7 Gemstones to Bring Good Fortune and Money

Craving for good fortune and wealth in life? You might know that fortune is not an easy-to-get piece of cake, as fortune favours some while for the rest it doesn’t.

The quest to have luck in favour to bring happiness, success, prosperity, and monetary benefits is immense in each one of us.

But you cannot turn out to be lucky every time. However, it is possible for you to draw both good fortune and money with all the right gemstones. 

This blog talks about 7 different fortune gemstones and what beliefs they have been associated with.

  • List of 7 Gemstones for Good Fortune and Money
  • Amethyst
  • Labradorite
  • Sapphires
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Rose Quartz
  • Tourmaline
  • Citrine
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List of 7 Gemstones for Good Fortune and Money:




For acquiring spiritual wealth 


Recovers lost wealth


Provides financial luck

Tiger’s eye

Useful for decision-making and financial planning 

Rose quartz

Brings love and incoming money


For protective and integral decision-making


Amplifies money luck


Amethyst tops the list of gemstones for good fortune and money. This semi-precious stone, also known as a “gemstone for all purposes” has been in high demand for many ages.

It got its name from Greek mythology’s tragic tale of the Greek God, Dionysus. 

There is a severe chance of you attracting fortune with amethyst by inculcating it in the form of jewellery like a ring, pendant, or bracelet.

It is advised by astrologers to wear only vivid deep purple colours of amethyst gemstones to turn luck in your favour.

Apart from uplifting you from a poor financial crisis and pouring a significant amount of wealth, amethyst even gets you out of any obstacle.


Target good fortune and money to your corner with labradorite. Labradorite belongs to the feldspar mineral family as it is deep in calcium and has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale is a miraculous stone.

Not every astrologer or gemologist is acquainted with the prominent features of this stone. 

However, labradorites can prove helpful in drawing fortune, money, and success your way.

Before embracing labradorite, energizing the stone under the guidance of a certified astrologer is important to utilise the highest benefits from it.

This stone pulls prosperity towards you as well as obtains your lost money and additionally solves any unnecessary debt.


There is hardly any gemstone carrying both royalty and charming nature as sapphires. In sapphires, especially blue and yellow sapphires are the two most coveted gemstones worldwide. 

In ancient Rome and Greece, sapphires were used highly for showing off status and wealth among royal families. 

The hue of blue sapphire was even equated to blue skies and was thought to shower blessings on people by Christians in the Middle Ages. 

Yellow and blue sapphires are best known for giving an array of good benefits to their wearer.

Be it financial, physical, spiritual or metaphysical, sapphires turn good fortune in your favour and obliterate distress, financial crashes, and debts.

It renders success, prosperity, and positive vibes your way.

Tiger’s Eye

Another remarkable gemstone to achieve your much-awaited good fortune and lots of money.

The tiger’s eye is a black-gold stone with orange stripes and is a very popular stone worn to give strength, power, and valour. 

This stone makes you dream big in life by keeping your feet on the ground and also brings heaps of success, good fortune, and opulence to your life. 

It reminds you of your true powers and strength as keeps you away from wrong decisions and paths.

Moreover, Egyptians believed in the eye-like design of the tiger’s eyes to connect themselves with the angels of heaven.

Rose Quartz

Open up your heart with a lovely-looking soft pink shade of rose quartz stone. This stone will evoke self-love, compassion, and tenderness in you.

Even you can grab success, good luck, and money out of this magical gemstone. It heals every inch of you when you feel drained and stressed.

In ancient times, rose quartz was believed to make any desire true and is a possible way to become successful in life without being jealous of others’ success. 


In this list of gemstones for fortune and wealth, tourmaline deserves special mention and a place as a stone for encapsulating an infinite amount of financial, astrological, and emotional benefits. 

Tourmaline is available in two ravishing colours such as, pink and black. Black tourmaline is a protective and abundant stone, whereas pink tourmaline is all about self-care, light, and trust in your knowledge. 

Out of all the benefits, tourmaline stands firm as an efficient giver of happiness, success, and good fortune.

It is also a great stone to make your personality charismatic and influential with the people around you.


Citrine is also considered one of those stones to bring enough luck and money. The name citrine is named after the French word for lemon, “citron”. The sunny warm colours of citrine give natural shine and optimism.

The bright yellow and deep tangerine to light orange colours and shades of citrine in good qualities like positivity and profound passion. 

Citrine or the “lucky merchant stone” weaves prosperity into your world as it makes you hard-working to achieve your goals.

It is enough to turn on your luck and success towards your favour. In addition to that, citrine attracts money, friendship, and good health like a magnet knocks at your doors.

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