looking for benefits from bracelets with a hint of fashion? It is only possible with celebrity-favourite crystal bracelets.

Celebrities are often noticed wearing crystal rings and pendants, so crystal bracelets are common accessories.

Known to heal from one to all, crystal or stone bracelets have always been the talk of the style and fashion industry. 

Used for eliminating negative thinking and spiritual cure, Chris Hemsworth's tiger's eye bracelet shines in a golden caramel color.

This bracelet brings anyone's eyes close to his wrist, adding elegance to his black suit and tie.

So, style similar to him with the same bracelet or another stone bracelet of your choice with a t-shirt or suit and polished shoes for a celebrity look.

Leather Bracelets:

Loved by young and old, leather bracelets are popular star bracelets. You can instantly bring a calm aura to your outfits with a leather bracelet.

With the right combination of leather bracelets and clothes, you may look the same as Johnny Depp. 

He is in the Met Gala and aced a nomad look with a grey fedora cap, white shirt, a brown leather belt, leather bracelet, and silver ring.

To feel like a rockstar, meet yourself in a new avatar with a trendy nappa dark leather bracelet on your wrist to enhance your confidence with other beaded bracelets and a watch in a jacket.

Red String Bracelets:

Meet the favorite of Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio, a red string bracelet. It is said to have meanings, one of which is good luck. Yes, wearing this one lucky bracelet might give you good fortune. 

Those who hope to gain a lot of success wear this bracelet in the celebrity town. If this is too inspiring, try a lucky red string bracelet for a trendy celebrity look in a white shirt, black suit, and bowtie. 

Silver ID Bracelets:

You won’t believe silver bracelets were made popular by American actor James Dean during the phase of World War II.

He had a silver ID bracelet on his interview day, and his fans even started following this trend when they saw this wristband on his hand. After that, these bracelets became celebrity bracelets. 

Engraving your name or that of a loved one probably got these bracelets the fame.

If you want a perfect bracelet, a silver ID bracelet is for special occasions or regular days with fancy suits or a general black-to-white tee.

Name your silver bracelet now from Luxaore, which allows customizing the bracelet with your design and message. 

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