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Each pre owned luxury watch in our selection is handpicked, 100% authentic, verified by our expert watch master, and comes with an authentication certificate. Choose from a variety of pre owned luxury watches like pre owned Rolex, Omega, Cartier and more online at the best price in India. Shop certified pre owned luxury watches with confidence and get your pre owned luxury watches delivered within 3-5 days.

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Buy High-Quality Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

A pre-owned or second-hand luxury watch is one previously owned by a person. He resells his watch which is further sold in the market at a secondary value. This allows watch enthusiasts to collect luxury pre-owned watches from genuine sources. Pre-owned watches can be of good quality similar to brand-new watches because they are well-maintained by the previous owner. Luxury watches have always been a part of fashion, status, and art. Now relatively, pre-owned watches are more of a status rather than style. People love to feel nostalgic for vintage old 2nd hand watches of rare models and enjoy them at a good price. Interestingly, many people are willingly paying high premiums for limited edition second hand luxury watches of top luxury watch brands like Rolex, Omega, and Cartier for the value these watches carry. Buying a supreme quality pre-owned watch would ensure true craftsmanship and make you stand out from others by showing off the brand status through the watch. When you buy one, you not only get the second hand watches but also accomplish real value for your money. 

What Affects the Cost of Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

Pre owned watches are depreciated and appreciated upon inspecting their condition, dial, crystal, stamps and engravings along the case, metal, box and documents. All of these crucial factors are more likely to affect the varying cost of pre-owned luxury watches. Let’s discuss how they affecting in the sales price of old watches for sale.

General condition of the watch:

Certified Pre-owned luxury watches for men and women when brought for sale are classified into 4 types of condition — unworn, new, fair, and poor. 

  1. Unworn: It is somehow possible that a watch is properly maintained by the previous owner who has never worn it and has its box and original documents. These luxury used watches from best watch brands are found in great condition so both collectors and shoppers agree to pay more for them.
  2. New: Also, there are certain luxury pre-owned watches with no visible signs of wear and tear that may still look new after wearing or displaying them several times in the past. But in a few cases, this used watches may have the slightest discolouration in storage. This 2nd hand watches are likely to be less expensive than unworn premium watches but still look in good condition can expect a good price.
  3. Fair:  Some high end second hand luxury watches for men can have minor scratches, dents, and cuts due to handling come without any major blemishes still be in good condition with a good strap, bracelet, and case. Since the used watches are worn the prices are made low compared to the previous ladies watches.
  4. Poor: Pre-owned luxury watches that come under this category look severely used and damaged with obvious signs of scratches, dents, cosmetic blemishes, and nicks. The pre owned watches usually don’t come with original papers and boxes. The used old watches need repairing and servicing to get over their defects are poorly priced.


The dial is an important feature of a pre-owned watch. So shoppers check if the printing, logo, and hands appear in excellent condition or not which determines the cost. The collectors have a special interest in black-to-brown dials which are typically known as Tropical Dials. These pieces are very rare so a uniform condition of these dials can get a higher price tag than those with a non-uniform or rusted dial getting a low price.


The crystal is the glass that protects the dial and hands. Some think that a scratched mineral crystal is necessarily not an issue unless the problem is in the dial. So it is important to check the crystal scratch in the product description.

Stamps and Engravings:

Always look out for the model number, year, and country of origin in pre-owned luxury watches from used watch dealers. Knowing or having a model or serial number on the watch proves the authenticity of the pre owned watches. These numbers are further checked on the brand’s website or other official product listing pages for the right purchase. Also, some customized used watches can come with engravings like the owner’s name make a huge difference in lowering the price of the watch.


Metal-plated or gold-filled men's used luxury watches have no market value apart from the vintage timepieces with pure metal such as stainless steel, sterling silver, platinum, 14K or 18K gold are labelled the best prices.

Case, box, and documents:

The case of the watch shields the watch components. An unpolished, high-quality, and original case is rated higher than its counterparts. The original box and authentic documents of a watch are an advantage to fetching credibility and the best possible prices.

Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

Luxury watches impeccably hold status, style, and wealth. Luxury watches with vintage models are a value for money instead of new watches from high-end luxury watches brands that are too expensive for your pocket. Moreover, you get hands-on pre-owned luxury watches at a good deal by paying half or a fraction of the prices against new watches. There are a good number of advantages for savvy buyers in buying luxury pre owned watches.

Importance of cost-savings:

The most natural advantage of buying a pre-owned watch is to save a lot of money in comparison to a brand-new watch. Most vintage models are sold at 25% to 50% discounts.

Access to rare and discontinued models of watches:

In addition to the importance of cost-savings, buying buy used luxury watches gives you access to a rare or discontinued watch model that you cannot have new from the brand. The brands keep refreshing their collection and bring new versions of existing models. Therefore, certain model references are made unavailable at retail stores. Some great examples of discontinued vintage watches are Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060, Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’ Ref. 116610LV, and Rolex Submariner ‘Smurf’ Ref. 116619 wristwatch. 

The potential value and lasts for decades:

Pre-owned vintage second hand luxury watches are appreciated for retaining their value over the decades. This is what makes the investment worthwhile. Rolex sports used rolex watch references like Submariner and Daytona have exceeded values since pre owned rolex women's watches for sale invention in the 50s and 60s. These and many other luxury watches have become true investment assets to people. When you buy second hand watches, you are getting the watch manufactured in high quality, durability, and accuracy. The use of precious metal, smooth hand movement, and quality craftsmanship in men's used watches are designed as such to last for generations. Still, many luxury watches for men from the early to mid-20th century run correctly and smoothie to this date.

Luxaore Collection of Used Luxury Watches

Luxaore is a premium watch shop for buying pre-owned luxury watches from premium watch brands. We promise to give you authentic and quality luxury mens watches. We know how important it is to ensure the authenticity and history of the pre-owned watches from expensive watch brands. We guarantee that all of our pre-owned watches are sold after a thorough inspection of their conditions, papers, serial numbers, and boxes. Every serial number is checked and stored in our Watch Registry so the new owner to buy the timepiece with full confidence. With that, most of our second hand watches for sale from most expensive watch brands are unworn and come with a 12-month warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Pre-Owned Watches with EMI Options?

Yes, you can buy pre-owned watches with an EMI option.

How do I know if the pre-owned watch is authentic?

Every pre-owned watch in our collection is checked and approved by our watch expert and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Are pre-owned luxury watches in good condition?

Our pre-owned are in excellent condition as we take the guarantee of their quality and condition.

Do pre-owned luxury watches come with warranties?

Yes, our pre-owned watches come with a 6-month warranty.

Can I trade in my current watch for a pre-owned luxury watch?

Yes, we offer trade-in services that allow you to exchange your current watch for a credit towards the purchase of a pre-owned luxury watch from our collection.

How often do you update your collection of pre-owned watches?

We keep updating our collection of pre-owned watches every month.

Can I return a pre-owned watch if I'm not satisfied?

Yes, we offer a 7 day return policy if you're not satisfied with your purchase. Please refer to our Return Policy page for more details.