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Fossil watches are among the top-selling timepieces, known for their stylish Fossil watch designs and amazing look. Explore a trendy and diverse collection of fossil watches like analog watches, leather watches or fossil automatic watches in India at Luxaore. Each fossil watch in our selection is handpicked, 100% authentic, and comes with a certificate. Shop with confidence and get your fossil watches delivered within 3-5 days.

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Fossil Watches: Hopelessly Innovative & Helplessly Inspired

The world’s fourth-largest fashionable watch designer, The Fossil Group, is known for its most creatively charged automatic, digital, and smart watches for men and women. Founded in 1984, this American fashion brand has pinned down on a multitude of changes that fetched them remarkable expansion globally. 

This popular fashion conglomerate in India enjoys a firm ground in the industry with its elegant, chic, and moderately-priced offerings, including trendy watches, handbags, jewelry, leather goods, and wearables. 

However, the brand is yet living up to its global reputation of creating the most fashionable Fossil watches that keep up with the ongoing trends. Their inventory includes everything from vintage mechanical timepieces to hybrid smartwatches.

So if you are ready to go chic, shop for authentic Fossil watches online at Luxaore from the comfort of your home. We have a Fossil watch for every taste and personality.

Get Ready for Everyday Adventures With Fossil Watches

Initially recognized for its unique tin box packaging, Fossil gradually became known for its diversified quality and affordable watches. As far as quality, style, and value go, Fossil watches stand out. 

Over the years, this fashionable watch designer has strived to push the boundaries of innovation by introducing a range of digital, automatic, and smart watches for men and women. 

Flaunting unique stunning dials, straps, and designs, Fossil watches cater to different personalities and tastes. Pick a Fossil smartwatch or dressy one to add a classy touch to your casual outfit. Or pair a Fossil gold watch with your formal business suit. 

Whatever style you pick, you will Go Chic with Fossil!

Every Fossil watch can help you create a statement with any outfit and get ready for everyday adventure while keeping you on time. 

Fossil Watches Price Range In India

Fossil watch price is pretty affordable for nearly all classes of people. So you won’t have to explode your entire month’s salary to purchase a classy Fossil watch. Within an exclusive range of Fossil watches for men under 5000, you can get a new watch that fits your pocket and style. 

Generally, Fossil watches price in India starts from Rs 4000 and go as high as Rs 25,000. 

If you are looking for entry-level Fossil watches, you can go for the

Minimalist Slim Three-Hand Black 

(approx. Rs. 4800)

Stella Stella Analog Watch for women

(approx. Rs. 5900)

Daisy 3 Hand Analog Watch

(approx. Rs. 5397)

Rhett Rhett Analog Watch for men

(approx. Rs. 7197) 

Karli Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch

(approx. Rs. 6197) 


However, if you want to get hands-on a high-end Fossil leather or Stainless-steel watch, you can try

Heritage Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

(approx. Rs. 22,900)

Heritage Automatic Luggage Leather Watch

(approx. Rs. 21,495)

Gen 6 Smartwatch Smoke Stainless Steel

(approx. Rs. 24,995)

Townsman Automatic Black Stainless steel

 (approx. Rs. 15,900)

Whether it’s a stylish sports watch or a watch for everyday wear that you are looking for, Fossil has a wide range of options that you can browse online. You know your style, personality and purpose so find a watch that you feel the best for you. 

Need expert help? Connect with our watch experts to help you find out a perfect wristwatch. 

Types Of Fossil Watches Available At Luxaore

Rest assured that you will be spoilt for choices!

Fossil helps to add the touch of glam you seek with its exclusive collection of digital, automatic, smart analogue and hybrid smartwatches in different styles. So whether you want a dressy or elegant style, you will find a watch of your taste at Fossil.

  • Fossil Analogue Watches – You can choose between various dial colors, including black, white, grey, the usual monochromes, and eccentric hues like orange, yellow and green. The analog stainless-steel watches are dainty without too bling - perfect for casual and occasional wear.
  • Fossil Automatic Watches – Exhibiting exquisite style and advanced technology, Fossil automatic watches will simply boost your style statement. Choose from a wide variety of watch styles to deck up for any occasion or wardrobe. And their one-of-a-kind functional features will keep you ahead of time. 
  • Fossil Hybrid Watches – From bi-tone stainless-steel models to chic studded ones, Fossil has multiple stylish and sophisticated choices for men and women. They are available in stainless-steel and leather straps and in blue, beige, silver, rose gold, and brown shades. 

However, the Fossil watches come in many unique dial styles and shapes, designed with different tastes in mind. In addition, you get to choose between authentic stainless steel, leather, silicon, and mesh watch straps that can give you more comfort. The Fossil digital, mechanical and smart analog watches are no less in features.

Luxaore brings up an incredible collection of formal, casual, and party-wear Fossil watches to keep you always in style. Among our automatic or analog watch inventory, you can choose from a diverse palette of beige, blue, brown, cream, gold, multicolor, and more dial colors, along with a matching strap style and color with your attire. 

At Luxaore, we ensure you find authentic and premium quality Fossil couple watches that define your style aesthetic. Explore our Fossil smart watches for men online from the comfort of your home and shop today!

Buy Fossil Watches Online

If you are looking for the latest Fossil watches for gents and ladies or Fossil digital watches for men, Luxaore is your one-stop online destination. Find Fossil couple watches with attractive dial designs, details, and colorful leather or stainless-steel straps that are best suited for any outfit or occasion. 

Buy genuine, premium-quality Fossil automatic watches for men, women, and couples only at Luxaore!


Does Fossil make watches for men and women?

The Fossil brand manufactures watches for both men and women. You will even find unisex models in their inventory. Explore Fossil watch collection at fAV Watches to find Fossil watches for men, Fossil ladies watches, and Fossil couple watches.

What are the different dial types on Fossil watches?

Fossil watches feature round, square, oval, or rectangular-shaped dials. However, round ones are the most popular shape. 

What are the subdials on Fossil watches?

Subdials, also called auxiliary dials, are mini-dials on the watch dial. These mini-dials perform several functions, such as tracking lapsed hours, minutes, seconds, and moon phases. They even serve as a second time zone in mechanical, and Chronograph Fossil watches.

What types of Fossil watches are available in the market?

Within the brand’s versatile inventory, you will find Fossil digital watches, Fossil analog watch, Fossil chronograph watch, Fossil leather watch, Fossil mechanical watch, and many more.

What strap materials are found in Fossil watches?

Fossil watches come with different strap materials, including leather, silicone, nylon, stainless steel, mesh etc. 

What unique features do Fossil watches offer?

Fossil hybrid watches and smartwatches with touchscreen can offer you social media notifications, weather updates, calendar alerts, and more. You can take a picture or control music with the touch of a button, keeping your hands-free. On the other hand, our smartwatches offer text and call alerts. 

The key features include a chronograph feature, alarm clock, date display, calendar, and luminous quality.

Do the Fossil watches have Google Assistant?

Yes, the latest Fossil touchscreen smartwatches have Google Assistant. In addition, they feature Google Pay and GPS functionality to help you flawlessly throughout the day. Their latest functionality update also allows you to sync the Google calendar to your timepiece to get regular reminders. 

Are Fossil hybrid watches a smartwatch?

Fossil hybrid smartwatches look like a conventional wristwatch but function as a smartwatch. Fascinatingly, looking at the traditional design of these watches, it's hard to believe that they are powered by smart technology. A Fossil hybrid watch has a health tracking feature. It can signal certain notifications like text messages or incoming calls. 

You do everything with a hybrid smartwatch, from ringing your phone to controlling music and taking photos.

How are Fossil smartwatches for men?

Fossil creates smartwatches with technology that keeps you connected in style. For example, their latest hybrid QQ Commuter smartwatch packs impressive Bluetooth technology that powers a built-in fitness tracker, alarm clock, sleep tracker, calendar alerts, and more. 

Are Fossil watches affordable?

Yes. Fossil is regarded as a top affordable watch brand. The watch price in India usually ranges from Rs 4000 to Rs 25,000. 

How to claim a warranty for Fossil watches purchased online?

After buying a Fossil watch online for men or women, make sure to register your warranty. You can only then claim it for repairing or replacing a defective product. 

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