6 Heartwarming Jewellery Gifts for Mom

Planning to gift Mom something special? You are not the only one who is wondering what to gift your mother on her birthday or for Mother’s Day.

It is time to become thoughtful of all her love and sacrifices for you, although this lifetime won’t be enough to thank her for everything.

Celebrating all of your special moments with her through a memorable jewellery gift for mom is a perfect way to communicate your feelings, recognition, and appreciation to her. 

There is hardly any better way than to thank her with a heartwarming jewellery for mom.

Jewellery is a timeless source to make her remember and cherish the memories the two of you have made.

Especially knowing that her child cares for her is going to turn the jewellery into a truly meaningful gift to her.

Below we have listed a few gift ideas for mom to help you unlock your memories with her.

  • Gold Pendants
  • Gold Anklets
  • Gemstone Bracelets
  • Gold Chains
  • Religious Pendants
  • Gold Rings
  • Final Thoughts
  • FAQs

Gold Pendants:

Mothers have a special place for gold jewellery in their hearts. Gift your mother a gold pendant that she will love to treasure.

Soon, this gift for mother will become her self and creative expression of life. A gold pendant personifies her elegance and simplicity with its minimalist design and lightweight structure.

At Luxaore, we have an exclusive piece of glorious Sun pendant for your mother, which is crafted with 22K yellow gold.

This pendant is the perfect accessory to put on a basic yet charming look all day long and for special events.

Gold Anklets:

Your mom knows how sophisticated a gold anklet is for her! Those tinkling sounds from anklets from your mother’s ankle show her enough love, care, support, and affection for family.

Anklets hold umpteen tales of the struggles and sacrifices of your beloved mother.

So to never keep her ankles bare, gift her a very special gold anklet from Luxaore, which has an 18K gold plating and is handcrafted with small circular motifs.

Gemstone Bracelets:

Other than being attractive, gemstones are useful stones to help your mother do away with her worn-out life.

Buying her a beautiful Ruby gemstone bracelet from us will become her strength to deal with a stressed mind and body.

Moreover, the vividness of Ruby in the bracelet carries motherly love and other great life meanings.

We, at Luxaore, provide amazing designs of bracelets in every precious gemstone.

Your priority to comfort her during discomforts is possible through our gemstone bracelets. 

Gold Chains:

If your mom loves festivals and family functions a lot, you should gift her an aesthetic gold chain for her to reach out to this piece on all occasions. Our 22K gold chain will make her ecstatic.

Right after seeing the adorable shine of this long braided gold chain, she will be ready to pair it with other jewellery in no time.

A stunning piece that she will proudly show off to all her friends.

Religious Pendants:

Whether your mom has a firm belief in religion or not, no matter what she will love to wear a religious pendant that is gifted by her child.

Give your mother love and protection from the Gods through various symbolic pendants.

The ones we have in Luxaore are Swastik and Shiva’s Middle Eye pendants, which are quite powerful in demolishing negative energies around your mother.

Also with that, this special jewellery gift for mother will keep her spirituality on top of everything and make her stay happy always. 

Gold Rings:

For the queen in your life, a gold ring is a memorable and deserving gift for mother. Gift her a gold ring for it to capture her grace, personality, and unique beauty as it is.

Luxaore got you covered in this with our 18K gold ring, becoming a truly timeless piece for your mother to match with her sarees, suits, lehengas, and matching sandals.

Final Thoughts:

To make mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day unforgettable for her, gift her stunning jewellery gifts from Luxaore that lets you put a personal touch on a piece of jewellery of your choice.

So come and plan a surprise for your mom on her most special day and make her feel more complete with jewellery from Luxaore.

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