Stylishly Stacking Men's Jewellery: Smart Combinations

Jewellery is meant to be for experiments. And there are a lot of ways to do that. It is not new to you, but we all have done it at some point in our lives for suitable looks.

One such experiment has given rise to the iconic stacking trend in jewellery where you combine different pieces of different metals and designs for style statements. 

But there is also no limitation to how many you should exactly wear. Anyway, if it is about neck pieces, less is better and not more.

Be it a silver beaded bracelet with gold bracelets or rings; one can look fascinating enough with this fusion and others.

In this blog, discover some famous stylish and cool stacking combinations for men to keep up with their styles.

  • Some Popular Combinations of Stacking
  • Leather and Beaded Bracelets
  • Rope Chain Necklace and Chain Bracelet
  • Anchor Rings and Dog Tag Necklace Pendant
  • Cuff Bracelet and Cocktail Rings
  • Shop Smart Stackable Jewellery for Men from Luxaore

Some Popular Combinations of Stacking Jewellery

Get along with us to find a few smart combinations of jewellery stacking for men. Here, we have listed the best 4 combinations to suit every personality and style of men.

Leather and Beaded Bracelets:

This is the most sought-after trend by influencers on social media. You can copy that secretly, too, by wearing both leather and beaded bracelets on one wrist for a carefree and personal look.

Let your wrist or arm slide up and down with these stunning bracelets. Start by stacking two beaded bracelets first and three leather bracelets between them.

It is not necessary to match the colours of the bracelets for a common theme, while different colors of metals or materials are now more of a correct approach for ravishing styles.

Since one of the bracelet types is beaded, tiger’s eye or other stones are great to match the natural color of leather bracelets. 

If it looks good on you after wearing making you feel confident about yourself, try to carry it with them in casual black jeans and white pants. Take the chance to show your new style to all your friends by giving them a movie treat.

Rope Chain Necklace and Chain Bracelet:

Rope chains consistently remain at the top of the best chains in the world. The style of rope necklace keeps you in high class. It is an artwork that is truly a symbol of elegance to men.

This chain is available in quite a number of sizes, from long to medium, like 55 cm and 75cm. 

Overall, it is a magnificent chain design, which is more popular as an oversized chain in hip-hop and other western cultures.

India is not even away from accepting this trend, and men of this country from film and ordinary backgrounds are getting along with longer rope chains in oversized sweaters, jackets, and tees for crazy looks. 

So, while chain bracelets with thick or thin links are classic to a man’s style, they are an everyday accessory for men of this era.

Combining a rope chain necklace with two chain bracelets isn’t a bad idea here, as most men are already doing the rightful fashion to bring it to your notice.

Feel your best in this handsome combination by aligning them with a suitable black or blue suit or shirt with a watch on the bare hand for a badass look.

Anchor Rings and Dog Tag Necklace Pendant:

The round shape of anchor rings makes any man classy as it renders a nice appearance to him. Moreover, with silver, these rings genuinely bring out the charm on the fingers.

Most probably, you have seen them in black and silver colours while both of them do justice to the spirit of men.

Besides, some are handmade, making them more appealing to men to contribute to the art and its people. 

While a dog tag necklace vibes well with an anchor ring in terms of appearance and colours, they are an excellent match for men who mostly love whites and blacks in styles.

With the superpower of engraving, these necklaces are nice to feel confident like a soldier because the idea was taken from the dog tags of militants. 

The cross symbol on the anchor ring and name on the dog tag necklace are ingenious combinations that work more with round collars or polo t-shirts and brown trousers. Hold your sass to everyone with this outstanding style.

Cuff Bracelet and Cocktail Rings:

Narrow and wide cuff bracelets are widely popular for men, next to women in fashion.

The patterns on cuff bracelets are alluring to the eyes and speak about the dynamism and classical features of these open-cut designed bracelets.

No matter what, you can never stop to drool over these bracelets once you see or wear them. They are hand-carved, adding a luxurious touch to a man’s attire. 

On the other side, cocktail rings are bigger than our life. No, but they are more extensive than those tiny fingers of yours.

These rings are bold in design, so style only with a cocktail ring and no other for a red carpet or gala event.

Dressing up cuff bracelets and cocktail rings with designer three-piece suits, tuxedos, or sherwanis can make you look bolder than ever.

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