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10 Must-Have Earring Styles to Make Your Outfit Pop

by Samar Agarwal 17 Jul 2024
10 Must-Have Earring Styles Add To Your Jewellery Box Today

If something that can make your jewellery box happy, it is a lot of earrings. Earrings are the best kind of jewellery you must own.

Earrings, even the smallest ones, can save you from looking overdressed every time you are out for something.

On days when you don't feel suitable to dress up fully, your old earrings can help you look flawless. 

Basic or bold, whichever style is yours, there are earrings for each of you to style diversely.

Diving into the world of earring designs can give you the idea of a perfect piece to suit your ensemble.

With each earring's unique features, you will find a pair of earrings that will readily fill you with confidence on the days you decide to wear.

Here in this article, we will talk about 10 different popular styles and designs of earrings for women currently in demand. 

  • Hoop earrings
  • Drop earrings
  • Climber earrings
  • Semi hoop earrings
  • Cuff earrings
  • Rose gold earrings
  • Gemstone earrings
  • Oxidised earrings
  • Gold dangling earrings
  • Threader earrings
  • How to select the perfect earrings?
  • Occasion
  • Outfit
  • Get your must-have styles of earrings from Luxaore

Hoop Earrings:

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Silver and gold hoops are part of classic styles that can be worn with most outfits. Also known as Bali earrings, they look great with any formal to casual setting for both day and night.

These hoops are available in four sizes — large, medium, small, and huggies which is more minimal.

Huggies that go around the earlobe are small circled earrings. They are way too different in size from the rest of the hoop sizes. 

Medium hoops above the earlobe give your face a more elegant look that goes great with simple shirts and jeans.

Throw a 70s style with a large hoop by doing a hair bun, highlighting the bright colours of the outfit with a lower neckline for a theme party.

Drop Earrings:

If you desire a little more length to your earring, a drop earring is the best one this date. Drop earrings' simple design and delicate nature must be what you wish. This dropping below the earlobe resembles an extended version of stud earrings. 

Since it has a balanced hanging, it is excellent to go with a casual palazzo and kurta for some festival dangles.

Climber Earrings:

Climbers are coming more into the limelight of earrings day by day due to their designer touch.

These gold designer earrings don’t dangle as they begin at your ear's base and climb upward. 

They are a must for elongating your face and pulling the eyes upward. Style a pair of climber earrings with a red gown, statement ring, and bracelet to pull off a grand party look.

Semi Hoop Earrings:

These hoops are the most exciting and quirky of all the earrings you have known. Styling them is much like any normal studs.

These are hoops in the form of studs. From the front, these look like a hoop or Bali, but from the back, they curved themselves to look like a stud in the form of a stopper that secures its back. 

A gold eye semi-hoop is the perfect example of a semi-hoop earring to style with a black saree for your friend’s marriage ceremony.

Cuff Earrings:

Cuff earrings are bigger and bolder than studs. They are called the edgy version of studs.

With bold features, these cuff studs are made to add some oomph to your outfit and look. 

They cover up the whole ear, making these earrings stand out. Spread your edgy style with silver zircon cuff earrings to pair with a sequin ruffle mini dress for attending a night party.

Rose Gold Earrings:

Rose gold earrings are a staple to many jewellery boxes, and rose gold studs are essential for every woman.

The classic charm of rose gold studs makes them have your back on dull days with boring outfits. 

They are never to put you down; by matching your vibes and moods, they prove worthy enough.

These rose gold stud earrings will help you easily pull off your regular trousers and v-neck top. 

Gemstone Earrings:

Who won’t love to bling and shine through gemstones on earrings? Gemstone earrings are handy when you want to dress special for a date with your fiance. They are to enhance your look in a few seconds. 

By this, ruby gemstone earrings are a classy and quirky addition to your ear piercing for a breathtaking look in top-to-bottom black tops, skirts, and heels.

Oxidised Earrings:

After all, having so many shiny earring designs in your box, oxidised earrings deserve a place there. So, this earring is a must if you love old-school aesthetics to add to your outfits. 

Get a traditional silver oxidised charm or sea shell earrings to complete your earrings collection now.

Prepare an earthy look with one of these oxidised earrings by pairing it with a long grey skirt and tie-up shirt for an unstoppable you!

Gold Dangling Earrings:

Gold dangle earrings are one of the most well-known styles this year, and pearl dangling earrings top the list.

With their long shape, they dangle from the ear lobe to give a pop of style to your look. 

If you are looking for a way to steal the show in ramp walks, match gold dangling earrings with a white cut-out waist slit midi dress.

Threader Earrings:

Threader earrings are minimalist in design and style and consist of only a thin metal thread-like piece hanging from the piercing from both ear sides. 

These are new and modern trendy earrings; pairing them with minimal studs or Huggies would give you a top-class look in skinny jeans and a tank top.

How to select the perfect earrings?


You all need to decide the occasion to pick the right earrings. Simply, it is to think about where you plan to wear them.

If it is a fancy party or a wedding event, where you have to look like a star, statement earrings pieces like threaders, drop, dangling, and climbers earrings are best as go-to jewellery. 

If you are looking for an everyday affair piece which doesn’t require you to change your style often, minimal studs or hoops will perform their magic here.


Along with deciding your earrings for occasions, matching your outfit with earrings is essential.

If you are planning to wear embroidered patterns and bold colours of clothes, be convinced to select an understated earring, such as silver studs, semi hoops, and medium hoop earrings. 

A simple outfit calls for dramatic earrings to elevate the entire look. The thumb rule is to let the earring take center stage, and your clothes be the supporting actor.

Here, you can hold bold earrings like oxidised, gemstone, and cuff earrings to match your bold vibes for the day!

Get your must-have styles of earrings from Luxaore:

With so many unique styles of earrings, you can never get stuck for options. And with Luxaore by your side, choosing the right earrings is easy.

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