6 Golden Jewellery Styling Tips: Shine and Stand Out!

Ever wondered how to go about styling your gold jewellery to complement yourself better?

Gold jewellery is cherished by everyone irrespective of gender, as it has the ability to elevate any style and outfit.

You might have an overflowing collection of gold jewellery pieces, but you are in doubt about how to style those without being too boring.

Whether you are going to attend a family function or going for a normal day look, styling gold jewellery can make you feel lively, sophisticated, and expressive. 

In this blog, we will explore 6 styling tips to style gold jewellery to shine and stand out.

  • Understand Different Types of Gold Jewellery
  • Match Gold Jewellery with Outfits
  • Try New Colours of Gold
  • Mix Metals
  • Layering and Stacking Gold Jewellery
  • Choose the Right Gold Jewellery for Different Body Parts
  • Gold Jewellery from Luxaore
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Understand Different Types of Gold Jewellery:

Before going with the styling tips, understand that there are basically different types of gold alloys and jewellery designs available all over the market. 

Gold comes in various types of alloys such as —

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Green gold

Each of these alloys is unique in its characteristics and colours. Get yourself familiar with distinct styles and designs of gold jewellery like chains, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings etc. to choose those that suit and define your personal style and choices.

Match Gold Jewellery with Outfits:

One of the most important factors in styling your gold jewellery is to match your outfits. Before you start dressing, just think about what colour your outfit has.

Understanding the colour theory is a smart way to complement and contrast between monochromatic colour schemes. 

You might first decide to wear a particular piece of jewellery for an outing, then go on to select clothing and other accessories to match it.

Or else, you might feel like picking the dress first and matching gold jewellery to that at last. Both ways work but choose either of them.

Spending some time to think and work on such combinations correctly is a way to look stunning and slay in a well-turned-out fashion.

Try New Colours of Gold:

Now that you know that there are 4 types of gold alloys, trying those new colours of gold can really turn out interesting.

While thinking about gold jewellery, the most common colour that crosses your mind is yellow gold.

However, the other colours of gold have been made by goldsmiths for centuries now. 

New to vintage-styled jewellery crafted in rose gold, white gold, and green gold have gained enormous popularity in recent times.

There also has been a trend to mix different shades of gold in a single piece of jewellery. Therefore, selecting different shades of gold is an amazing way to create unexpected looks. 

Rose gold is a well-known gold that is growing in popularity, right after yellow gold. It carries the warmth of yellow gold besides, the use of different alloys like copper.

You can easily find rose gold jewellery in unique designs and styles to make style statements. Find rose gold and other unusual hues of gold in contemporary jewellery stores.

Mix Metals

Gone are the days when mixing different colours of metals made no sense. Mixing and matching different metals is a fashion statement in today’s world.

Pairing gold pieces along with some platinum and silver accessories is shaking up the fashion industry. 

It is necessary to be mindful while creating such looks because more than one hue of metal is good but needs to be balanced.

Even more than 3-4 jewellery can turn out to be extra. For example, you could pair a gold-plated pendant with a contemporary silver ring.

Layering and Stacking Gold Jewellery

Layering and stacking of jewellery is a popular trend these days. This adds depth and dimension to the entire look.

The combination of various lengths of chains or necklaces, along with some other stackable gold rings and wrapped gold bracelets will create a personalized style.

Playing around by mixing thin gold pieces with thicker ones can be a bang-on idea.

Choose the Right Gold Jewellery for Different Body Parts

There is a piece of gold jewellery for different parts of your body. All of them enhance your natural beauty.

For instance, a gold necklace or chain embraces your neckline while rings adorn your fingers and bracelets or bangles pose elegance to your wrist.

Further understanding of how to choose the right gold pieces for each body part is definitely going to help you create the right visually attractive looks. 

Choose the Perfect Gold Jewellery from Luxaore

Styling gold jewellery allows you to stay ahead of times and trends in fashion. Coming to gold jewellery, there are a range of styles available that are waiting for you to explore.

Wearing this versatile metal will effortlessly make you feel chic in many ways. Moreover, choosing the perfect quality of glittered gold jewellery from Luxaore will be a great addition to your jewellery collection.

Get ready to adorn gold jewellery from Luxaore that you will never want to take off.

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