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Discover the latest watches for women from top brands at Luxaore. A handpicked selection of stylish watches for women, 100% authentic, and comes with a certificate. Buy online with confidence and get your ladies watch delivered within 3-5 days.

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The Timeless Appeal of Women's Watches

Wristwatches for women were introduced very late after men’s watches. This is because men were free to spend their money lavishly while women weren't. But soon this scenario took the backseat by letting women fulfil their desires. Back then, pocket or women hand watch that were trendy for men were too tough to handle without pockets for women. This was noticed by watch manufacturers and designers who took an interest in making wristwatches for women. The early watch was created for the Queen of Naples by the brand Breguet in 1810. Their timepieces were the breakthrough in luxury watches as the first luxury watch brand.

These opulent timepieces soon started to make their way into the masses and impacted their taste in fashion throughout the 1900s. The practicality of wearing such wrist watch for women wasn’t limited to seeing the time but to decorating themselves with exquisite pieces, side by side with men. To them, a wristwatch helped them manage their own time and made them look smart, bold, charming, and aristocratic. The sleek design, precise hand movement, and decorative elements in those wristwatches kept drawing women towards them. Not much has changed since then because modern wristwatches are a core component of the modern watch industry. With the coming of phones or smartwatches, women no longer rely on traditional top watches for women to know the time instead use them as fashion accessories. They are a symbol of a woman’s personality and self-love. Modern ladies watch prove how far the watch design has evolved.

Finding the Perfect Women's Watch

Finding the perfect women’s watch just gets easy with Luxaore which is a trusted and reputed retailer of luxury watches from 20+ high-end ladies watch brands like Fossil, Timex, Tissot, Michael Kors, Daniel Klein, Swarovski, Seiko, G-Shock, Skagen, Casio, Armani Exchange etc. Without further ado, let’s take you to the steps to find your most suitable silver watch women.

Matching Your Watch to Your Style

Looking to add a new fashionable watch to your wardrobe? A watch can say a lot about you as a person other than your personality and style. Think about the point when it becomes a part or an extension of you. Luckily, our collection of new ladies watch comes in different models, styles, and colour options making it easy for you to choose a watch that truly suits your character. Are you someone who loves sports? Or someone with a sporty and active vibe? Look no further than Fossil’s Everett Solar or Three-Hand Leather series for a feel of ruggedness through their robust features. To look out for elegance, you can’t stop falling in love with the Swarovski Rock or Passage Chrono watch series that gives a dreamy look to your style. 

Considerations for Different Occasions and Outfits

Different occasions demand different outfits so forth different watches. There are many ways to select a matching watch that aligns with the occasion and outfit. Luxaore is here to help out with the selection of watches. Ever wondered which type of watch is ideal for casual wear or every day? To us, a watch that is truly classic and simple is perfect for carrying daily with casuals. Such a watch exists in reality and we have it for you. Fossil’s Analog, Tissot’s T-Classic, Skagen Analog, and Timex’s Quartz Analog series are some of our favourite picks to style with casuals for daily outings. Also, you may attend a business meeting or any formal event in a full-sleeved shirt, blazer, and pants and you don’t seem to know what watch to wear on your wrist to pull off the look. No worries. We have Daniel Klein’s Premium and Armani Exchange’s Round Analog watch series have smart designs and stylish dials. However, we cannot forget to mention rose gold latest watches for women for special occasions like festivals, weddings, and anniversaries and for that we have the Rose Gold series by Michael Kors and Timex.

Exploring Different Watch Movements: Quartz vs. Automatic

Quartz watches run with a battery while Automatic watches run without a battery. Both of these movements are unique in their ways. The fundamental difference between quartz and automatic movements is the power source. Quartz uses a battery all the time because it keeps working non-stop by passing electrical currents in the quartz crystal. Instead of a battery, automatic ladies designer watches run on constant movement and stop when they don’t move. Even there is a place for a power reserve to store unused energy from non-movement. This reservation varies between models and their brands. The average power reserve of automatic watches is up to 42 hours. Also to talk about the maintenance and accuracy of these two movements, quartz has a low maintenance cost that too required if the battery stops working. On the other hand, automatic stylish watches for women need day-to-day maintenance but guarantee high craftsmanship. On the go, quartz's precise accuracy in telling time is more than perfect than automatic. On average, quartz has 99.998% accuracy and automatic with 99.994% or lesser accuracy. If you are seeking any of these movements, we have vintage trendy watches for women from Fossil, Daniel Klein, Casio with quartz and Tissot, Timex, and Seiko with automatic movement.

Straps and Bracelets: Choosing the Right Band for Your Watch

Choosing the right watch straps is a basic requirement in female watches. Watch straps come in different materials that make them so unique. Some of the common watch strap materials are leather, rubber, silicone, nylon, canvas, and mesh with some bracelet styles like stainless steel, oyster, jubilee, president, and pearlmaster. The practicality of the stainless steel strap is great to go with oyster and jubilee bracelet styles. They are designed to match casual to sporty looks and are very versatile in nature. While the comfort of leather and rubber straps is beyond words. They pair well with formal to fancy clothes. Whichever you would feel like choosing, Luxaore has it all.

The Power of Watch Complications: Features Beyond Timekeeping

Beyond timekeeping, watches have complications and by that we mean the additional features of ladies wrist watch. Those exceptional complications we have in our ladies gold watch are dates, calendars, chronographs, chronograph scales, and travel. The date part has a date window showing the date in a pointer or large numbered disk that is unique to our expensive branded watches for women and also displays an annual, perpetual, or triple calendar on the dial. However, a chronograph or stopwatch system on our watch from the brand Fossil has two or three hands to measure time accurately. Hence all of these prove the actual power of a watch rests on watch complications and not just on mere time calculation.

Exploring Top Women's Watch Brands

For women, watches are the biggest assets. We feel that strongly, so we have brought 11+ top international best watch brands for women who are experts in making luxury watches for women. These watchmakers have taken the watch industry to a high level with their centuries-old experience and expertise. They know the luxury watch market very particularly and so to compete in the market they bring new or upgraded watches with new designs, features, and styles. Here we are to let you know about a few of our luxury watch brands. Michael Kors is a brand known for their first designer watch series in mids-2000, making those cute watches with a classic circular face, sleek figure, and metallic finish. Our next brand is Fossil, an American brand that has been expanding since 1984 and is manufacturing smart and nice-looking watches at varying ladies watch price. Other than that, we have other globally popular brands such as Daniel Klein, Tissot, Timex, Armani Exchange, Timex, Casio etc.

Trending Designs in Women's Watches

There are trends in different designs of the best female watches. With a growing production of colourful dials of watches, women are styling them for more unique and bold styles. The favourite latest watch design trend for the decade is dainty watches with smaller silhouettes and gold, ceramic, onyx, titanium, or platinum straps that give a punch to any look. The ultra-thin and delicate-looking strap bracelet watches are the stylish norm of today’s women. In another way, women are welcoming styles like aviator ladies dress watches for durability and racing watches with leather straps and bigger dial sizes to give a rugged feel. Even the design of fashion watches comes with great precision that makes women go around with a leather handbag, scarf, and jacket.

Care and Maintenance of Your Ladies Watch

With the coming of a luxury watch, there comes the responsibility to care for and maintain your precious timepiece. It is a lifelong investment that symbolizes elegance and sophistication. For longevity, clean your luxury watch with a soft cotton cloth to remove dirt and dust from its surface. Clean water-resistant watches with a damp cloth to clean the case and bracelet. If it has a leather strap, avoid contact with water. Servicing a watch is the most important step to keep it functional. Visit an authorized watch centre to service the watch in every 3 to 5 years. Storing your watch in a separate high-quality watch box or case will keep it away from dust, particles, and damage.

Buy Branded Watches for Women Online at Luxaore

Luxaore is a premium retailer of luxury popular watches for women. We sell authentic and best women's luxury watches in india from high-end brands. Our collection of watches has attractive designs, unique dials, and cool straps. All of our watches make you feel comfortable and elegant. They bring out the best version of you when you style them with different outfits and for special occasions. There is no other place like Luxaore, as we deliver you supreme quality and modern designs of watches. We take pride in our smooth delivery and highly satisfying customer service. Along with that, we give exclusive offers and discounts on all our watches online that make you avail of them at reasonable prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of women's watches are available?

Luxaore has casual watches, luxury watches, sports watches, digital watches and many other watches to choose from.

How do I choose the correct watch size for my wrist?

Measuring your wrist with a measuring tape or long paper can get you the correct size. Generally, there are large, average, and small wrist sizes.

What's the difference between quartz and automatic movement watches?

The main difference between quartz and automatic movement watches is that the former runs on battery and the latter does self-winding without any battery.

Can I change the strap or bracelet of my women's watch?

Yes, you can change the strap or bracelet by using a spring bar tool to remove them and replace them with a new strap or bracelet.

How can I tell if a woman's watch is authentic and not a replica?

You can check the authenticity by inspecting the serial numbers, logo, hallmark, and lastly the quality of the watch.