List of 10 Yellow Stone Names

Could any other gemstone brighten up your life as much as yellow stones? The bright sunny hues of yellow gemstones are heart-warming in giving your life some purpose to live for.

The warmth of the Sun in these yellow stones is what primarily makes these stones attractive.

But you might consider yellow gemstones for several other reasons for adding them to your collection, either you want to put a pop of brightness to your outfit or picking them for happiness, good fortune, and peace to enter your life.

Whatever it is, the right yellow gemstone can give you an extra shine and positivity within you.

This blog brings you the list of the top 10 yellow gemstones known for their beneficial values and brightening your life with their limitless powers.

  • Yellow Diamond
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Yellow Garnet
  • Yellow Tourmaline
  • Yellow Zircon
  • Yellow Citrine
  • Yellow Amber
  • Yellow Topaz
  • Fire Opal
  • South Sea Pearls
  • Get Finest Quality of Yellow Gemstones from Luxaore
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Yellow diamond

Durable and hard

Yellow sapphire

Represents divine grace and power

Yellow garnet

Has energy-balancing capability

Yellow tourmaline

Shimmering beauty

Yellow zircon

Increases memory

Yellow citrine

Positivity and optimism 

Yellow amber

Helps to overcome difficulties

Yellow topaz

Improves marital relationship

Fire opal

Re-energises and protects against danger

South sea pearls

Rare and unique luster quality

Yellow Diamond:

Yellow diamond is considered the second most expensive type of diamond right after its pink counterpart.

Due to the presence of nitrogen in them, they turn yellow and this colour may increase once there is more nitrogen inside them.

So the colour varies from pale yellow to canary yellow hues. You can save money by buying an irradiated yellow gemstone instead of a natural yellow stone that might make a hole in your pocket. 

By adding yellow diamonds to jewellery, there has been a continuous rise in their demand for engagement rings and pendants.

One brilliant example is the famous Tiffany Yellow Diamond, the world’s largest diamond found in 1878 in the Kimberly mine of South Africa. 

Yellow Sapphire:

We know when it comes to sapphire you always think about blue sapphire, but sapphire comes in many other colours too other than being in red.

When you match all of their costs, yellow sapphires tend to be less expensive but that doesn’t mean they are less appealing. 

Their iron content is the sole reason to give this stone a lovely yellow hue. Later, the hue is enhanced with heat treatments to achieve sensational golden tints.

Yellow sapphires make great pieces of jewellery for you to invest in. This rare gemstone is found in locations like Australia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.

Yellow Garnet:

Garnet is a wonderful stone because of its reddish-to-brown shades. It is divided into two varieties, andradite and grossularite garnet types having Topazolite and Hessonite respectively.

Both of those have yellow to golden hues. Moreover, these garnets are higher in dispersion against diamonds, resulting in sparkling fires in the gemstones.

However, topazolite is rare to find, whereas, Mali garnet, which is a mixture of andradite and grossularite, has been a commonly found gemstone since 1994 and also has a tremendous market value in the jewellery-making industry. All of which come from Mali, West Africa.

Yellow Tourmaline:

With a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, yellow tourmaline is a rare stone that comes in every rainbow colour.

One of them is bi-tourmaline which has a multi-coloured pattern with excellent yellow hue and is considered to be the rarest of all tourmaline. 

The name tourmaline originated from the Sinhalese word “turmali” which means “stone of mixed colours” has higher inclusions and generates more elevated prices.

It is a stone of joy, peace, and happiness and therefore revered much for being the birthstone for October.

It is popularly found in Brazil, Africa, and the USA and has secured its place in jewellery.

Yellow Zircon:

This December birthstone has breathtaking sparkles, and takes its name from the Persian word for “gold”.

This ranges from pale yellow to golden brown. Being the oldest mineral found on Earth, zircon sparks more than any other gemstone. 

They easily replace diamonds and that’s why they are even considered as a substitute for diamonds in crafting jewellery.

Attract love and affection into your life with yellow zircons that are found in many countries including, Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil, Russia etc.

Yellow Citrine:

Citrine has derived its name from the French word “citron”, and is a well-known stone for its bustling light yellow to brown colours.

It is a kind of quartz, having severe iron content to achieve its darker shade of yellow. In the realm of astrology, citrine is a stone for welcoming happiness and positivity in your life. 

The warm colour of citrine is believed to hold the true strength of the Sun. Also, this is a relatively affordable stone with high clarity and visible impurities.

It makes great quality jewellery that you would love to wear. Citrine can be easily found in Madagascar, Russia, and Brazil.

Yellow Amber:

Fossilised tree resins are made into gemstones that are renowned as amber. They happen to come in yellowish to orangish and even in brownish to black colours.

The tree resins, after many years, harden to form amber, including many small animals and insects inside of them. 

The colour changes depending on how old it is. Likewise, yellow amber on the shores of the Baltic Sea is announced as nearly 40,000,000 to 60,000,000 years old.

Therefore, yellow amber is used to make stunning necklaces, pendants, and rings to decorate your body.

Yellow Topaz:

Yellow Topaz is a birthstone of November, has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale resists scratches and bad cracks.

Apart from the peachy-orange hue of topaz, yellow topaz is also brilliant in making affordable jewellery and is enhanced with heat treatments to get its bright yellow colour. 

Yellow topaz is known as either “precious topaz” or “king of topaz”, and is popularly found in Brazil, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, China etc.

Fire Opal:

Fire or yellow opal is a type of silica mineral that has a water content ranging from 3% to 21% and weight between 6% to 10%.

It appears in the rock fissures and is majorly found in Mexico. Queretaro of Mexico has the most famous mine for producing fire opals.

Even Australia itself produces 97% of the world’s yellow opals. The play of colours in opals is what makes people chase them mostly. However, opals come in transparent form as well. 

South Sea Pearls:

Also known as golden pearls, south sea pearls are rarely found gemstones that grow very large up to 13mm.

They are cultured in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, and Myanmar. 

The unparalleled beauty of sea pearls acquired from special oysters, called Pinctada Maxima, is the reason behind being so expensive.

Oysters take several years to form pearls which later take the appearance of shiny golden sea pearls.

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