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Casual watches are your go-to timepieces that everyone loves to wear. casual watches are surprisingly modern and stylish, perfectly matching all your outfits. Explore a trendy and diverse collection of Casual watches for men and women at Luxaore. Each casual watch in our selection is handpicked, 100% authentic, and comes with a certificate. Shop with confidence and get your Casual watches delivered within 3-5 days.

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The Everyday Companion- Casual Watch

A casual watch is your regular watch that everyone loves to wear and surprisingly matches all your outfit. The watch, which used to be a device to check the time, has now become an accessory that you can’t resist wearing. While casual watches for men and women may sound like something you wear as a fashion, but they also serve as a highly functional device. If you are a corporate employee, you understand the value of these best casual watches for your daily activities. 

The casual watches for men are rugged but also stylish and offer great functions and features to the wearer. Although these casual watches for ladies may not have a luxurious design like high-end ladies watches, their functions are no less than theirs. Also, the casual watches are designed in a way to withstand the daily wear and tear, which a high-end watch cannot tolerate instead, it requires much care and protection.

These casual watches for women and men usually have an automatic mechanism, which is far better than the analog ones, as the movement of the second hand is much easier and smooth. Besides, the casual watch gives a person a chilled and relaxed look, which is not too loud and catches unnecessary attention like dress watches.

Why Do People Prefer Casual Watches?

Casual watches are worn by hundreds of people daily for their regular tasks, activity, and time checks. There are many reasons why people prefer these casual watches to high-end or dress watches for their everyday looks. 

Minimalistic design

People love wearing casual watches because it has a minimalistic look which gives an attractive look to your outfit. Therefore, it is confirmed that these casual watches are not going anywhere in the coming years. The casual watches have basic patterns and designs, which allow the casual watches to be appealing and attractive but not too much. This allows the women's casual watch to be a flexible accessory for decades.

One more reason why people love these casual watches for girls and boys is that they look superbly stunning without trying too hard. Whether you love to wear them alone or want to stack them with your bangles or other bracelets, these watches do not lose their charm in any situation.


People not only love these casual watches for their classic appearance but also for their advanced functions. Casual watches are also known to be one of the most durable watches in the world. If you are looking for something that could offer you the best design, functions, and durability, then there is no better choice than the casual watches for women and men  . 

These casual watches consist of materials like stainless steel, platinum, gold, silver, and titanium, the rose gold color is also in high demand.  Due to the use of these materials, casual watch are among the most solid and sturdy watches with a touch of minimalist design. 

Price Range 

One of the best things about these casual watches is their budget-friendly prices. These watches come in an affordable range and make it accessible to every class of people. Although these watches' prices may range depending on the material, functions, and durability but even the costlier models of these casual watches can be availed at competitive prices. 

You can easily find a casual watch at under 2000 rupees that will offer reasonable quality and a trendy look. Besides, you can also find them under the 5000 range, which will have a better mechanism, quality, and durability and also offers a luxurious look.

Top Brands Casual Watches For Men and Women 

There are a plethora of watches companies that offer an amazing collection of casual and simple watches. However, there are only some that also offer the best and high quality with trendy designs.


Timex watches are known to offer the best-looking watches with great functionality at an affordable price range. They have a wide range of casual watch collections that you cans style for different occasion or events. They have earned their reputation not for making durable and classic watches but also for selling the casual watch for every household. 


The casio watches are known for delivering higher customer satisfaction, which indicates that their watches deliver what they promise. They only stand out in terms of design but also their functions and features. The best example of their collection is their G-shock watches which are among the best-selling casual watch collection. The G shock watches have a rugged design and can withstand any given condition.


Fossil watches are known for delivering quality and style in their every collection. Although Fossil is a premium brand and only involves the use of durable and quality material, fossil casual watches are quite expensive. However, you can easily avail of them at affordable proves during their seasonal or festive sale.

Why Should You Choose Luxaore For Your Purchase

Luxaore store is here to offer you all the benefits of a physical store but from the comfort of your home. You can easily check all our casual watches and jewelry collection and choose according to your personal choice. We want you to have full faith in us as we work hard to provide you with authentic, genuine, and quality products. 

Also, when you make a purchase from our store, you are eligible to avail of different coupons to use for your next purchase. Moreover, we also provide our customers with great deals and offer to make their items even more affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a casual watch?

A casual watch has more of a relaxed design andmostly has larger dials with vibrant colors and also has smart features like stopwatches. Similar to other watches, they are also water resistant and can fight any given condition.

What are the different types of Casual watches?

The different types of casual watches include chronograph, automatic, and analog quartz movement watches. All of these watches have different mechanisms and are useful in their own ways. The wearer can choose from these kinds depending on his personal choice or preference.

How to choose a Casual watch?

One of the easiest ways to choose a casual watch is to consider your needs. Look for watches that can be worn for everyday work and can stand out with regular wear and tear. Therefore, checking for quality materials, like stainless steel, must be automatic and must have some smart features.

How should I care for my casual watch to ensure its longevity?

The best you can do is to keep the watch clean and nice. We suggest you avoid exposing it to high temperatures and do not wear them when engaging in extreme activities as it may bring damage to the watch. Although the watches have water resistance up to great levels for their longevity, you can wear them during showers or while swimming.