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Discover More Ways to Wear Stylish Ring for Men

by Chayan Sarkar 17 Jul 2024
Discover More Ways to Wear Rings: Men's Ring Fashion and Style

We know the whole concept of wearing rings by men is subject to many confusions. There is very little information available on ring protocol.

Basically, a few traditional norms are there when it comes to how to wear men’s rings. However, wearing any ring is a personal choice, not a rule by the male community or others. 

It can be worn anywhere, and whenever you feel so, ditch those restrictions and find ways to style different rings more naturally.

Often in the past, men were found wearing a simple wedding ring or band with a watch. While you have seen a lot of style guides available for watches, there are few tips men's ring wearing styles. 

So, our blog will bend some traditional ring rules with newer ones to suit your style and choice.

  • What is the correct finger to wear a ring?
  • Match ring metals
  • Choose ring styles
  • Occasions to wear rings
  • Discover stylish men’s rings at Luxaore to shop now

What is the correct finger to wear a ring? 

Different cultures have different men wear their rings in different ways to find which finger to wear ring for male. However, here is the best way to choose ring finger for men.

Pinky finger:

There is no religious association with wearing your ring on your pinky finger. Neither religion nor traditional implication is intended behind this.

Many men wear trendy men's rings on their pinky fingers to create fantastic fashion statements.

Ring finger:

Another section of men wear their rings on their ring fingers. Majorly, wearing gents finger rings on the ring finger has been associated with marriage.

So, a married man wears his wedding ring on this finger to show his marital status or to symbolize his commitment to his partner.

Therefore, only wear a trending rings for men on this finger if you are married; otherwise, not because you might create unnecessary confusion.

Middle finger:

Wearing a stylish ring for boys on the middle finger is unconventional but can give you a nice bold impact.

Index finger:

Styling with a men's index finger ring is associated with a man’s singlehood. It can signify your connection with any organization.


A man’s thumb denotes his wealth status. So, you can also rock a bold and chunky boys fashion rings on your thumb.

If you are still confused about which finger to wear your ring on, go with the flow and wear it on any finger you think will be the best.

Match ring metals and skin tones

Traditionally, matching metals always got a big no — the ring should be gold or silver but not a mix of both. But we have passed that phase now.

In recent years, where people pairing joggers with blazers, a gold ring with a steel watch isn’t a thing to be worried about.

When you do it correctly, you add a stylish aesthetic to your whole look. To keep your look on point, match a silver ring with a necklace or bracelet.

If you don’t want to mix it with gold, you can use a silver ring with a black stainless steel ring.

The game of matching ring metals is to mix 90% silver with 10% other metals of different colors, like gold.

This way, it won’t look terrible and kind of balance you from top to bottom.

When matching the metals of rings, you should consciously check your skin tones. After all, you have to look your best in your rings.

So, look great in a silver ring with a fair or darker complexion with cool or red undertones. 

Choose ring styles

When sporting a ring, you must think about its style before you wear one. While plenty of ring style options are available in the jewellery market, choosing the best one for you is a big task.

Before deciding, take a sneak peek at your wardrobe and lifestyle. Are you experimenting with many styles or just wearing classic jeans and a white T-shirt?

Get to know yourself first before hopping on it. If you are a noob in this, try something like classic silver band styles, or silver skull rings to establish a minimalist and simple look.

Occasions to wear rings

Rings have always been put in the brackets of occasions. They are the symbols men carry to convey a message to the outer world.

With great ring options, selecting the perfect ring for an occasion can change your style completely.

Men's Casual Rings for casual days:

Incorporating rings casually in everyday life is a great way to update your style. There are many choices to make for men keeping themselves in casual daily wear.

One of the casual rings is a classic chain ring. It is a great addition to your casual wardrobe. Casuals aren’t meant to be boring after wearing this ring.

Whether you choose a simple chain ring or stone rings for men, you can add some oomph to your look, along with a regular blue or black t-shirt.

Rings for cultural and religious symbols:

There are rings for various religious and cultural sentiments. Include your religious faiths in your rings with some modern style.

Luxaore offers a great way to customize many signature rings, such as silver signet rings, to show off your style in a cultural form in a cool kurta or shirt.

Rings for wedding and engagement:

How to forget rings for weddings and engagements? Gone are the days when men stick to simple silver wedding bands.

Now, you can add stones like zircon and diamonds to wedding bands to switch from a classic to a bold look.

Pamper yourself with this ring by coordinating it with the same colour sherwani or jacket this wedding season.

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Just follow this guide for styling different rings for different fingers, occasions, skin tones, and ring metals. You don’t have to roam anywhere when you have us in this.

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