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Timex Watches are among the top-selling timepieces, known for their durable designs and highly functional mechanism. Explore a trendy collection of Timex watches for men and women in India at Luxaore. Each Timex chronograph in our selection is handpicked, 100% authentic, and comes with a certificate. Shop with confidence and get your Timex watches at the best price.

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Collection of Stylish Timex Watches

Timex is one of the most trusted brands that produce varieties of watches to fulfill the demands of the customers. Although Timex is not a luxury brand but it produces one of the most durable and highly functional watches. These TIMEX watches consist of classic designs that one can wear at any place and at any time. 

These TIMEX watches designs give your personality a bold look and will stand out on your wrist. You can even grow your watch collection with TIMEX watches for men without breaking the bank. However, being affordable does not mean compromising the quality. 

The Timex watches for women and men may not be able to compete with famous luxury brands, but they are designed with quality materials that can last a long time. You can choose from simple and classic to modern and trendy designs at an affordable range. Besides, Timex put all their efforts into making watches with traditional touch and modern technology. 

The price of the TIMEX watches for men and women ranges from $30 – $500 USD depending on what kind of watch you are buying. They use modern techniques to make sturdy, beautiful, and solid timepieces for the people. The brand Timex is one of the first brands in history that was able to sell TIMEX watches outside the jewelry store.

Buy Timex Watches Online

The Timex watches have been in the industry for years and know for making durable study watches for men, women as well as children. Over the years, the company has proved itself a prominent brand in the market. They have different varieties of watches, such as Timex analog watch, Timex chronograph watch, Timex smart watch and Timex sports watches

Timex is known to withstand wear and tear therefore, it is designed to be shock-free and water resistant, so a person can wear them for different activities. However, one of the prominent features of this TIMEX watch is its backlight which enables us to read the time easily in low light.

Discover the Iconic Collection of Timex Watches

Automatic Watches

The Timex brand also offers automatic watches, which are also called self-winding watches, as they move when the wearer’s wrist moves. Although this brand is majorly famous for its quartz watches considering the current generation, they have introduced some Timex automatic watches too. 

Although Timex automatic watches have classic and traditional looks, they somehow attract individuals due to their rarity and uniqueness. Moreover, all of the Timex automatic watches are designed in a way to pay homage to their heritage as well as add a touch of traditional style. 

Hand Wind

The hand wind technology of the Timex watches requires manual winding to make the watch work. These watches usually have a sleek design and old-fashioned round dial. These TIMEX watches have stainless steel, leather strap, and crystal embellishes to give them a timeless charm and appeal.  

You can constantly check their main internet site if you are looking to purchase the Timex Hand Wind watches. Nevertheless, if you are not pleased with the costs and also the collection, you can examine our site Luxoare which will give you every great Timex design at a budget-friendly rate.

Quartz Analog

The Timex watches are recognized for their quartz analog as it is a lot more budget-friendly and has a typical dial with a minute and also hr hand. Timex Quartz analog watches have various attributes, styles, and also designs. This includes a day display, a stopwatch, and water-resistant quality.

The quartz activity consists of a device that produces the ticking voice and makes the watch hands relocate simultaneously. In the Quartz system, the dial has actually dealt with characters, and you require to see for minutes and hr hand to understand the time.

Digital Watches

The Timex Digital watches for men represent the current technology and innovations. These watches display the time in digital numbers and are the opposite of Quartz analog watches. It makes it easy for people to check the time and has a lume which helps the wearer to read the time at night. 

These Timex Digital watches  are the top preferences of students and teenagers who like their cool design nd features. Besides, Timex also has watches which is both digital as well as has quartz mechanism These Timex Digital watches are best for people who want to enjoy the new advanced features like health monitor and activity tracker by maintaining the classic look of quartz watches.

Why Should You Choose Luxaore for Timex Watches

The Luxaore store is a gateway to all your luxury products that you can put your hands on. We have a different collection of all the luxury and premium watch brands. However,  what makes us different from other online retailers is the authenticity. We only sell genuine and authentic collections of luxury to our customers. 

Also, when you purchase from our website, you will get different coupons that will help you save money every time you make a purchase. Also,  on big occasions, we offer great deals on different ranges of watches. You can easily explore our website and check the products. We also offer easy returns and exchanges, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

The Top Timex Watches Collection With Prices



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Timex Elevated Classics Analog Watch For Men


Timex Metropolitan Skyline Analog Watch For Men


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Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back Chronograph Watch


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we call Timex A Luxury Brand?

Timex might not be a high-end company, but their timepieces provide quality and trustworthiness that anyone can afford. They offer classic aesthetics matched with some smart features – so you know you're getting money for your purchase when you pick up one of their watches.

What are the cheapest Timex watches available?

The cheapest watch for women from Timex is the TIMEX Classics TW000CS06, costing just ₹547. On the other hand, their most wallet-friendly watch for men clocks in overall higher at ₹627.

Why are Timex watches so expensive?

People have this wrong idea that Timex watches are expensive, but the truth is they offer their best  collection at an affordable range. In terms of quality and design, these watches  are just as good as any luxury brand. So even if your budget is not enough to go all out on a high-end watch, Timex gives you everything in their watches.

Is Timex Brand popular in India?

Yes, Timex watches are popular and well-liked by Indian people for their solid construction paired with a variety of high-tech features that make them an undeniable favorite. You'll find them available both online and in physical stores throughout the country.

How much does a Timex watch cost?

Timex watches hit just the right balance between quality and affordability. You can have one of these watches for as low as 500 rupees, but if you want to go all out, there are plenty of high  quality watches for 2000 bucks. While your personal choice will probably affect how much you spend, rest assured that whatever model you pick is sure to give a luxury feel.