Gemstone Jewellery supplier

Why Choose Authentic Gemstones?

Gemstones are a gift of nature. Their natural formation on the earth has taken almost 1 to 3 billion years. Upon their discovery, they were found to give astrological and metaphysical benefits that labelled them valuable.

Their growing popularity among a wider population led to a higher demand in the market. With a rapid increase in demand, the market got flooded with counterfeits or synthetic fake gemstones to sustain the ongoing demand.

Choosing a natural and authentic gemstone over a fake one is a wise decision that could support a responsible mining and trade system. Nothing can beat the power and beauty of a rare and natural gemstone.

Natural gemstones are unique to their inclusive colour, patterns, optical phenomena, and therefore irreplaceable. So purchasing an authentic natural gemstone not only helps you to get real benefits but also ensures a fair financial investment.

Genuine vs. Fake Gemstones:

We know as a layman it is tough to distinguish a genuine natural gemstone from a fake one. Moreover, how do you know that you are getting a real gemstone by paying 6 figures? There are 4 common ways to do that.

The first thing to notice in a gemstone is its flaws. A real gemstone will always have edges, patterns, and inclusions although a fake stone can have similar features.

For better identification, use a magnifying glass/loupe to observe uneven surfaces, bubbles, and flow lines confirming it is a fake or synthetic stone. Such fake gemstones are made with glasses, plastics, ceramics, and other unnatural materials.

Other than this point, check for their shine and brightness. A fake gemstone appears very shiny and sparks too much whereas, a natural gemstone has a subtle shine and lesser glow.

The weight of a fake stone is bound to be heavier due to its higher density. This method of comparison can vary for different real gemstones too. But the most foolproof way is to ask for a lab report.

A genuine seller will be ready to show a certificate of their gemstones. Hope all of the above points will help you to be careful and confident in your next purchase.

Best in-Class Gemstone Selection

India is the No. 1 exporter of gemstones. Your search for a real gemstone ends here, as Luxaore is a one-stop destination for purchasing authentic stones as a wholesale loose gemstone supplier.

We source our gemstones directly from mines through miners. Further, with the help of our skilled artisans, we manufacture artistic gemstones through cutting, polishing, and carving.

We assure you that our supreme quality gemstones won’t disappoint you, not even a little bit. We have an in-house team of expert quality checkers to ensure the authenticity of our best-in-class gemstones.

We use the latest technology and modern tools for crafting the gemstones. All of which gives a durable and sturdy look to our collection of different gemstones.

We exclusively provide you with the option to customize your gemstone jewellery that would blow out your mind. You can find blue sapphire, cat’s eye, emerald, citrine, zircon, peridot, moonstone, opal, amethyst, iolite, ruby, hessonite, yellow sapphire, sea pearls, tanzanite, pitambari and more from us. 

The Transformative Power of Gemstones

For many centuries, gemstones have been the source of power and energy. Soon after their discovery, they became an integral part of human life. They help us to sort out our life’s problems which we can’t do alone.

They give stability to our lives and thoughts. Our body is a house of 7 chakras. Wearing a gemstone controls those chakras to balance, heal and energize. The energy from gemstones aligns with the human body producing wonderful vibrations that reflect in our personality, mentality, lifestyle and other realms.

For instance, blue sapphire is linked to throat and third eye chakras for enhancing self-expression and thoughts respectively. On the other way round, the heart chakra can be controlled with an emerald to bring harmony to emotions.

You can even easily get out of financial crisis, unhappy marital life, or bad health issues with gemstones. These natural stones take off negative energies from and around you to keep you happy and peaceful.

Carrying or wearing an authentic gemstone can become your life’s turning point. They act faster to bring rapid changes to you.

Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery Manufacturer in India

India has opened a way for wholesale gemstone jewellery manufacturers for bulk distribution. This has become quite helpful for retailers to buy jewellery at lower costs than the retail prices.

Further, they can sustain their customer’s demand and maintain their profit margins. Additionally, wholesale distribution of gemstone jewellery has opened the door to many other opportunities.

Like, producing different gemstone jewellery requires an ongoing set up of new machines and the hiring of skilled artisans.

Apart from that, the profit margin remains high for both manufacturers and retailers due to huge sales, allowing retailers to sell products to their customers on a cost-per-product basis.

This calls for a successful partnership between a manufacturer and retailer inviting a steady supply chain.

Global Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery supplier 

The global market for gemstone jewellery is worth $100 billion. India ranks first among the USA, China, and Thailand. It is the largest gemstone-producing nation worldwide.

The gemstone jewellery coming from India has a great market value as it keeps dominating. The fact that India is a hub for traditional art and modern contemporary designs, makes people fall in love with gemstone jewellery even more.

Around 75% of Indian gemstone jewellery is exported globally contributing to India’s GDP growth by 7%. However, much of its credit goes to our skilled artisans for mastering the art of crafting gemstone jewellery for generations now.

Luxaore, as a global gemstone supplier spread its wings across the borders to support Indian economic growth as a sterling silver gemstone jewelry supplier and leading gemstone supplier los angeles. 

Luxaore: The Premier Gemstone Jewellery Manufacturer

India is the house of gemstone jewellery manufacturers. Luxaore is a leading gemstone jewellery manufacturing company as a wholesale gemstone supplier in the nation with over 3000 of fashion and custom jewellery.

Our company deals in quality and trendy products that you get to find nowhere else. We assure that our retailers and customers get what they ask for. We stand strong in our ethics.

Our company follows principles that help us in becoming a better manufacturer every day. With that, we are continuously putting effort into satisfying our customers as we already held a long list of happy clients in the past.

Our consumers look forward to our competitive prices as they are very cost-effective, in terms of using modern and latest equipment and techniques.

Luxaore is proud to present Jaipur as our manufacturing hub for all your gemstone requirements.

The blend of traditional art and contemporary designs is very adoring to our customers, for which they keep coming back to us.

We proudly established ourselves as loose gemstone supplier in every part of this country by being a responsible manufacturer of authentic gemstones.

Reliable Gemstone Jewellery Manufacturer in India

Every year, India manufactures different kinds of gemstone jewellery. Our craftsmen keep up to date with the latest designs proving their true craftsmanship.

Indian gemstone jewellery industry proudly produces many jewellery items with gemstones like— rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, chains, and pendants.

With a ceaseless variety, you get to embrace a gemstone in a preferable form of jewellery. Besides styling it, it nurtures you deeply. Moreover, making gemstone jewellery using ancient Indian traditional arts like polki, jadau, meenakari, kundan etc.

Has caught the attention of the people by influencing their style massively. Each piece is a symbol of its rich history. At Luxaore, we are happy to provide you with old Indian art in our gemstone jewellery as a silver gemstone jewelry supplier.

Nothing can make us feel proud more than holding our rich culture and heritage in our gemstone jewellery as a gemstone supplier new york we do international delivery.

The Substantial Jewellery Market in India

India is home to many arts and artisans. It is a global centre for cutting and polishing diamonds. No other nation could take its spot in gemstone jewellery.

Its unparalleled popularity is crossing boundaries. According to the stats given by Statista, the Indian export of gemstone jewellery valued at 39 billion dollars in 2022 speaks volumes of its calibre in delivering the best quality gemstone jewellery.

This is made possible by Indian manufacturing hubs, like Luxaore, as a natural gemstone supplier nyc in sourcing supreme quality gemstones from nature and crafting gemstone jewellery with the help of our expert artisans.

Therefore, we as the best gemstone supplier are happy to contribute to the Indian economy with our great resources and specialised artisans.

 Jaipur: Hub of Jewellery Excellence

Jaipur, a city in Rajasthan is the heart of premium Indian gemstone jewellery and india gemstone supplier. It is a market of 2000 crores from where gemstone jewellery is exported worldwide.

Popularly known as the ‘city of gems’, is a place of locally skilled artisans who are truly capable of high craftsmanship. The talent for cutting and polishing gemstones has included people from all over the old pink city.

Today, it is much in progress with the advent of new technology and tools that help artisans to keep going with their age-old Indian art.

They are the largest producer of kundan, meenakari, kanthi, johari, and enamel jewellery. Therefore, they largely excel in traditional, modern, contemporary, and fusion jewellery manufacturing.

Although, some of the artisans still stick to their traditional ways of crafting jewellery. Luxaore, in association with Jaipur’s fine art and artisans successfully delivers quality, authentic, and stylish designs of gemstone jewellery at your doorstep gemstone supplier ny.