Gemstones To Avoid Wearing Together

Often astrologers and gemologists suggest two or more gemstones to an individual when their birth chart has any friendly planets or to troubleshoot the forbidding planets.

As you know gemstones are powerful enough to make an impact on your life, therefore wearing multiple incompatible stones together might turn your life topsy-turvy.

Every gemstone has a vehement ability to transform your life as much as it can destroy it completely. Gemstone compatibility is underestimated by many.

By chance, if you overlook it when wearing too many gemstones at a time, it might cause clashes between respective planets to imbalance your life.

When it comes to gemstones, knowing which gemstones shouldn’t be worn together takes you a step closer to avoiding bad life situations.

This blog is to make future gemstone wearers, like you, aware of this theory of gemstone compatibility.

  • Gemstones That Shouldn’t Be Worn Together
  • Emerald & Red Coral
  • Garnet & Amethyst
  • Sapphire & Ruby
  • Blue Topaz & Moonstone
  • Pearl & Hessonite
  • Diamond & Opal
  • Emerald & Yellow Sapphire
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Gemstones That Shouldn’t Be Worn Together

Emerald & Red Coral:

In our Indian Vedic astrology, emerald represents Mercury and red coral associates with Mars.

Both the planets don’t have a friendly bond so astrologically gems associated with each of these planets don’t go together.

It is not advisable to wear these two incompatible stones for several astrological causes.

While emerald is a stone of calmness and peaceful mind, coming in contact with red coral which gives its wearer vigour and vitality may react very inappropriately.

Further, it is important to notice that combining them can dilute either of their effects.

You can’t feel the full list of benefits of either gemstone because the strength of red coral can dominate a serene stone like an emerald.

Their contrasting energies can cost your life side by side with other bad outcomes.

Garnet & Amethyst:

According to astrology, garnet has all the qualities of planet Rahu which is a north node of the Moon and is one of a powerful celestial body to make a great impact.

Garnet governing Rahu gives mental strength, passion, creativity, and prosperity to the wearer.

While amethyst is linked to the ruthless planet Saturn and the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Capricorn symbolise maturity, wisdom, expansion, spirituality, and abundance.

Both garnet and amethyst are two beautiful and potential stones that often make people wear them together.

However, they are strictly recommended to not be worn together for reasons like energy conflicts that might turn your life upside down.

Sapphire & Ruby:

Sapphire or neelam is a stone for Saturn shows truth, sincerity, and wisdom and ruby or manik is ruled by the planet Sun have vitality, passion, and love for its wearer.

While we can’t stop praising the beauty these stones carry in the astrological and metaphysical world, are enough beneficial for mankind.

They are almost everyone’s favourite and hopefully, yours as well. They are well-known for generating positive results and have incredible value. 

But somehow we can’t ignore the fact that when they are worn together can cause terrific life difficulties as both of their planets are hardcore enemies.

It won’t be easy for you to cope with all the mess that these stones create. Hence, try to avoid wearing them at once.

Blue Topaz & Moonstone:

Blue topaz and moonstone are highly revered stones for their benefits and luminosity. These precious stones are again asked to not be worn jointly.

The main reason behind this is two of these stones have a different set of qualities that don’t go well with each other.

For like blue topaz is close to giving masculinity, strength, and inner clarity but moonstone is a healing crystal for bestowing intuition, peace, and emotion.

The soothing energy of moonstone doesn’t align with the vigorous blue topaz that keeps involved in conflicts.

This certainly isn’t a good sign for you who might find it difficult to sustain in such a distressed environment.

Their bad reaction to each other may cause the planetary position to become weaker in your horoscope.

Not only that, moonstone and blue topaz are associated with two different chakras — crown chakra is for moonstone and throat chakra is for blue topaz.

Each stone activates and stimulates these chakras if connected disrupts the energy flow of the body.

Pearl & Hessonite:

Pearl and hessonite or gomed are the two most powerful gemstones in Vedic astrology.

They should not be worn together because both are associated with non-aligned planets.

Wearing them together may create a negative flow of energies into your life further obliterating your life. 

Pearl is known for its association with the gentle Moon symbolises positivity, emotions, and intuition.

But hessonite is a representative of a violent planet like Rahu that causes sudden death and bad temper.

Anyhow if you wear both of these mighty gemstones, they can cause too many new problems in everyday life, other than giving you stress and anxiety.

Get a bit of advice from your astrologer before indulging in the act of wearing pearl and hessonite together.

Diamond & Opal:

No wonder why you want to wear these two stunning gemstones. Both opal and diamonds easily catch eyeballs with their stunning appearance.

However, if you are planning to wear them together, you must stop doing that now. There are many reasons to tell this.

The number one reason is opal as a stone is very delicate, whereas diamond is sharp. Diamonds are very hard and durable and may damage the delicate opals on their surface.

Additionally, the chemical properties of diamonds and opals are different where opals are porous and diamonds aren’t.

If opal is exposed to liquid, it can affect the diamond. This way both of them are extremely hard to maintain. 

Even astrologically opal is all about creativity and intuition but diamond is towards clarity and strength and therefore has no match.

Such a pairing can harm you in every sense so it’s better to stay away from their disputes.

Emerald & Yellow Sapphire:

The last pair we need to discuss is that of an emerald and yellow sapphire. The famous panna and pukhraj stones carry unique energies differing from each other.

Each of them has good benefits to offer you on a separate basis. Otherwise, they possess all incompatible qualities to destroy your life in one go.

Emerald has properties of Mercury like love, fertility, and abundance; is on the opposite side of yellow sapphire which is ruled by Jupiter and gives them knowledge, wisdom, and prosperity.

However, coming together these stones may cause havoc in your life which isn’t easy to tackle.

Buy Compatible Gemstones From Luxaore:

You should always rely on your horoscope and an astrologer before deciding on your gemstone pairing. Either they deliver zero results or lead to heavy clashes, chaos, and utter confusion.

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