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Silver Jewellery Styling Tips: Shine and Stand Out!

by Chayan Sarkar 17 Jul 2024
Silver Jewellery Styling Tips

Silver jewellery is the talk of the fashion town as you and others keep talking about how well you can style it.

Over the years, silver has made a timeless appeal to all of us. Thinking about styling silver can be tricky if you have little idea about fashion. 

So, does your mind boggle at how to style silver pieces? And how to make the outfit dazzle? Or to achieve that perfect silver-shining look?

That’s a lot you have in store for us, then! But we are here to make you don the best pieces for a final touch of elegance to your outfit.

Ultimately, silver jewellery is the solution to any dilemma. Therefore, style silver happily more than before.

The blog discusses valuable tips to style silver jewellery, ideally to create balance in simple and classy looks. 

5 Personal Styling Tips for Silver Jewellery:

If you are looking forward to styling silver jewellery, here are 5 tips to consider next time you put on silver necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pendants.

This set of rules will never again make you feel bad about your wrong matching of silver pieces.

Style for occasion:

Never overlook the occasion for which you wear any particular piece of silver jewellery.

Evaluating the occasion is as crucial as knowing the type of outfit for an occasion. You could never think of an outfit without learning about the occasion.

So it is the same for silver jewellery as well. If you already know your style, the rest will follow. Stick to your style for every occasion. 

Otherwise, style according to a fundamental jewellery styling rule after considering the place's spirit and feel.

For example, a small, dainty silver chain or necklace is a perfect choice for work in the office. Of course, it all depends on your environment in the office or the job role. 

When heading to a night out with your girl gang, pair some statement silver pieces like shiny silver oxidized bracelets, necklaces, and silver earrings with high heels and a black dress to stand out amazingly. 

Do layering:

You often must have heard layering is fun. And it is. But it is also dangerous and might wreck your look and outfit in no time.

While you may have many silver pieces, you can’t throw every jewellery on you. So you need more than one piece of silver jewellery and less than five to make aesthetic styles. 

Layering up sterling silver necklaces, rings, and bracelets will never make you go out of fashion.

Moreover, you can layer up those pieces that are contrasting in shapes, sizes, and textures.

Carrying a long oversized necklace with two cuff bracelets and a shorter chain with a signet ring can please everyone with your style. 

You can get these jewellery on Luxaore to pop your outfit as well so that you feel free to experiment with them to create a perfect blended look.

Choose great colours:

Black is the ideal color to wear for outfits with your silver jewellery on top of that. Mainly, it is due to their contrasts.

Similarly, you can match your pieces with royal blue, navy blue, and burgundy colors to make stunning looks. 

Interestingly, styling silver pieces to white or grey colors can make those pieces noticeable by not being too overpowering by the colors.

Shades like pastels and lighter yellow can easily wash out the light color of silver, making them less prominent. 

Pick the necklace according to your neckline:

Pick a sterling silver necklace that is either way too short or longer than your neckline.

It should never be camouflaged under your t-shirt or shirt unless you willingly do it.

If the mood is to wear a turtleneck, pick a long silver chain or a short chain with a pendant for a great look. Here, a locket does much the job of the pendant. 

On the other hand, a shirt or different dress with a v-neck is the best to sit a silver pendant in a perfect v shape.

It is the right one to fit your neckline. It will make you look more harmonious.

Enjoy crystals on jewellery:

In earlier times, many would have told you that you should dare to wear silver jewellery with gold jewellery simultaneously or mix and match different coloured crystals with silver.

Incorporating colorful gemstones is equally normal as mixing two metals. It is acceptable more in recent times as it helps to create a balance of minimalism and sophistication. 

The colors of gemstones can bring some fun to your silver jewellery, so don’t be afraid to slay in crystal pendants and bracelets to add some colors to your outfit.

When mixed with silver jewelry, gemstones like amethyst and blue sapphire can give you a royal look in a black saree or gown.

Sync silver jewellery with other accessories:

Your silver jewellery should coordinate with other accessories like shoes and handbags.

You would need to style silver jewellery in the same colours of accessories to create a balanced look.

If you wear a colorful outfit like a red t-shirt, silver jewellery like a silver bracelet or necklace with a silver purse or handbag will create some coordination.

Stand out with Silver Jewellery of Luxaore:

If you wish to experiment with all the looks mentioned above with silver jewellery, you should invest in high-quality silver jewellery. Luxaore has a dazzling range of silver jewellery, including silver pendants, chains, necklaces, anklets, rings, and bracelets.

You can head to our website to browse the jewellery section. So go there to bring out all your new looks with our silver jewellery collection including silver ring, silver chain and more at very minimum prices.

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