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The Healing Power of Red Coral: Myth or Reality

by Chayan Sarkar 17 Jul 2024
The Healing Power of Red Coral

By wearing a red coral stone, you not only embrace a beautiful red-coloured stone, but you also keep faith in its benefits.

When you wear this moonga stone, you reflect strong powers, great energies, and good ambitions.

Well, red coral or laal moonga stone is the possible solution to control the bad influences of Mars or Mangal Graha, the God of War on your birth chart.

It certainly removes all the turbulence of Mars by its unique vibrations. Within its vibrant colour, there is a whole lot of magic that you are about to experience now through this blog.

After all, the reality of the true energies in red corals actively engages you in life to attract positivity, opportunities, and love.

As a wearer of the pagadam stone, learn what and how the healing nature of red coral fights back against all your life problems to live happily ever after.


What is Red Coral?

Red corals are formed by marine living creatures called coral polyps, under the sea.

Over the course of thousands of years, this creature produces external skeletons, also known as coral reefs, to defend all other sea animals.

These skeletons having calcium carbonate get hardened with time by living in colonies, creating several coral patterns.

When the polyp dies, these skeletons are harvested to obtain them as gemstones, are polished and sold in the market for commercial use.

Much of the red corals are found in the Mediterranean Sea, other than the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific, the coast of Australia, Sardinia, the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.

6 Benefits of Wearing Red Coral

Many of you believe that a beautiful red coral is naturally omnipotent and by donning this you enjoy both its beauty and robust features.

So here, we are unravelling 6 benefits of wearing red coral or reasons to wear this splendid sea stone.

Grow Confidence, Courage, and Strength With Red Coral: 

If you are looking to inherit confidence, courage, and strength from one stone, then red coral stone is the one for you.

Naturally red coral represents Mars, the God of Warfare so it has all the powers to build the necessary qualities in its wearer too.

Just sporting this red gemstone will infuse potential confidence and courage in the energy flow of your body.

Along with that, you will see an increase in physical strength and sexuality. It is often suggested to those who are stuck in unhappy marriages with impotent partners.

Make them wear a moonga stone to increase their desire for love to put forth a strong relationship.

Beat Life Challenges With Red Coral:

No challenge will look big with a red coral. Obviously with the confidence in you, given by red coral, you will easily overcome any enemies, hurdles, and challenges in life.

Whether it is an office meeting or an exam, you are bound to be successful with a powerful coral. Everything will run smoothly, no matter what. 

Boost Mental and Physical Health With Red Coral:

Among all the other benefits of red corals, the healing touch of coral rules over. There is a popular belief about red corals that corals turn red to yellow when the wearer is about to suffer disease.

Also, they are said to aid in curing fever, piles, high blood pressure, smallpox, headache etc. stand as a stone for mental heath too.

Those of you suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression should get your hands on red corals for positive thinking, mental clarity, and high intuition.

Harmonious Relationship With Red Coral:

Red coral stone symbolises lifetime marriages. To make your marriage happy, stable, and long try wearing red corals or keep several pieces of it in your wardrobe.

Pagadam stone are thought to clear the air of Manglik Dosha in someone who is facing a delay in marriage or has an unstable relationship.

Seek Debt Relief With Red Coral:

Perhaps the only way out to seek debt relief is through red corals. Yes, you heard us right. Red corals can get you out of all your debt as well as other financial crisis.

It is even connected to career success and business growth; bless you with good fortune and massive wealth.

Resolve Your Character Flaws With Red Coral:

Are you someone who has a lack of patience, self-doubt, short temper, or overconfidence? Then, fear not.

This is happening due to the bad position of Mars on your horoscope. Wearing red corals reduces the effects of Mars and alleviates all of your negativity and behavioural flaws. 

Who Can Wear A Red Coral?

Besides all other gemstones in Vedic astrology, red coral has an important place. Red corals are recommended for the ascendant of native as well as the place of Mars on your birth chart.

Therefore, red corals are recommended for these below zodiac signs/ascendants, having required Mars positions in their birth chart.

  • Aries & Sagittarius: If Mars is on the first, third, fifth, sixth, ninth, tenth, or eleventh house, you may wear a red coral.
  • Cancer: When Mars is on the second, third, fifth, seventh or tenth house, red corals will increase your fortune for the rest of your life.
  • Leo: If any of the first, third, fourth, sixth, ninth, tenth or eleventh house belongs to Mars, wearing red corals will become beneficial for you.
  • Scorpio: If Mars is positioned on the first, fifth, ninth or tenth house, wearing red corals will bestow positive results.
  • Pisces: Having Mars on the first, second, third, sixth, ninth, tenth or eleventh house holds good to wear red corals.

Right Method of Wearing Red Coral Stone Jewellery:

  • The suggested weight of red coral or moonga stone should be between 6 to 12 carats. Also, wearing a moonga stone on Tuesdays during the first hour of sunrise is highly recommended.
  • It is auspicious to wear red corals on any Tuesday in Anuradha, Chitra, Mrigashira, Anuradha, and Dhanista Nakshatra.
  • A red coral ring should be either made with gold or copper. Wear the ring on the ring finger of any hand.
  • You can wear a red coral bracelet or pendant to have its benefits. But the stone needs to touch your skin to show benefits.
  • Dip a red coral bracelet, pendant, or ring in Gangajal or unboiled milk to purify it and energize it by chanting the mantra — Om Aum Angarkay Namah.
  • After wearing red coral, it will show results within 9 days and stay in action for up to 3 years. After which, you need to change the stone and wear another new red coral.
  • Avoid wearing red corals with diamonds, blue sapphires, and emeralds unless your astrologer recommends it.

Select the Right Red Coral for You

Regardless of your zodiac sign, or if you have a firm belief in the benefits and powers of red corals on their wearer or not, red corals will always work on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Unlike other kinds of gemstones, selecting a good red coral would require you to be conscious of 4 factors:

  • Shape: Triangle and oval-shaped red corals are good.
  • Surface: Red corals should compulsorily have a smooth surface, free from scratches and cavities.
  • Carat weight: Wear a red coral of 6 to 12 carats.
  • Zodiac signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer, Leo, Pisces, and Scorpio are advised to wear red corals.

Final Thoughts

Appropriately by seeing a well-certified astrologer, you should only think of putting red corals on your body.

Though red corals are not very high on side effects but have some kinds if you try wearing synthetic corals instead of natural ones.

So it is necessary to seek out experts to guide you thoroughly with red corals before wearing one.

Otherwise, this is an enchanting and mystically powered stone to achieve great heights in life.

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