Top 15 Orange Gemstones for Jewellery

By looking at an orange gemstone for once, you will easily forget pearls, sapphires, or diamonds. They are a way to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

Whether you decide to wear an orange stone and crystal as a statement piece or make a special pendant with an uncut orange gemstone, it is sure to give that perfect look.

By now, you must have known that there is not just one kind of orange gemstone. But there are 15 different types of orange gemstones that we are going to talk about here in this blog.

Meaning of Orange Gemstones

Orange gemstones are mainly recognized for their vibrancy, brilliant deep hues, positive energies, and creativity.

Many astrologers opine that orange gemstones carry the Sun’s power as well as the Earth’s warmth.

Both of these fuse together to give life-giving energy, confidence, self-expression, financial abundance, and spirituality to the wearer.

What are the Benefits of Orange Healing Stones?

  • Balances sacral and solar plexus chakras. 
  • Bless you with abundant wealth, good fortune, and happiness. 
  • Gives self-confidence and self-love.
  • Provides a mental boost.
  • Alleviates physical pain from the pelvic area.
  • Solves PMS-related and reproductive issues.
  • Increases sexual desires.
  • Attracts love.
  • Overcome bad luck and hurdles.
  • Protection.

List of all 15 Orange Gemstones


Why you should choose

Orange Sapphire (Padparadscha)

Stimulates sexual strength and appetite 

Orange Amber

Balances Naval or Sacral Chakra

Orange Garnet

Aids peace and harmony


Heals emotional trauma


Opens blocked arteries and veins

Imperial Topaz

Facilitates spiritual exploration

Madeira Citrine

Gives positivity and optimism

Orange Moonstone

Reduces anxiety, stress, and emotional instability 

Orange Agate

Heals inner anger

Orange Beryl

Brings positive emotions

Mexican Fire Opal

Gives strength and vitality

Orange Zircon

Brings visions and dreams into reality

Orange Jasper

Keeps away negative energy

Orange Coral

Removes Mangalik Dosha of Mars(Mangal)

Orange Tourmaline

Overcomes dyslexia

1. Orange Sapphire (Padparadscha):

Sapphires are not just meant to be in blue but also orange. This is because sapphires come in many colours and amidst all of them, orange sapphires is beautiful and pleasing.

This is because orange sapphires or Padparadscha are very rare and, therefore are only found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

The name Padparadscha is derived from the Sanskrit word for “lotus flower” bags the highest price in the market. Inside its beauty, you will find wisdom and creativity in enormous amounts.

2. Orange Garnet:

Garnet is a stone of passion and is only available in Burma and Kenya. The orange version of garnet gives a pop to the jewellery and is quite a desirable kind of gemstone for everyday wear. Within the orange tone, they have a tinted brown base. 

Under the orange garnet itself, there are 4 varieties:

  • Hessonite garnet: Hessonite or cinnamon garnet is a warm stone to solve career, finance, and relationships. 
  • Orange Mali garnet: Mali garnet is from Mali, Africa is a stone for happiness.
  • Spessartine garnet: Named after Spessart of Bavaria in Germany, this garnet is an antidepressant. 
  • Mandarin garnet: Mandarin or Fanta garnet is a rare stone, usually mined in Mozambique and Nambia. It treats dementia and arthritis. 

3. Orange Amber:

Perhaps Amber, the only gemstone with brilliance and luster is made from hardened or fossilised tree resin.

They are shaped and polished to radiate honey to deep burnt sienna colour while some have lighter orange hues.

Orange amber is highly used for making ornaments and is popular in ancient medicinal practices.

Amber is found all over the world but the ones on the shores of the Baltic Sea are the oldest deposits on Earth.

4. Carnelian:

Out of all orange gemstones, Carnelian is the most affordable one. Historically, it is renowned for endowing kings, royals, and leaders in the past.

This semi-precious quartz stone has pale to rich orange hues that severely help fertility and stimulate sexuality.

You can find such lucky Carnelian stones in parts of India, Brazil, and the USA.

5. Clinohumite:

Belonging to the silicate magnesium mineral family, Clinohumite was founded by Sir Abraham Hume and is a rare vibrant gemstone.

This dark orange gemstone is eminent in glassy lustre and excellent transparency and is deposited in Russia, Italy, Tanzania, and some parts of Central Asia.

Wearing this stone will give all-rounding benefits like good eyesight, energy, and a relaxed mind.

6. Imperial Topaz:

Imperial topaz grabs your eyeballs in no time with its unparalleled beauty. With a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale is the most loved bright orange stone.

It is exceptionally beautiful as it exhibits pleochroism, the colour-changing quality — when seen from different angles.

Primarily, orange topaz necklace is only available in Ouro, Preto, and Brazil. This is a manifestation stone to manifest universal energies to your solar plexus chakra.

7. Madeira Citrine:

The only gemstone that has the shade of Madeira wine is Madeira citrine. Named after the Brazilian word for wood, Madeira citrine is a bright, reddish-orange gemstone.

This stone is popular in jewellery as they are durable and quite affordable. Clear all the negative energies with this gemstone that is found on a larger scale in Uruguay, Madagascar, Brazil, and Zambia.

8. Orange Moonstone:

Moonstone is common but more in white and blue varieties. However, the orange version of the moonstone looks striking as it ranges from subtle peach to deep dark orange.

You can adorn an orange moonstone in statement jewellery for a bolder vibe. These gemstones are common in the land of Sri Lanka, Armenia, Austria, Mexico, Myanmar etc.

9. Orange Agate:

Find inner stability and spiritual growth with orange agate. This stone has white stripes, giving it an intriguing appeal.

It significantly shows the chalcedony effect. This is common in volcanic rocks and is therefore native to South America.

10. Orange Beryl:

Orange beryl is a warm-coloured gemstone that releases positive emotions and peace. It is rare but certain stones are made into varied cabochons which are used in making jewellery.

It has a hardness of 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale and is great for daily use. They are found in the USA, Africa, India etc.

11. Mexican Fire Opal:

Bring joy and pleasure into your life with a Mexican Fire Opal. Fire opal looks enthralling and is one of a beauty that deserves worldly appreciation.

They are called hydrophane,  as they change colours when they are deep down in the water.

As far as tradition is concerned, orange fire opal is the traditional birthstone for the month of October. Mexico and Ethiopia mine and produce fire opals. 

12. Orange Zircon:

Turn your visions and dreams come true with an orange zircon. The Tanzanian stone, Zircon is popular from ancient times for women.

The unique hues of this gemstone have made their use as decorative items for jewellery quite naturally. They are even found in Brazil, Australia, and Sri Lanka.

13. Orange Jasper:

If we think about confidence and courage, orange jasper is the stone that feels right for achieving those two things.

Australian Noorena and Carrasite jaspers have red and orange flames in them. These grainy and rich ironic jasper orange gemstone is native to California, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Washington etc.

14. Orange Coral:

In particular, orange coral is the actual stone for removing Mangalik Dosha. Orange coral is an organic gemstone that originates from many coral polyps skeletons. Moreover, orange corals are rare and much admired.

This is delicate in the Mohs scale with just a hardness of 3. They are native to the Pacific Ocean, the Red Sea of Madagascar, and the Tropical Western Atlantic.

15. Orange Tourmaline:

This stone is one of those gemstones that give spiritual joy and soul refreshment. With an orange hue, tourmaline gives a cat’s eye-like effect. It is much rare in nature.

Tourmaline purifies energy and gives self-awareness and an open mind. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and is primarily found in East Africa, other than in Brazil and USA.


Coming this far, you must have been flattered by the beauty and variety of orange gemstones. Surely, we too can’t stop praising the allure of all the mentioned orange gems. 

We know that you hope to get hands-on with these orange gemstones but don’t worry Luxaore has covered you in this. With our collection of orange gemstones and their orange jewelry stone, you are ready to become a showstopper and trendsetter.

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