History of Men's Jewellery

Do you know that men’s jewellery existed simultaneously with women’s jewellery? History of jewellery reveals it has been more than thousands of years since men started to practice wearing different jewellery.

Not only do men want to look attractive, but also a way to symbolise their societal status; jewellery goes a long way in making men feel good about themselves.

As men progressed, they took a modern take on jewellery by experimenting with different designs and styles of jewellery.

So, it is quite interesting to see a huge range of men’s jewellery all over the market and how 21st-century men love to create some amazing looks with them.

Here in this blog, we will take an interesting dive to find out about ancient men’s jewellery, the role of jewellery in men, and what jewellery men love to wear. 

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The Ancient Men’s Jewellery History:

In ancient times, jewellery was thought to carry some magical powers by men to give them strength, power, and leadership qualities.

There is a glorious past that you all need to glorify. Interestingly, such jewellery appeared around 10000 B.C. when men used stones, claws, teeth, shells, bones, metals etc. to make them. 

These jewellery were way ahead of your thinking because they never lacked creativity or true fashion spirits.

To grant the strength of animals, men wore necklaces made with claws and fangs. One such instance is an eagle talons necklace from Croatia which was worn by men in pre-historic times. 

Kings of the olden days wore luminous pearls around their necks, were a fiend of jewellery.

Renaissance men and pirates styled hoop earrings while navigating the sea. Even gold, silver, and precious gemstones stood as the most worshipped signs of affluence and riches.

Discoveries like signet rings, cuff bracelets, cross pendants, nose rings, brooches, crowns etc. made it more prominent to us that men lived for jewellery.

In fact, it is thought that men in those days have significantly put on more jewellery than today’s modern men.

The Role of Jewellery and Accessories in Men

Discussing the ancient findings of men’s jewellery has led us to the next discussion as to how jewellery plays a pivotal role in men’s lives.

After all, it is quite evident by now that men’s lives revolved much around their most-loved fashion jewellery and other accessories.  

Jewellery came very naturally to men as they wanted to define their personality, character, and status in front of society and everyone through them.

This is the reason why there is a stark difference between the jewellery of priests to that of warriors or kings.

With jewellery, men started to identify their classes, regions, and kins. Men who wore accessories from heads to hands were classified into elite groups like priests or rulers.

As a result, precious metals and valuable gemstones became a part of their routine as a symbol of status.

What Jewellery Do Men Like to Wear?

When it is men’s jewellery, there is no limit to that as there has been a bundle of options available for men for centuries. Let’s take a look at those.


Perhaps rings were the first kind of jewellery ever made by humans. You will be surprised to know that rings made in ancient times were very different from each other.

The designs were not repetitive. They were probably used as currencies or services. It was made with various simple materials, like that of rich metals and stones. 

Now if we see, men exploring simple to bold rings are always trying to find something unique every time they go out with a fresh new outfit.

Men find their bravery in the ancient lion symbolic ring or signet ring to spruce up in men's jewellery style and power.


Bracelets have an importance in the history of men’s jewellery. The traditional designs of bracelets, like Indian Kada were worn because of their versatile carving nature.

Bracelets were born out of amulets of soldiers which were prime elements in battles to shield them against weapons of opponents. 

One such piece of jewellery bracelet that looks bold and voguish is the eagle bracelet other than elegant traditional bracelets carrying symbols of lions, swords, arrows etc. have taken artistry from ancient designs.


It is somewhere from around 2,500 B.C. when men discovered chains as their most loved accessories.

Probably, it was Egyptians who first started to thread gold and silver in a long-form for royal kings.

Soon, those chains started to bear gemstone pendants as a symbol of the upper class. Men mainly wore gold chains more than silver chains.

Today, fashionable men take a profound interest in understanding the diversity of chains in fashion.

They are on their journey to discover and explore as many styles of chains as they can.

Some popular designs of chains are rope, franco, herringbone, cable, box etc. have been ruling men’s minds since their advent.


Traditional ancient men felt incomplete without necklaces along with their dresses. Ancient guys wearing necklaces held practicality, relevance, and personal choice of a man to whom it might concern.

They enjoyed popularity as much as other kinds of men’s jewellery. Egyptian Pharaohs wore intricate designs of elegant necklaces with gleaming Sun or Scarab Beetle pendants. 

Now that men prefer traditional to contemporary styles of necklaces around their necks, they love simple necklaces to stone-studded heavy necklaces for grand events.


Earrings are just not for women but also equally got attention from men in ancient ages.

Men believed in piercing their ear lobes to accomplish several benefits. Arabs believed that it would help them improve their vision, while Gunners thought to have better hearing power with piercings. 

Modern men either style them on a single ear or both ear lobes to elevate their personality and look.

Men’s Ornaments at Luxaore:

Every piece of high quality modern jewellery designs shows every bit of a man. As jewellery holds diverse factors, a man too has versatile features.

As we live, all of which entirely help to keep up with the current era. Certainly, there is no rule for men to look in a certain way with a certain type of jewellery.

By saying this, we really mean it. Luxaore introduces great options to popular men’s jewellery online, making men feel good and right about themselves.

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